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Updates on DC's Cinematic Future

Holy news, Batman! There's new info on everything from casting rumors to blurbs on the Justice League.

Jeez, I'm on vacation for three days and apparently I miss out on a huge chunk of fairly exciting news... anyway, better late than never, right? There's been so much unofficial banter about the DC films, so it's nice to see Jeff Robinov, the President of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, finally chat about the subject.

For months, we've wondered if Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy would be a part of the DC's cinematic future. Well, boys and girls, it looks like it isn't. Speaking to EW, Robinov said, “I think you’ll see that, going forward, anything can live in this world.” He then added, “[Nolan’s] Batman was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world they lived in was very isolated without any knowledge of any other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

To me, this is fantastic news. Sure, Nolan's films are great and all (okay, maybe I'm not the biggest fan of Rises), but to see that franchise's cast change to a more comic booky tone (super powers and all) would definitely be a bit jarring. Besides, I think this allows for a more "unrealistic" take on Batman and will (hopefully) provide a fresh take on the character. Now, just because they're rebooting him doesn't mean we need to see an origin story all over again. Hopefully they'll take a note from The Incredible Hulk or Punisher: War Zone and wrap up the origin story everyone already knows during the opening credits. This is of course assuming WB does indeed stand behind these franchises, and seeing how much money Batman generates, it's tough to believe they wouldn't.

Additionally, the WB exec says Man of Steel is just the beginning of what's to come from the DC movieverse. “It’s setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward. In that, it’s definitely a first step." Now, does this mean there will be any kind of cameo or easter egg for the Justice League in the film? Only time will tell for that one, but it's good to see some reassurance instead of "we'll wait to see if Man of Steel does well before deciding to move forward!" There's also a big change to the new Superman story -- kryptonite isn't in it. Director Zack Snyder broke the news in an interview and it looks like Kal-El's powers are possibly something he had from birth -- making him unique even on his home planet.

Meanwhile in the world of casting news, it looks like the star of Sons of Anarchy may be able to outrace a motorcycle while on foot. This is still super early and absolutely not confirmation of any kind, but Chud is claiming actor Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim) could possibly be the man WB wants as the Flash. According to them, their source says the actor is being used in concept art of the character. Naturally, this isn't flat out saying he is the person WB wants, but it looks like it's a possibility.

Viners, how are you feeling about DC's cinematic future? Do you have faith in WB and think they'll create something that can contend with The Avengers or do you have big concerns? Go ahead and give the comments section a piece of your mind.

Source: EW, Chud, Yahoo! Movies

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Posted by Press Oblivion

What? No Latino Review reference!?! Surprising.

Edited by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

No Kryptonite? In a Superman film? With GENERAL FREAKING ZOD?!

What where they thinking! Now it'll be like Superman is the immoveable object of The Man of Steel.

Edited by OmgOmgWtfWtf

Henry Cavill is so dreamy......

Posted by Uncle_Yusuf

I think a good writer and director would be the first step towards making a Justice League film that could contend with Marvel's The Avengers. Warner Bros should be willing to go the same route as Marvel Studios and take the time to introduce their heroes in solo films before they simply come out with a Justice League feature film. Man of Steel is a great start. Wonder Woman and The Flash would each make great solo feature films. A solo Green Lantern reboot featuring an African American protagonist such as GL John Stewart, would be good next step. Afterwards, a rebooted solo Batman film that leads into a Justice League Feature Film which introduces Aquaman, Plastic Man, and the Martian Manhunter. That would complete phase 1 of the DC Cinematic Universe. Phase 2 should consist of a Man of Steel sequel, a Wonder Woman sequel, a Flash sequel, a Batman sequel, and a Hawkman solo feature film. This would lead into a Justice League sequel introducing Adam Strange, Mister Miracle, Orion, and Lobo. This would complete phase 2 of the DC Cinematic Universe. Phase 3 should consist of a Justice League Dark feature film, a third Man of Steel feature film, a third Wonder Woman feature film, a third Flash film, a third Batman feature film, and a Aquaman solo feature film which would lead into a third Justice League sequel which introduces Shazam, The Atom, and Red Tornado. This would complete Phase 3 of the DC Cinematic Universe. I think that following the Marvel model of introducing their characters to a wider audience would prove to be very successful for Warner Bros.

Posted by fartvader

@thejester: You are joking right, DC have better movies, Marvel just have more movies, from Marvel studios directly we have just 2 great movies, 7 good movie, 4 acceptable movies and 13 bad movies since 1998 (2 great, 1 good, 1 acceptable 2 bad directly fomr Marvel), DC have 6 great movies, 1 acceptable movie and 4 bad movies since 1989, so DC have 6 good movies for 11 and while Marvel just 9 good from 23 (3 Marvel) so DC have better porcentage of good movies agianst Marvel, of course it is my point of view, if you believe thet Thor and Captian America were at least decent movies you could complain but fomr me they were bad, Captain America the worst, Loki saved Thor a bit from being terrible.

Thank you for having the time to clarify this. I mean many people here seemingly enjoy bashing DC for having less movies and Green Lantern. After the success of The Avengers they probably disregarded how awful Captain America was and Thor.

@reefermadness said:

I'm hoping Zack Snyder and and Jeff Robinov produces a very top-notch Justice League movie and tops Marvel's The Avengers movie.

Finger's crossed!

That sounds impossible. The Avengers was pretty amazing. No team movie with popular characters(who have there own series) has bested it. And I doubt that will change any time soon.

Yeah yeah The Avengers was so so so great but the guy's (and many of us are really) just hoping can we just do that?


@thecowman said:

Man, the super-heavy texturing on the costume is SO distracting.

Why is Hollywood so afraid of smooth surfaces and bright colors?

Maybe they are going for the more metalic costume since it's man of STEEL, idk. but this picture really looks badass. the costume the facial expression.

Have you noticed how bleak everything looks in Man of Steel? Color wise it seems drained, very stark looking. They say that MOS is going to be the catalyst for the DCinematic Universe, I hope all of the movies look like that, it's unique and will separate it from the colorful and Comic booky Avengers.

Absolutely! Color wise, i guess it's acceptable and very modern. Bright colored costumes were hit during the 70's coz I think that was the time we are moving on from the black and white tv to colored tv. Realistically, I think any superhero who will wear bright colors this age would look stupid. I hope I made my sense clear. lol

Posted by joshmightbe

no kryptonite? impossible, every man has his "kryptonite". expectations of new man of steel has fallen slightly.

His enemies in this movie are Kryptonian so Kryptonite would be a pretty idiotic tool for them. Maybe kryptonite will be discovered in the next movie. The stuff wasn't even invented until the Superman radio show came out nearly a decade after Superman comics first appeared.

Posted by Uncommon

DC What are you doing? DC stahp!

Posted by flazam

hopefully they don't rush Justice League so they can relase it with avengers

Posted by Veitha

I love Dc comics, but in my opinion Marel will always have better movies.


Posted by TheCowman

Realistically, I think any superhero who will wear bright colors this age would look stupid.

Yes, because the skin-tight outfit with the texture of a basketball looks completely legit. If it was in bright colors though.... suspension of disbelief broken. :P

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

His costume looks like $#!t

Edited by Jonny_Rogers

Can people stop blaming DC for their film adaptions?

DC Comics do COMICS. Warner Brothers do FILMS. Apart from owning rights to the characters, DC have little control over what WB do.

Posted by Bobsjonjon

This movie is gonna be whack! DC never gets in right. Animated movies yes,but this garbage no!

Posted by ChaosMarvel

From all the previews i've seen of this it looks like its going to be over-dramatic. Sure I like a good story and a bit drama but I don't want to be drowning in it. I think i'll skip this until I can see it for free at a friends house on DVD or something.

Posted by Jonny_Rogers

For anyone wondering why Superman's costume is the way that it is, I've heard that it's easier to animate when they have to use CGI. It kind of makes sense, because the fact that many of you have pointed out the detail in the costume proves that it distracts the viewer from the imperfections and creases in the suit. If the costume was completely plain, you'd notice the subtle physical errors in the animation of how the suit forms around his body. Besides, that does look appropriately alien-like.

Posted by Shadowmyst

@stormbox: but how will luthor (in a supposed sequel) defeat superman without kryptonite?

Posted by flameboy298

a lot of if not all faith in this movie / "universe" just dropped....

superman's now a mutant from krypton?

and they really couldn't find an intelligent way of fitting in all the work done on the batman movies without rebooting the series (guaranteed they WILL reboot the series)

they are so far behind marvel they will never make up for what they've lost so everything (guaranteed) will have a painfully rushed look about it (marvel can take their time, they're already 6 steps ahead of DC and soon to be 7 or from another angle, a whole 5 years ahead of them)

DC will crash and burn because of how bad they've handled everything over the years. Green Lantern was an insult to everybody who ever bought a comicbook. Come to think of it, i don't think anyone who even worked on that movie has even read a green lantern comic.

Honestly, and upsettingly, all of this news is bad in my opinion. i have been more excited for man of steel but after reading this article, pfft... useless... superman needs a weakness. everybody has a weakness. all we're ever going to see is lois in danger because that's the only other way to hurt superman.

maybe we pool our power, we can all just fly around the world fast enough to kickstart the justice league easter eggs in 2004's batman begins?


1. Kryptonite (slowly poisons him)

2. Red Sun radiation (he can't recharge)

3. Magic (has no natural protection)

4. Solar energy absorption (drain the source of his power)

5. Emotion (easily manipulated when lives are at risk)

6. Brute strength (a force equal or stronger than him will hurt him)

6 weaknesses. Superman has no weakness? poor writers & ignorant fans are Superman's weakness.

Posted by Stormbox

@shadowmyst: Well, they didnt say kryptonite doesnt exist, they said its not in the movie

It could perfectly appear in the sequels

Posted by HexThis

Bad idea to not have this in the Nolanverse, comicbook fans have a lot of patience for revisions and complex continuity but audience members really don't.

Posted by neiliusprime

I love Dc comics, but in my opinion Marel will always have better movies.

I agree.

Posted by kid Apollo

jus had an idea on how they could tie in the superman movie with some other DC properties, Steve Trevor could be the government liaison in charge of looking after people with special abilities. cameo in the this movie, maybe the flash, or batman. then have him bring a team together. lets face it, at this point theres no way to bring the team together for a movie without it resembling the Avengers, its all in the way you do it

Posted by stefan_wizel

@bluelantern1995: Well to be honest when I mentioned that Marvel Studios have 2 great movies and 1 good, I refered to "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" and "The Avengers" the good one, it have to many fauls, and worst it is have the same premise as "Transformers: Darkness of th Moon" the characters got rolles taht weren seted in their origin movies, Captain and Blackwidow, Hulk was an uncontrolable beast but then he was hellping them and they just wanted his help even when moments later they were traying so hard to survive him, the aliens weren't that big threat, I mean the real thing that stoped them was the nuke so basicaly the real propose of the Avengers was to save NY and prevent a biger casualty, so yes they did their job great, but the invassion force wasn't going to win the war without them, and some more but I have setted a point, regardless I most say that it was way better that the Origin comic for Justice League in New 52, but something like Justice League animated serie, that origin was amazing and only neaded 2 characters backstories to pull it of Batman and Superman.

Posted by colonyofcells

Easy to plant seeds in the Superman movie for a Justice League movie. To prepare for Darkseid, can introduce Godrey in a Superman movie. Somebody can contact Superman for a future Justice League and a cameo by Batman at the end of the movie would be nice. Batman probably is already investigating the early chess moves by Darkseid on earth and Batman should know he needs help to take down Darkseid.

Edited by FlashKnight

@thenexusrebound: Haha that was my thought exactly. Some kid decides to play with the "cool green rocks" and then BOOM! movie over lol

Posted by banestare

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Posted by caesarsghost

I'm excited! These movies are going to be awesome, Man of Steel looks incredible, just overall happy at the way things are going right now. Great cast, crew, and a Flash movie would be possibly the coolest thing ever.

Edited by sinsear912

Mos will bomb. Superman just isn't interesting enough to carry movie. Just give us a batman vs superman movie

Edited by Needlebay

I love the Avengers movie just as much as the next guy, but most of Marvel's movies (from any studio) are lackluster. They have more movies, because Marvel pushes out movies from multiple studios, so WB was NEVER in direct competition. WB has been the most profitable movie studio year in and year out, so they don't need to produce a lot of super hero movies. Now that the Potter franchise is over, they'll need a hole to fill, so Justice League/Batman, and Superman franchises is a good place to start.

Posted by Nitsua

Kryptonite might be added into the Justice League movie, it would make it more dangerous if he had never encountered it before that, and I doubt the "powers from birth " thing is gonna even be something I'm thinking about during the movie...

Posted by FlashKnight

@sinsear912: Lol Man of Steel will be the biggest superhero movie since The Dark Knight, count on it.

Edited by FlashDamn

GO DC FLASH and Best hopes for Man of steel look so awesome.No Kryptonite thats a good thing cause it is getting kinda repetitive so its nice to get a new story.

Edited by hart7668

How can you make a Superman character with no Kryptonite weakness and powers special to him, and not a result of Kryptonian physiology? Then what could Zod do as a villain with no Kryptonite and no powers of his own to challenge Superman? What the hell WB

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm conflicted. On one hand I'm seeing a little letdown with the fact that MoS will have no kryptonite in it on top of saying that he had his superpowers from the moment of his birth yet on the other hand I am ecstatic that we are seeing the mere possibility of seeing the Flash on screen. Nice revelations, and while having no kryptonite in MoS is a little bit of a let down, I'm more wary of what possible explanation they will give as to Kal-El being born with his powers on Krypton, which is just outright ignoring the comics if you ask me.

Posted by Charlemagne

Flash news, Nolan news, no kryptonite news, who cares? Whats up with Wonder Woman is what I wanna know....

Posted by doombot890

im really not liking this whole kal el is the only kryptonian who has powers idea/rumour

especially with Zod in it and everyone saying that Supes will actually get to hit something! so we got Zod in a Kryptonian Iron Man suit Battling Superman........Great just great :(

Posted by hqn

But I hope DC doesnt go too comic booky

Yep, down with comic books! We all hate comics don't we?
Posted by deaditegonzo

@hqn said:

@deaditegonzo said:

But I hope DC doesnt go too comic booky

Yep, down with comic books! We all hate comics don't we?

Yep, I hate em crazy funny books! /sarcasm

Id just rather see something different than an Avengers clone, also i'd like DC to stick with what theyve proven to be experts at already.

Besides, comparing the Dark Knight Trilogy to Marvel best movies, its no contest, the Dark Knight Trilogy is superior.

Edited by frodobatmanvader

A Flash movie should be done in the style of a Guy Ritchie movie, like Snatch, or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels: all of these various criminals' plans crashing into each other, and the only one who can sort out this sordid mess is the Fastest Man Alive.

Just sayin'.

Posted by NeoSpeedForce

Okay Charlie Hunnam would be a bad Barry Allen. From the pictures of him from Pacific Rim he looks rather young which Barry does have a youthful look about him. As far as the Man of Steel movie goes. Im glad they are trying to put newer ideas out there. Superman Returns could have been great but yet it was the same thing over and over again. Lois Lane was very classic Lois Lane. Most individuals today who know the character Lois Lane dont even see the Superman Returns Lois Lane as Lois Lane cause most know the Lois Lane from the WB Adventures of Superman, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. I hope that the Man of Steel really paves the way for DC and makes up for all the comic books movie adaptations I have seen.

Posted by regalbum

@akindoodle: Agreed. I can't really see him as the Flash...

Posted by ThomasElliot

Id just rather see something different than an Avengers clone, also i'd like DC to stick with what theyve proven to be experts at already.

This times 1,000. I don't get why people just want to watch Avengers all over again but with Superman and Batman. I want something unique and different. This is why a JL movie makes me wary...

@ips said:

There's also a big change to the new Superman story -- kryptonite isn't in it. Director Zack Snyder broke the news in an interview and it looks like Kal-El's powers are possibly something he had from birth -- making him unique even on his home planet. -- G Katzman

This was some very unfortunate writing on the author's part. I read the original interview being sourced and the author completely misunderstood what he was reading when he read it, and subsequently wrote about it. Reading comprehension?!

Firstly, Superman's powers are not tied to Kryptonite; only his health is affected. So, it's exclusion of it [Kryptonite] in the movie is essentially irrelevant. That statement doesn't imply anything at all about the source of Superman's powers.

Next, in Superman's new origin Kryptonians are all biologically engineered. Kal-El is unique because he was born and not engineered like other Kryptonians.

Lastly, there was no mention in that article that his powers were genetically engineered at all, so it's a complete misunderstanding / gigantic leap of logic to claim that his powers were the result of genetic manipulation, or present at birth, or imply that he's the only Kryptonian with powers. Common sense tells us that since Zod and Faora will need powers to fight Superman in the movie, they have them as well. It's logical to assume that Superman still gains his unique abilities as the result of yellow star radiation and that is as close to having powers at birth as that article suggests.

Horrible article. -1 000 000

Quoting because it deserves to be re-posted. Where in the world did the concept of Kal-El being 'born' with powers ever come from?

Posted by kilowog52

I'm glad kryptonite won't be in the movie. It, as well as Lex Luthor have been way too overused. I just wish they had gone with another villain who had never been used in a live action movie before instead of using Zod again. He's got the exact same powers as Superman. Not too exciting. What about the Parasite, Metallo, or Brainiac. Of course a big part of Metallo is the kryptonite heart. Like many of you have already said, this is not big. Kryptonite was first introduced in the radio show long after the character's comic debut. And of course if every story was some guy baiting Superman into a lead room filled with kryptonite, it'd get pretty boring. As for the powers thing, which has nothing to do with kryptonite, I'm convinced that that is an unfounded rumor. It wouldn't be Superman if he didn't get his powers from the sun. Just like many people online were saying the Nolan Batman movies would be part of the DCMU, I predicted that even they weren't that stupid and I'm doing so again.

As for the Justice League, the first movie should have a core group of characters, most of whom have had their own solo movie first then additional members can be introduced in subsequent movies. Characters like Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Cyborg unfortunately won't warrant their own solo movie, but even Aquaman, Firestorm, Captain Atom and the Atom might. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, SHAZAM!, and Green Arrow definitely do. Let's face it, Green Arrow's at the height of his popularity with his popular show on the CW. Hawkman and Firestorm are each getting their book cancelled soon, but GA's still going. Anyway, it really doesn't matter who they pick as their lineup as long as they pick a more epic group than Marvel did with their first Avengers movie. That would have been much better if they had used Ant-Man and the Wasp instead of Hawkeye and Black Widow, as the original Avengers would have been those featured. Or if they had used the Vision, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, etc. it would have had the potential to be indescribably awesome. I'd lean away from Captain Atom and Captain Marvel as they were only members during the international era. I'd stick with either and original pre-Detroit feel (though that would have to be updated to feel more contemporary) or a feel like that of the 2006 series by Brad Meltzer and Dwayne McDuffie. Grant Morrison's mid-90's series or the New 52 reboot version might work almost as well though.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Oh lord... Here we go....

Edited by Jedimasta

I would love to see Nolans Batman / Christian Bale at the Side of this new Superman combining t hem together in a new movie... the dark Nolan Batman would fit perfectly, I don't understand why people don't see this - it would be like in the comics, where Batman is really dark, mysterious, a true detective steps ahead of his partners... another reboot to fit into a more cartoony JLA would be horrifying!

Edited by matchesmalone21

@mightypug78:@necrotic_lycanthrope: why? You really want to see Superman,being frightened by a little rock in this reboot? Superman can be challenged in numerous ways,I think is great this movie doesn't have Kryptonite,because givesa spacefor him toshowhis powersalmost entirely,show his skillsalmostwithout restrictionandadmitafterthis film, of coursethere will be asequel,andit wasspeculatedthere will bementions ofthe kryptoniteby the military, whichleads us tobelieve aboutthe presence ofJohnCorben.

Posted by atomicfist

@mightypug78: lets be fair if zod done the old open the lead box with kryptonite trick on Kal it would end up like 2 cripples fighting each other

Posted by Black_Claw

@hqn said:

@deaditegonzo said:

But I hope DC doesnt go too comic booky

Yep, down with comic books! We all hate comics don't we?

Yep, I hate em crazy funny books! /sarcasm

Id just rather see something different than an Avengers clone, also i'd like DC to stick with what theyve proven to be experts at already.

Besides, comparing the Dark Knight Trilogy to Marvel best movies, its no contest, the Dark Knight Trilogy is superior.

Yeah, I've always viewed the movies of the big two like this.

Marvel: Fun popcorn films

DC: Oscar caliber dramas.