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The Case of the Monstrous Animal-Men, script by Gardner F. Fox, pencils by Jack Burnley, inks by Jack Burnley and Ray Burnley [backgrounds]; A evil man at the Carl Carey Research Clinic invents an electronic ray that turns the head of a man into a panther...and Starman's into a lion! Case of the Highbrow Hoods starring The Hourman, script by Joseph Greene, art by Bernard Baily. Tarsi, the Tiger Boy starring Steve Conrad, Adventurer, script and art by Jack Lehti. The Castle in the Air starring The Shining Knight, script by Henry Lynne Perkins, art by Louis Cazeneuve.

Scavenger Hunt

The revelers at a masquerade are enticed into a scavenger hunt. Two men, Big Droop and Henry, begin fighting over the affection of a young woman. On hand is wealthy big game hunter, Paul Kirk, who suggests a contest between the two men to win the ladies hand. Whichever man can return with his scavenger hunt item first, will win the contest, and the lady. The burlier of the two men, Big Droop, decides to rig the contest in his favor. When Henry opens the envelope with his assigned task, he discovers that he's expected to bring in Crusher Burns, the F.B.I.'s Public Enemy #1. Aware of Big Droop's skullduggery, Kirk dons his Manhunter guise, resolving to aid Henry in bringing in the violent Burns. Manhunter leads Henry into the heart of the Underworld, sending the timid young man into a particularly seedy bar. Once inside, Henry demands to see Burns, then accosts a man, who runs out of the bar. The thug gathers his gang to teach Henry a lesson, running headlong into the Manhunter. While the Manhunter is occupied beating down the criminal gang, Henry runs into trouble at the bar. Members of Burn's gang beat Henry into unconsciousness, then carry him to Burns' hideout. Burns is enraged at the stupidity of his gang, quickly realizing that they were shadowed back to his hideout. As if on cue, the Manhunter crashes in through the window. After making short work of Burns' gang, the Manhunter confronts Burns on the rooftop, and brings him down. Loading Burns into crate, the Manhunter and Henry return to the masquerade. Big Droop is astonished that Henry was able to bring in the notorious criminal, but, nonetheless, shows good sportsmanship at his loss.

The Man Who Knew All the Answers starring The Sandman, script and pencils by Jack Kirby.

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