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The Case of the Murders in Outer Space, script by Gardner F. Fox, pencils by Jack Burnley, inks by Jack Burnley and Ray Burnley [backgrounds]; When Hetty Taylor died during the Gold Rush in California, his will specifically excluded any relative who lived or died in the state; now the Starman must figure out the causes for the mysterious deaths of some of those relatives.

The Secret of the Buzzard's Revenge

A celebratory party, honoring the return of wealthy big game hunter, Paul Kirk, takes place within Kirk's apartment. Inspector Donavan takes Kirk aside to discuss the Buzzard, a new criminal plaguing Empire City. As if on cue, the radio announcer interrupts the musical program to report on the Buzzard's whereabouts. Before he can finish, the announcer is struck down by the Buzzard, who commandeers the airwaves. The Buzzard taunts the police, daring any man in Empire City to stop him from achieving his goals. Inspector Donavan departs, but not before strongly suggesting Kirk use his hunting skills to track down the Buzzard. Kirk returns to his party guests, quickly losing himself in his dance partner, Gloria. Donavan and the police close in on the Buzzard. The devious criminal, however, has allowed the police to get close, to lead them into a trap. As the police corner the Buzzard on a roof top, the diabolical crook presses a hidden lever. The roof gives way, plunging the police down an abyssal shaft, to their deaths. The news of Donavan's death spurs Kirk to action. Adopting the costumed identity of the Manhunter, Kirk vows to bring the Buzzard to justice.

Acting on a tip garnered from some neighborhood kids, the Manhunter tracks down the Buzzard, shadowing the criminal fiend through the city, then anticipating the Buzzard's final destination. Upon arrival at an old mansion, the Buzzard steps into a trap, set up in advance by the Manhunter. Preying on the Manhunter's ego, the Buzzard talks his way out of the trap, in exchange for a "fair" fight with the Manhunter. To keep the fight clean, the Buzzard demands witnesses. The Manhunter brings in some men from the street, who just happen to be the Buzzard's gang. The crooks overpower the Manhunter, then tie him to a chair. An old widow woman, named Marston, is brought before the Buzzard. Under threat of torture, the Buzzard demands Marston change her will, leaving her fortune to the Buzzard's true identity, Hugo Van Beck. With the Buzzard distracted, the Manhunter slips loose from his bonds, then stealthily takes out each of the Buzzard's men. Finally, the Manhunter takes down the Buzzard, leaving him and his men caged for the local police.

Adventure in the Past starring Steve Conrad, Adventurer, script and art by Jack Lehti. The Golden Quest starring The Shining Knight, script by Henry Lynne Perkins, art by Louis Cazeneuve. Criminal Quiz starring The Hourman and Minute Man Martin, art by Bernard Baily. Bells of Madness starring The Sandman, script and pencils by Jack Kirby.

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