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The Little Man Who Wasn't There, script by Alfred Bester, art by Jack Burnley; Starman and Mike Muggins look into a case where people stage an act, pretending to be attacked by "the little man who wasn't there", and robbed of valuable gems, only to be discovered in the end as perpetrating the act themselves! The Man Who Played Death starring Hourman and Thorndyke, art by Bernard Baily. The Case of the Slap-Happy Jappy starring Genius Jones, script by Alfred Bester, art by Stan Kaye. The Black Baron starring The Shining Knight, script by Henry Lynne Perkins, art by Louis Cazeneuve.

The Lady and the Tiger

A brutal jewelry store robbery results in the death of police officers and civilians. Paul KIrk examines a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum, with Ellen Drake. At that moment, in the Penthouse apartment of Drake's father, Thurston, armed gunmen break in and murder the old millionaire, and his butler, before making off with Drake's jewels. Kirk and Drake arrive to find her father dying. With his last breath, Drake accuses the Tiger. Kirk vows to bring the vicious criminal to justice, in his guise as the Manhunter. Drake, however, also plans to seek out her father's killer. The young woman begins making inquiries, in the seedier parts of the city, regarding the Tiger's whereabouts. When word of her search reaches the Tiger, he orders her abduction. The Manhunter is searching the waterfront when he hears Drake's screams. The Manhunter throws himself at Drake's assailants, but they overpower him. Manhunter and Drake are brought before the Tiger. After the Tiger slaps Manhunter around, a large concrete block is tied to Manhunter's ankles. Manhunter is carried to a high bridge. Before the Tiger's men can throw Manhunter into the river, Manhunter violently swings about, slamming the concrete block into his would-be killers. As they fall to their deaths, Manhunter frees himself from his bonds, then charges the Tiger and the rest of his men. Their numbers prove too great for the Manhunter to overcome, and, once again, he is beaten into unconsciousness. The Manhunter recovers in time to chase down the Tiger's getaway car. Leaping onto the hood, Manhunter reaches in through the driver's side window, and grabs the wheel, forcibly steering the car into a local police precinct house. The Tiger comes out of the car shooting, and is immediately gunned down by the police.

The Miracle Maker starring The Sandman, script and pencils by Jack Kirby.

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