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Finder's Keepers, script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Jack Burnley; The Mist engages in a campaign using valuable items that people find on the street to hypnotize the finder, and later perpetrating thefts from those individuals. The Case of the Hi-Jacked Hep-Cats starring Hourman and Thorndyke, art by Bernard Baily. The Case of the Off-Key Crooner starring Genius Jones, script by Alfred Bester, art by Stan Kaye. The Horseless Cowboy starring The Shining Knight, script by Henry Lynne Perkins, art by Louis Cazeneuve.

"The Stone Of Vengeance!"

An explorer steals a priceless emerald from a pagan temple in Burma. The explorer is killed on the streets of Rangoon by two men, one of whom slays the other, later that night. Now the sole possessor of the emerald, the explorer's killer journeys to America, to sell the gemstone, and make his fortune. Arriving in Empire City, the explorer's killer meets with the men who agreed to purchase the gem from him. They, instead, murder him. An arrangement is made to sell the gem to a criminal called the Rajah. The two men meet with the Rajah's agents, Ferret and Killer. Once Ferret has the gem in hand, Killer guns down the two men. Killer, in turn, is shot to death by Ferret. Arriving to collect his money from the Rajah, Ferret finds his finder's fee is actually a dagger to the heart. Ferret falls back against the window, dropping the gem to the street below, where it lands inside a bootblack's satchel. In another part of town, Paul Kirk is arrives at the Van Gelder Ball, just as Van Gelder has been robbed and murdered. Kirk pursues the criminals to their hideout, entering and attacking them, in his guise as the Manhunter.

On the street, the Rajah searches for the lost emerald. When the bootblack offers to shine his shoes, the Rajah kicks him, dislodging the emerald from the boy's kit. The Rajah beats the bootblack unconscious, and abducts him. After beating down the criminal gang, the Manhunter pumps them for information about their boss, the Rajah. Just as one man is about to speak, the Rajah arrives and murders him. Taken by surprise, the Manhunter is beat into unconsciousness by the Rajah. The Manhunter and the bootblack are tied up to an old radiator, then left to burn to death, as the Rajah sets the hideout ablaze. Manhunter cuts through his ropes with the jagged edge of a shoe polish tin, then hauls himself and the bootblack to safety. The Rajah offers to sell the emerald to unscrupulous millionaire, J. Rutherford Kelsey. When Kelsey opens his safe to pay the Rajah, however, the Rajah's men lower their weapons on Kelsey. Suddenly, the chandelier falls, flattening the Rajah's goons. While Manhunter and the Rajah struggle, Kelsey lunges for the emerald. The Rajah guns Kelsey down, just as the Manhunter beats the Rajah into unconsciousness.

Dreams of Doom starring The Sandman, script and pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Joe Simon.

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