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Born from the fusion of DNA of both Lord Superman and Wonder Woman using Amazon and Kryptonian technology Zod was to be born for both the raise as heir to the Justice Lord Earth. He stolen by the Brainiac of the Beyond universe during his initial invasion of earth and was given to Jax-Ur a dangerous Kryptionian criminal in the Phantom Zone, to be raised as a weapon for both to use. He developed psychokinetic abilities, with the aid of a headgear, possibly provided by Brainiac, he was able to control Kryptonian technology all the way outside of the zone. It was with his help that Jax-Ur was able to disrupt Superman's powers and causing him and the Justice League to enter the phantom zone to defeat him. After Superman got him out of the Phantom Zone he decided to call him Superboy.


The son of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman was created by Justice League Beyond writer Christos Gage.

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