alicemalice's X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men Vs. Vampires #1 - From Husk Til Dawn; I’m Gonna Stake You, Sucka; Rue Blood; Survivors review


  The Lead Up- Obviously, everything under the Curse of the Mutants storyline. Quite easy to spot in the comics, its right there on the left of the cover. But even if you only know the gist of what is going on (dracula has literally been taken down a peg, they have amulets to walk in the sunlight. Shit has gotten real!), you'll be fine. Vamps vs mutants, hell shall ensue.

Art- There are different artists thorough this issue, between each characters. Each fit perfectly with each character and theme of each story.

Writing- Each story was was well written, focusing on either the action, horror, or drama. As an old school generation X fan, I really admired the continuity of Husk sticking her neck out there and her passion for her friend Jubilee. Sometimes I feel like once these teams disband, the characters don't seem to have any sort of loyalty to their old teammates, but its always nice to be pleasantly reminded. Dazzler's story certainly wasn't bad, established that some vampires are retaining some sense of their own morality, and that the vamps haven't all gone pure monster house. In the story featuring Rogue, we deal with no-girl once more as a so-called good vampire is encountered. It has some clever modern vampire jokes and whats best for the lil brain in a jar. Hands down the best story in the comic was “Survivors” about Magneto. This story really knew how to use narration in a comic to make it perfectly dramatic.

Cover- Certainly inspired by the more cheesy and gory vampire films of the past, but I'd rather see a composition of only the characters pictured inside.

3 spanks out of five- If the dazzler story didn't feel like it was just there, this would be a flat out 4 spanks. It wasn't a bad story per se, just if it was at the same top notch as the rest it wouldn't feel as if it was holding it back. As a comic book and vampire fan...I'm not afraid to admit that I'm enjoying this series and I liked this one as well

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Posted by AskaniSon295

Funniest Line In recent memory Rue Blood "... Even if She is a Dead Ringer for the chick that plays Sook.." hilarious. ovioulsy cause anna paquin plays Sookie and has played rougue, I think that Vampire is like Vamp-pool or something breaking the fourth wall so sutlelly he kinda even looks like a Vampiric Wade maybe he snuck in to our dimension form the Vampire universe in the swamp in florida.

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