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Vamptastic! 0

  The Lead Up- Obviously, everything under the Curse of the Mutants storyline. Quite easy to spot in the comics, its right there on the left of the cover. But even if you only know the gist of what is going on (dracula has literally been taken down a peg, they have amulets to walk in the sunlight. Shit has gotten real!), you'll be fine. Vamps vs mutants, hell shall ensue. Art- There are different artists thorough this issue, between each characters. Each fit perfectly with each character ...

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Very x-women 0

   Admittedly the first not drunk review! Aww man now this one is gonna suck. lol The Lead Up-Everything in The Return of hope, Emma's role in Utopia, and Kitty's sacrifice at the end of Astonishing X-men in Whedon's run.  Art- The interior art is less impressive. The three artists have an excelleng understanding of debth, but occasionally the female faces just look so damn weird. This is another case of an artist who is best at drawing their own gender, happens to the best of artists. Wr...

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In Very Good Hands 0

The Lead Up-Everything that is important in x-23's past but most importantly New X-men and when she was a part of Yost's and Kyle's run on X-force. Luckily for you if you haven't read all of these stories there is a good summary at the end of the comic but those other ones are worth a read! Art-This artist does a great job of drawing X-23 as a girl again. And she hasn't been drawn quite this way since NYX. And I can only tip my had to Will Conrad to make her outfit quite similar to her Out...

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Like a Mind-Blowing Quickie 0

 Art-For a comic book that is all about violence and a bit of poon tang, the art is quite sophisticated. Very beautiful but rough, a perfect representation of the two starring characters, who both encompass these two ideas in different ways. If a single panel of a comic could stand alone as a work of art, you know you’ve got some great art. Writing- As with the rest of the duo’s work, they can write an excellent blend of humor, action, and intrigue. One of my biggest complaints with wr...

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