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The United Nations superteam StormWatch arrived in South America to investigate and learned of WetWorks involvement from a dying St. Crispin in the destruction of a building. As a result, Weatherman Jackson King ordered their capture, with Grail, Jester and Mother One being the forst to fall. This prompted Dane and Pilgrim to kidnap two StormWatch teammates in retaliation, to hols as their own bargaining chips. They then teleported up on to SkyWatch, were they fought against Weatherman King and his crew, and ultimately succeeded in rescuing their teammates. 
However, on their return to Earth, WetWorks was shocked to learn from Alicia Turner, their friend and an I.O. agent, that Mother One, who had been sent ahead due to her injuries, had mysteriously chosen to wander off without waiting for the rest of the team. Confused by this, Dane nonetheless vouched for Turner's word and trustworthness, while Grail refused to believe the story and stormed off. 
Twelve hours later, in a secret lab hidden beneath a mountain in West Virginia, the supposedly trustworthy Alicia Turner ominously worked on an unconscious Mother One, exposing her to a mysterious glowing box and an ominous, disembodied voice. A few moments later, Mother One awoke, but no longer remembered who she was! Worse, she now called herself Tanager, and screamed that she wanted to see Jackson Dane dead!

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