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During a recent battle against the global terrorist St. Crispin and the evil Lara Hawthorne, head of the powerful Avalon Corporation, Dane was not only captured but had his golden synbiote forcibly stripped from his body. Hoping to resecure it, the WetWorks team tracked the evil duo to Suenos Perdidos, a capital city in South America, and a secret laboratory hidden beneath the presidential palace. Unfortunately, as the heroes attacked, Grail was forced to fight an energy being known as E=MC2, and their subsequent struggle caused an explosion that totally destroyed the palace. Admist the ruins, Dane was no longer able to sense his symbiote, and concluded that ir must have been totally destroyed in the conflict. So he ordered the team to move out... 
 However, unbeknownst to them all, two further events transpired. First, Dane's symbiote wasn't destroyed. During the palace explosion, Hawthorne actually fell into the glass cas that was housing it and now possesses it on her own body! And secondly, the global guardians known as StormWatch arrived thereafter to investigate the carnage, only to leanr from a dying St. Crispin that WetWorks was responsible!

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