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During Aspen Matthews' skiing trip Vana wants revenge on both Aspen and Cannon Hawke for what they done to her son, Taras. She planned to use Cannon's body to remake her son, so she had Biranha, her other son, abduct him while Cannon's spending the night with Lara Croft. Vana also captures Aspen and Sara Pezzini, bearer of the Witchblade to bring them to the Arctic Blue's base and trap them in their machine that can hold them. Aspen and Sara break out of the machine, helping Lara to save Cannon and battle the Arctic Blue. While Sara battles Biranha while Lara helping Cannon, Vana tries to freeze Aspen, but she breaks the icicle off of her and stabs Vana's chest. With Cannon free from Vana's wraith, Taras' body (which had been using Cannon's body to grow) died and Vana went mad with grief and died, destroying the entire base in blast of ice.

Note: On the definitive edition of Fathom, this version has changed since Michael Turner's departure from Top Cow so 3 issues have been remastered with Aspen, Vana and Cannon only.

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