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Killian is a Blue that believed his people shouldn't hide underwater but should destroy the human race and be the rulers of the world. He manipulated Aspen Matthews to get her to help him but she eventually chose to side with the other Blues and stand against Killian. He was defeated and presumed dead but he continues to live and has gathered another group of followers.

Killian's Tide

The not so happy couple

The story starts with a test from the humans, unaware of the Blue the humans live their life above the surface. But the Blue are aware of the humans, they have agents throughout the hierarchy of the humans but they could not foresee a test with a hydrogen bomb the humans did out on the ocean. Below the test site was a Blue city, it was completely decimated by the humans. Thousands of Blue’s perished during this explosion but the humans were not aware of this fact. The council of the Blue’s debated whether to go to war with the humans while Killian wakes up after a nightmare where he and his brother were hiding in the bushes while his parents were slaughtered by humans. After he recovers he joins his brother Sear listening to the decision of the council, they decide to continue the monitor the situation and not attack. This angers Killian, Sear and their young friends called the dissidents, and decide to take matters into their own hands. They decide to blow up a power station of the humans. They succeed in doing so without making any casualties thanks to Sear, they continued to do these hit and run actions without crossing the line of killing people but Killian did not agree with Sear’s leadership.

The Blue gained suspicions of who was doing these hit and run tactics and decided to have Killian followed. This ultimately led them to Killian’s girlfriend's ( Anya) father who was in the council and wanted the Blue to attack the humans. He offers Killian the resources to do more then just petty attacks and tells him his parents were killed by the humans, that his dreams were actually true. This in turn angers Killian. He fights with Sear about not telling him how his parents died and that he does not agree with his leadership, they should punish the humans. But Sear does not agree with Killian and decides not to join their new mission which involves retrieving documents from the manufacturer of the hydrogen bomb on the base on an island which employed it. They succeeded but by making human casualties. Anya is sickened by the new character Killian developed.

Sear confronts Killian again, trying to convince him this is not the right way. Killian fights with his brother, finally Sear wins and tells Killian he wants nothing to do with it and walks away. Anya decides to leave him after this. Sear contacts Cannon Hawke and tells him what had transpired whom in turn tells the council. They decide they need to have an inside person to tell them what’s going on decide on Anya.

‘My friends, I’ve spent most of my life dreaming about today, because TODAY… we leave behind our waterbound roots and take to the planet at large, a planet that by rights belong to us.’ - Killian

Killed his own brother

Killians and his dissidents attacked an army base, killing many and stole a hydrogen bomb from the humans. But is awaited outside by Cannon Hawke, Sear and other Blue’s. But a bomb went off and he managed to escape with a ship. After a chase he’s shot down by Cannon but his body is not in the ship. He escaped and traveled to the island where his parents were shot, Sear follows him without telling anyone else and confronts his brother. A fight breaks out between the two brothers but ends up with Killian killing his own brother.

Later through the years, Killian and Anya had their first child, a daughter named Kiani who later thought her parents died in an underwater city, but was orphaned by Casque. Killian's daughter grew up as an Elite Blue warrior just like her father.

The Blue Sun

Commanding his army

Killian killed Aspen Matthews' family who were against his ideas. He wanted to raise her himself because she was a mixture between the Black and the Blue and thus very powerful. He learned of her whereabouts, and how she was raised by the human called Captain Matthews. She was invited to work at the DMD (Deep Marine Discovery), It was an undersea base built by the humans to investigate a Blue ship they found. Killian allowed himself to be captured at this base to get close to her. Aspen would research him. At the same time a pilot of the US Navy named Chance Calloway was testing out a prototype plane that could fly underwater. He encountered some of the Blue and fired a torpedo at them.

However, they avoided it and the missile headed straight for the DMD base instead. The force of the explosion caused the base to fill with water drowning almost all of the personnel on the base. Killian survived the blast. In this time Aspen was saved by the very pilot who blew up the base. When she had recovered, she went out one morning to buy bagels, she was drugged and kidnapped by what looked to be government agents. They turn her over to Killian’s troops. Cannon Hawke went in pursuit and managed to take one of the men captive. He takes the man with him for interrogation, to find out where they’ve taken aspen, the base of Killian. But this place was protected by the best guards Killian had, he couldn’t risk his own life because no-one would be there to take his place in this time of need. So he decided to wait, hoping he could undo whatever Killian was doing to her at a later point in time. Here Killian ‘brainwashed’ her and asked her for her help which she willingly gave and even killed for him. They retrieved and set up Apparatus installations around the world to power a weapon of tremendous potential in covering the earth with water to eliminate the human threat.

Aspen about to kill Killian

As they were about to start the last one up Cannon appeared with his team in an attempt to stop her and talk sense into her. Kyla (a friend of in Killian’s team) then revealed that she was working for Cannon undercover and a battle ensues. After they were safe Cannon then reveals her past, he tells that she was well loved as a child of the Blue, and that her parents were well respected. He reveals that she had a brother, and when she was eleven years old, she and her brother were swimming outside their parent’s place when an attack happened. Her parents were killed and Cannon was rendered useless. The perpetrator was Killian and his Dissidents. She then realized her mistake and went with Cannon to stop Killian. Killian had already started the Blue Sun and an energy beam was blasting from a station in space towards the earth. Cannon and his team quickly reached their destination and told them this would have catastrophic consequences if this were to continue. Cannon tried to stop Killian but got blasted by Killian, this did not stop Cannon and he continued the fight with Taras, Killian’s subordinate. After a short fight Cannon managed to overpower and kill him by throwing him into the blue energy beam.

He then attempted to fight with Killian, but Killian was stronger and defeated him easily. He got the upper hand and threw Aspen into the blue energy beam. This enraged Cannon even more and caused him to attack Killian once more but he was quickly overpowered. Just a Killian was about to kill Cannon, Aspen emerged from the energy beam in a mixture of energy and water. She easily killed Killian by taking him into the energy beam with this newfound power and told Cannon to run while she took care of the Blue Sun. Aspen destroyed the apparatus and a moment later she emerged from the water looking completely normal.

Back From the Dead

Killian didn't really died from Aspen during the Blue Sun, his body was trapped in water form just like Aspen's brother, Finn. He uses this form as a disguise of Finn to team up with Aspen to defeat Admiral Maylander and his goons in a war between the Blue and the humans. Aspen later discovers that Killian trick her and she rescued her real brother in a facility being held captive by Chance's brother, Chris Calloway. After the confrontation in a cavern, Aspen reunites with Killian to defeat Rahger and the Black. During Aspen's battle with Kiani, Killian watched Aspen killing his daughter with the same power Aspen used against him back in the Blue Sun. Killian joins Siphon's Blue government as the Commander of the Elite Guard and he and Anya had their second child, a daughter named Anika.

Powers & Abilities

Killian's abilities

As a member of the Blue he possesses all the strength of the blue. That includes hydro-kinesis, the ability to love under and above the water. But he can also fire powerful blasts, turn his complete body into water and even has a rapid healing factor. The strength of a blue seems to be higher then an average human. His power are also on a higher level then any other blue as shown when he disposed of Cannon Hawke easily. He possesses great leadership skills, hand to hand combat and intelligence.

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