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Cannon Hawke is somewhat of an enigma. In the depths of the ocean amongst the Blue, he is the Elite Commander of Council Defense. On the surface he runs a consulting firm that specializes in governmental relations between the American and Japanese government, but he holds no official alliance with either. His goal is the same above and under the surface, to ensure the safety of the blue. But he wish to do so with minimal casualties on both sides, humans and Blue’s.

Blue Sun

Aspen Matthews

Cannon was the bodyguard of Aspen Matthews and her family back when she was little. When Killian killed her family, Cannon was injured so he could no longer protect her. He learned of her whereabouts, and how she was raised by the human called Captain Matthews. It would be a good way to learn of the surface world he thought, so she would gain an advantage over both the Blue’s and the humans. In this time Cannon had started working on the surface world at the DMD (Deep Marine Discovery), It was an undersea base built by the humans to investigate a Blue ship they found. Cannon worked there as an emissary between the and the Japanese government on behalf of his own consulting firm. had become a marine biologist and was asked by the DMDto join them in their research. This would be the first time since 15 years Cannon and would meet again without her knowing about it. Killian allowed himself to be captured at this base to get close to .

At the same time a pilot of the US Navy named Chance Calloway was testing out a prototype plane that could fly underwater. He encountered some of the Blue and fired a torpedo at them. However, they avoided it and the missile headed straight for the DMD base instead. The force of the explosion caused the base to fill with water drowning almost all of the personnel on the base. Cannon’s assistant Akiko did not know of Cannon’s powers, so he waited for the base to fill with water before safely bringing her to the surface. In this time was saved by the very pilot who blew up the base. While quickly recovered from her wounds Cannon kept an eye out on her. When one morning she went to buy bagels she was drugged and kidnapped by what looked to be government agents. They turn her over to Killian's troops. After an acrobatic stunt in which Cannon drives with his motorcycle from a cliff into the sea he manages to reach Aspen and knock one of her kidnappers out, Cannon retrieved and grabbed the man’s sea vehicle. After a wild chase the vehicle is blown up and gets retaken by one of the men. Leaving Cannon to battle it out with another, which Cannon wins. He takes the man with him for interrogation, to find out where they’ve taken aspen, the base of Killian. But this place was protected by the best guards Killian had, he couldn’t risk his own life because no-one would be there to take his place in this time of need. So he decided to wait, hoping he could undo whatever Killian was doing to her at a later point in time.


In this time Cannon helped Chance ( Aspen’s boyfriend) with an attack from three men and asks for his help to retrieve her. had been under control of Killian and starting up Apparatus installations around the world to power a powerful weapon. As she was about to start the last one up Cannon appeared with his team in an attempt to stop her and talk sense into her . Kyla (a friend of in Killian’s team) then revealed that she was working for Cannon undercover and a battle ensues. Cannon tries to reason with but she knocks him away from her. After Cannon talks to Chance on his ear piece, finally calms down. Kyla reveals to that Killian has lied to her and she tried to keep sane for the time being. Taras then kills Kyla while she was talking to . It quickly angered and she displays the potential of her power. They picked up Kyla and headed to rescue Chance, who was drowning in Cannon’s ship. After they were safe Cannon then reveals her past, he tells that she was well loved as a child of the Blue, and that her parents were well respected. He reveals that she had a brother, and when she was eleven years old, she and her brother were swimming outside their parent’s place when an attack happened. Her parents were killed and Cannon was rendered useless. The perpetrator was Killian and his Dissidents. then realized her mistake and went with Cannon to stop Killian. Killian had already started the Blue Sun and an energy beam was blasting from a station in space towards the earth.

Cannon and his team quickly reached their destination and told them this would have catastrophic consequences if this were to continue. Cannon tried to stop Killian but got blasted by Killian, this did not stop Cannon and he continued the fight with Taras, Killian’s son. After a short fight Cannon managed to overpower and kill him by throwing him into the blue energy beam. struggled with Killian, but Killian got the upper hand and threw her into the blue energy beam. This enraged Cannon and caused him to attack Killian but he was overpowered. Just a Killian was about to kill Cannon, Aspen emerged from the energy beam in a mixture of energy and water. She easily killed Killian with this newfound power and told Cannon to run while she took care of the Blue Sun. Cannon refused at first, fearing it would kill her, but agreed to it eventually, he swum up saving Chance in the process. turned fully into energy and overloaded the Blue Sun. Cannon feared there was no way could have survived but a moment later Aspen emerged from the water looking completely normal. Their mission was a success.

Tomb Raider, Witchblade and the Arctic Blue

The story starts with Cannon Hawke standing on the deck of a boat after spending the night with Lara Croft. Just as he thinks about Aspen Matthews while she's on a vacation snowboarding with friends, he notices something under the water. Members from the Arctic Blue surround Cannon and shoot him with darts. He just sees Biranha (brother of Taras) before he passes out. When Cannon did not return to his room Lara got suspicious and decided to contact her friend Sara Pezzini ( Witchblade), which in turn met up with Aspen. In this time Cannon woke up in captivity by Vana ( Taras Mother) who wanted revenge on Cannon for killing her son, but most of all resurrect her son by using Cannon’s body. He was being held captive inside a tank which was slowly leeching his essence away, slowly dissolving his entire being, she had the same plan for in mind. Besides his tank there was another tank containing the dead disfigured body of slowly gaining Cannon’s essence.

The whole group

The Arctic Blue attacked both Sara and Aspen, after a fight they were shot by the same darts that knocked out Cannon and taken captive while Lara watched from a distance and followed them to their arctic base. There she stood face to face with the horribly scarred Cannon Hawke, discovered by her enemies she had to make a run for it. While getting away she found the whereabouts of Sara and Aspen and with them they escaped the base. As they get ready for the counter attack Lara explains to Sara and Aspen how she and Cannon met and what she means to him. When they had gotten the weapons from Cannon’s boat, they made their way back to the base and attacked. In the first attack Sara fell through the ice in the icy waters below her where more Arctic Blue’s were waiting for her. In full control of the Witchblade she disposed of her enemies but then faced Biranha. While Aspen and Lara made their way towards Cannon. In the meantime Cannon was being ripped apart by the machine in an attempt to separate the mind and body of Taras and Cannon. They were now two separate beings again, their bodies no longer disfigured. Lara and Aspen had reached them, while Aspen fought with Vana, Lara tried to rescue Cannon from his captivity and Aspen was almost beaten by Vana’s ice powers before she broke one of the icicles from her face and stabbed Vana with it.

Out of anger she shot an iceblast towards Aspen but missed her and hit her son Taras instead which seemingly killed him again. In this time Sara defeated Biranha after a short fight and made her way up to the rest while Lara had freed Cannon. Out of rage and grief Vana exploded in ice destroying the entire base. Lara, Sara, Aspen and Cannon barely made it before it was too late. But the Witchblade helped them in a miraculous save. What was unknown was that while Cannon felt and acted normal the mind of was now stored inside his body, not yet surfacing.

Note: Michael Turner remastered the issues of the crossover of Fathom since he left Image Top Cow. The Aspen Comics version only has our Fathom characters, not Lara Croft and Sara Pezzini.

Cannon Hawke (self named comic)

The story starts with Cannon Hawke incarcerated by his own people. His people has lost faith in him since was in his mind, while Cannon was still in control most of the time he was beginning to be a threat to his own people. But took control of his mind for a while and escaped, taking out two guards on his own. The next we see of Cannon is in a hotel in . His assistant Akiko was called for assistance as people had complained about noise and yelling coming from his room. Akiko found Cannon sitting confused in a bathtub in running water coming from the shower. He’s telling her about someone in his head in his confusion, for his rest they make a trip to where Akiko cares for Cannon who quickly regains his composure.

Cannon and Akiko

He couldn’t worry about Taras now, he had his mind under control and had the focus on the invasion of by Admiral Maylander. In an intercepted e-mail he found coordinates to Saba, the e-mail originated from . This would be his next place to visit together with Akiko. He went to see a man in the Dendou Daikoku (a casino in ), his name was Shalla Barnic a.k.a. The Shark. He was a weapon dealer who sold information to Maylander from the US Government. After a quick talk that led to nothing he went back to his hotel where he was attacked by several of The Shark’s men. Cannon was able to take out some but in the end was taken out via an electrical shock. He quickly recovered and killed the two men, by changing the flow of blood in their bodies. But this was done by Taras who had quickly taken over Cannon’s body. But it was already too late, the men had left with a vial that Cannon always carried with him, in it was water supercharged by the Blue Sun. In the meantime Cannon had a battle with in his mind but it seemed real, he regained his sense in a café. He looked confused around him to see what had happened but he didn’t quite know himself. He could still hear his voice inside his head. He said things he would normally never say but couldn’t control himself.

Until he saw Akiko, he regained his sense and walked with her on the streets explaining to her what is happening with him, how he hears voices but not telling her that he’s really a Blue. Akiko tells Cannon where The Shark is and what he does, how he runs a factory which specializes in energy extraction to energy production, spending a great deal of fortune in hydro power. Cannon makes his way over to the factory just in time to see The Shark leave in a boat. Without time to waste he jumped in the water and grabbed one of the jet ski’s to follow him. He was attacked by three men on jet ski’s but managed to take them out, yet wasn’t in time to stop The Shark from leaving. In the meantime Cannon was stopped by some agents and took him as a ‘guest’ to the same place as The Shark was going to, a research facility from the japan where they investigated the fluid for limitless energy, it was revealed to be gray matter. When Cannon and The Shark left the facility Biranha attacked the it killing everyone there and taking the vial with liquid for himself. But the Japanese government thinks Cannon stole it and tries to apprehend him but Cannon and Akiko manages to outrun them in a car chase. Afterwards he send Akiko away on a plane to ensure her safety while he went after The Shark. He broke into his office and took out his personal bodyguard by letting take control of his body for a couple of seconds and freeze the liquid in his body. Afterwards he started interrogating The Shark about his double crossing. The Shark says it was all the idea of Biranha, Cannon is obviously surprised by this because Cannon thought he was dead, took advantage of this to take over his mind for a while but it blacked him out, when he woke up, The Shark was gone. Without time to waste he gathered three of his friends (also Blue’s) and took off towards the arctic tundra where they hoped to find Biranha and the gray matter.

Cannon vs Taras

After a brief fight with two other planes he manages to get the upper hand and take them out. Leading his group into a cave where they encounter Biranha, after a brief fight Cannon is held by two men while Biranha stands ready to kill him. Just when he’s about to strike gains control of Cannon’s body, Biranha quickly recognizes his brothers voice and personality and stops. Cannon’s team managed to get the upper hand, when their opponents fled they were left fighting in Cannon’s body but they managed to overpower him and take him outside where he regained control of his mind again. Cannon thanks them and send them away, knowing he won’t be able to trust himself and he wished to do them no harm. He goes back to Akiko and tells her the truth, how he’s not a human but a Blue, about in his head and how he has to take back control of his mind. He locked himself in a steel room with no way out, Akiko stood on the other side of the door and could only open the door if she knew for sure it was Cannon who spoke and not Taras. And if Cannon lost the battle for his mind, would forever be locked in that room by Akiko. Against he fought in his mind with Taras, in the meantime Taras took control of his body and pretended to be Cannon to let Akiko open the door, but she wasn’t fooled by his trickery. At first Cannon was losing the battle with Taras, but then he remembered where he beat him before, in the battle at the Blue Sun.

He imagined it in his mind and after a brief fight he threw him into the energy beam, killing him in his mind forever. Akiko quickly recognized Cannon and opened the door to let him out where they had an emotional talk and she kissed him to remind why he should come back to the surface world. After this he had to join his people in the sea, but would never forget about Akiko and visit her again.

Powers & Abilities


Cannon Hawke has the same powers as any Blue. He can manipulate water, he can form water into constructs like shown as he made an image of a person in the palm of his hand. He can shoot columns of water from the sea or completely take on a water form. He once traveled through the water from a water crane towards a fountain. When his mind was possessed by he has shown to have control over ice, freezing a man solid in the blink of an eye. But he has not shown this power since his mind was freed so it’s believed to be lost.

Aside from his powers, Cannon is in great physical condition. He possesses strong leadership and tactical skills as he’s Elite Commander of Council Defense. He’s also very adept at hand to hand combat.

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