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Now reacclimated to The City, Spider Jerusalem ventures into the dangerous Angels 8 district, home of the Transients--humans who have decided to become aliens through cosmetic surgery. But Spider's penetrating interview with the Transients' leader may get him a scoop he didn't bargain for.

The issue begins with Spider looking for Fred, and he walks through a town in which most of the population has "altered" their DNA to be something else called "Transients", Transients have alien appearances but some look more human or at least half.

He "asks" a transient where Fred Christ is and gets the general info from the man. As he continues his search he comes upon one of Fred's many wives, he asks her where Fred is. She (obviously terrified) tells him.

He finds Freds bar and knocks two guards out cause they were becoming irritating and lets himself into the bar. A slightly irritated Fred comes out of his room to find Spider standing there ..just waiting. They proceed to have a conversation about the transients and the town they live in, and due to Fred's lack of help in either one of the cases.. a heated debate erupts ending with Spider leaving Fred to his own pain.

Spider arrives home to meet a new friend named KAT. A two faced gecko eating cat that was sitting on his front porch. He feels "Kat" is an outcast from society, much like himself so he adopts him.

Later that night while watching Feedsites he hears that the transients have started a riot that Spider knows full well they won't win. He heads out to do another column on the riot and help them.

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