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The huge anniversary issue! To celebrate Threshold's amazing 50 issues, this special line-up of talent has ballooned the issue to a massive five stories packed in a 64 page deluxe square bound format! Demonslayer's first story arc comes to the carnage filled conclusion! With Michael under the control of Irkala, Demonslayer has no choice but to fight him for her very life. But when he won't give up, it looks like the 'Slayer may have to kill the man she loves in order to stay alive! Writer Robert Lugibihl and stellar new artist Gabriel Rearte unleash a tale from Pandora's past as she tries to tame the old west! Western zombie gunfighters are tearing up a town, but now there is a new sheriff and her name is Pandora. Spanish super-star Juan Jose Ryp serves up two new short stories with his sassy women, Monique and Denisse. High class beauties with a taste for the best in life, they explore the sexy underbelly of the world and get into all sorts of trouble in the process. Red hot Rafa Lopez brings us another new Hellina story as she explores the limits of her new found control over her underground cult. And wrapping up the issue is a new sexy spy story featuring the Lookers! For the best in mature reader comics you can't do better than the longest running American anthology, Threshold, and this amazing 50th issue!

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