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Bad Girl Art, unlike what the name would imply, is not the opposite of Good Girl Art, in fact they are actually very similar. While GGA likes to feature females as sexy at all times, Bad Girl Art likes to feature all the women as perhaps even more scandalous while retaining a tough persona, like Elektra for example.  The art form was at its most prevalent during its initial wave during the 80's-90's.  
One of the greatest exponents of the genre was Brian Pulido the founder and writer of Chaos! Comics with a roster that leaned heavily on strong anti-heroine female leads. Despite Chaos! Comics going bankrupt in the start of 2000 the legacy continues with several publishers snapping up the characters and continuing their stories. Another early exponent of the art was Everette Hartsoe of London Night Studios fame. An independent comic book artist and writer his bad girls were ultra violent and frequently in skimpy clothing or completely nude. Amoung his bad girls were Razor, Stryke and Poizon. Although there most likely is no official first "bad girl", at the moment, an honorable mention for the position actually came a decade or two before the term, Vampirella, who first premiered in 1969.   

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