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I have been collecting the Michael Stracynski Thor TPB.. (great series, btw) and just got done with Vol 3 (issues 601-603)... I have looked everywhere on ebay and whatnot for the next volume, and the conclusion of the story covered in the first few volumes, but haven't had any luck. Has it been released? If so, where in Odin's beard can I locate it?

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This collects the entire J. Michael Straczynski run on Thor. I also enjoyed it very much, although I wish JMS was allowed to finish the story he wanted, but Marvel is obsessed with having huge events every 4-6 months.

That is what I have in Vol. 1-3. Issues 1-12 and 600-603. I am talking about issues 604-606 that does the conclusion of the Asgard in Latveria story. The series goes all the way to issue 621, there isn't a trade for the issues after 603?

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I found it, folks. Thanks anyways.

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Sorry, misread your request.

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