Every hero has a begining. This was Thor´s. Hard to get, but a fundamental piece for every fan.

This is the Marvel NOW semi reeboot of Thor. It´s perfect if you are new to the character because it´s easier to get than Journey into Mystery, however, this is NOT a Thor origin story.

If you want tons of pages full of Thor content and epic stories, this is your choice. It´s a must have for every fan, that includes veterans and newbies.

Some of Stan and Kirby work during his best days.

Want to see Thor falling and rising? This book should get what you want.

It´s basically an epic eating contest.

This issue is horse face first encounter against Thor. A Must Have.

This is Straczynski ominbus, it´s smaller than the one of Simonson, but it´s still great, specially if you want to see Thor revamped.

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