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The Collection Obsession Part 4 of 6.

As Hank Pym continues to monitor his teammates, Black Panther Beast, and Quasar, who are continuing to search through the Collector's mini-ecosystems. The small team is accompanied by the Collector and a tribe member they met in another ecosystem, named Nakka, as the Avengers travel between the worlds seeing the destruction left by the Brethren. Meanwhile on Earth the Avengers accept Crystal as a provisional member of the team, and hopefully find a way to save Sersi. Sersi, still a captive of the Brethren is, but is given scrolls containing the history of the their race. Second in command of the Brethren, Sybyl Dorn takes offense to Sesi's reading of the scrolls, and to the affection shown by Thane Ector, so she attacks Sersi. Thane Ector stops the fight, and then proceeds to tell SErsi of the true history of the Brethren. Back aboard the Collector's Ship, the heroes finally find the Brethren's home world, which for some unknown reason kills their new friend Nakka.

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