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Celestials experiments on the planet Omega Climion Six, on microscopic organisms lead to the creation of the Brethren. Although large formless, and amorphous in physical nature, the Brethren could form humanoid shapes, and often did. Designed by the Celestials to be enforces of their orders and mandate they were an extermination group that would eradicate native life forms on planets if the Celestials dictated it. Notable members of this team were Thane Ector, Sybyl Dorn, Fool, and Olar. Traditionally the leader of the Brethren would be given the title of Thane. Each Thane would go on as per the tradition to have two sons. Both who would be told the origins of their race on their 15th Birthday. It was then destined that one of the sons would continue on to be the next generations leader, or Thane, and for his sibling to be driven mad by the truth of the origin. As of their last generation, the Brethren Ector was Thane and Fool his brother driven mad.  


The Brethren are a Marvel comic book team and were created by Bob Harras Tom Palmer and Andy Kubert, and first appeared in Avengers Vol 1 #334. 

Major Story Arcs 

First Encounter 

The Elder of the Universe The Collector decides to use the celestial created alien race the Brethren to eliminate mankind. Capturing them, then allowing them to escape, rather manipulated into being put on a course to bring them directly into contact with Earth. The Brethren crash land near the Blue Area of the Moon, and this brings them into direct conflict with the both the Inhumans of the Moon and Earths mightiest heroes the Avengers. Brethren attacks were on a world wide scale, and clashes between the alien invaders and Avengers were held in both Paris and New York. 

Powers and Abilities 

The Brethren have the ability to form a Uni-Mind very similar in nature and procedure as the Earth's Eternals. Their true forms, shapeless, formless masses granted them shapeshifting capabilities. Individual Brethren had developed extra powers, however not all Brethren would demonstrate abilities shown by others. Thane Ector possessed super strength and the ability to produce energy beams from his eyes, Sybyl Dorn possessed super strength and the ability to produce energy beams from her eyes, Fool was telepathic, and Olar had especially versatile shapeshifting prowess. 

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