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The Avengers take on Thane Ector and his villainous Brethren! In battle, Captain America takes several unexpected blows, while the rest of the team must restore the Collector’s health. A battle on the Blue Side of the Moon that no fan should miss!

The Collection Obsession Part 2 of 6.

The Brethren, lead by Thane Ector, make several strikes on Earth, this time in Paris. While the Avengers try to keep the soldiers and civilians in the area safe, Captain America takes Thane Ector head on. Cap holds his own, but is ultimately beaten. The battle ends with Thane Ector taking Sersi captive and leaving Captain America unconscious. Meanwhile Beast, Black Panther, Quasar, and Hank Pym work on the Blue Side of the Moon to revive the Collector. Once they are able to revive him he shows them where he stored the Brethren and the Avengers have Hank Pym shrink them so they can learn something about the new menace. Once inside they see the ecosystem the Brethren came from and it is apparently feeding time.

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