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As a fail safe, a copy of Wolf Pack's team bio will remain here.

History of the Pack:

Relentless, Ferocious, United.
During the events of the Doomsday Crisis, the world was forever changed.  At Sector 13, Anderson had reached his limit.  Horrible acts of treachery occurred during Apocalypse's massive assault on the mountain fortress of Sector 13.  Anderson suspected that the United Nations were behind a greater threat.  Since their involvement, the entire operation had been sabotaged.

Then, the hero known as Kurrent was locked away for the acts of murder and insurrection.  All along, Anderson knew of Kurrent's innocence in the matter.  Furthermore, he had undeniable proof that would restore the honor to Kurrent's name.  However, certain powers did not want an investigation of the United Nations launched.

Because the world had suffered enough trauma with the destruction of New York City, the invasion of Apocalypse, and several other catastrophic events, certain authorities tried to justify their actions.  Despite his orders to abandon the subject, Agent Anderson defied his orders.  The world was at stake.  The time for politics and other niceties had passed and it was time for action.  Therefore, Anderson went to a man who lived his life in the shadows..... The Hunter, William Greystoke.

Going under the radar completely, he gave the Hunter the authorization to create an elite team.  This would not be just any team.  The goal of this team was to dispense with the barriers which held back progress in past times.  Instead of merely defending the world, this team would go on the offensive.  Sparing no one, this elite group of individuals would do whatever it took to get the job done.  At times, they would become just as ruthless and dark as the evil which they hunted.  Their motto would be "Relentless, Ferocious, and United."

Thus, they became known as..... Wolf Pack.

Bases of Operation:

Primarily, Wolf Pack tends to be constantly on the move.  Very little of their time is spent at one particular base.  However, they have many different bases scattered all over the globe.  For example, they have a somewhat large facilities located in Great Britain, Germany, and Japan.  These locations are meant primarily for organization, and serve as a stronghold for Wolf Pack when necessary.  Large amounts of weapons are stored at each location.

Because the team is constantly on the move, they have also set up a large amount of smaller bases and safehouses across the globe.  These are small, discrete locations that serve usually as striking points.  The team can assemble, formulate a strategy, stock up on any weapons needed, and then launch their assault.  Usually, these smaller bases have the appearance of a small shop, restaurant, or club.  Sometimes, they are simply caves within a mountain or underground.  Several smaller safehouses are located in places in the Middle East such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.  There are also many throughout Africa in Egypt, Tanzania, the Congo, Ethiopia, and several other countries.  The same goes for many parts of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  No matter the political tensions or safety issues, Wolf Pack is not afraid to place their bases in the deadliest of places.  After all, they are the hunters.

The Trinity:

The Hunter
Real Name:  William Greystoke
Identity:  Secret
Age:  92
Height:  6' 6" (Human) / 7' 10" (Lycan)
Weight:  240 lbs (Human) / 800 lbs (Lycan)
Notes:  A man of the wild, William Greystoke knows no fear.  Known to many simply as "The Hunter," he is highly skilled in many crafts including swordsmanship and marksmanship.  To many, he would appear to be merely a man.  However, there is more to William Greystoke than meets to eye.

He is a lycan, the last of the Greystoke legacy.  Although he is the descendant of  both human and lycan nobility, William does not wish to lay claim to his rightful place as King of the Lycan Underworld.  Some think it is foolishness.  Others think it is humility.  Only William himself knows the reasons.  Nonetheless the Hunter, William Greystoke has risen to bravely lead the Wolf Pack as they hunt down the forces of evil.
Lady Nightmare
Real Name:  Abam Sasaki
Identity:  Secret
Height:  5' 7"
Weight:  120 lbs
Notes:  Trained as a true warrior, the beautiful Lady Nightmare is not afraid to take a life.  Specializing in weapons of Japanese origins, she is highly-skilled in the use of most weaponry.  However, swordsmanship is Lady Nightmare's most lethal area of expertise.  She is also a master of unarmed combat as well.  Although she looks like a woman in her early twenties, Abam Sasaki is actually over one hundred years old.  Due to a choice her grandfather made many years ago, his descendants have been blessed with longevity.  Therefore, Lady Nightmare's physical body ages at one fourth the rate of a normal human being's.
Blessed with several other abilities such as telekinesis, teleportation, and some telepathy, Lady Nightmare is a valuable asset to Wolf Pack.  Her abilities and combat experience give the team an edge in their fight.
Real Name:  Ruby Glassman
Identity:  Need-to-Know
Age:  24
Height:  5' 6"
Weight:  130 lbs
Notes:  Fearless to some, reckless to most, the female merc' named Risky found a new home in Wolf Pack after the Zero Squad was disbanded by the government. Being a master of many weapons but most of all guns Risky is a worthy addition to a team that does not always apply the most integer methods.
Like the name suggests, Risky works hard with her tactical abilities earned in many years of military service and further trained by legendary teachers like the Taskmaster, Akira Overdrive and Ronin to make the Pack a well-working fighting unit, one where the members stand together like wolves. To the present date her tactics have been described as unconventional, sometimes even mad and mean but how mean will show when the next poor villain will meet the Wolf Pack.

The Pack:

Final Trigger
Real Name:  Isaac Gearhart
Identity:  Secret
Age:  26
Height:  6' 0"
Weight:  160 lbs
Final Trigger's Section Coming Soon...
Real Name:  Kenneth Morrison
Identity:  Secret
Age:  25
Height:  6' 2"
Weight:  210 lbs
Notes:  Sephirim's Section Coming Soon...
Ferro Vida
Real Name:  Felix Black
Identity:  Secret
Age:  17
Height:  5' 8"
Weight:  131 lbs. (pre-change) / 250 lbs. (post-change)
Translated, his new name means "Iron Life."  This is true on many levels.  One of his creations has been bonded to him on an atomic level.  Now, Ferro Vida can transform his body into whatever he sees fit.  This grants him unseen durability, healing, and physical attributes.
Felix Black's life has been marred by sadness since he was three years old.  Born with immense intellect, this gift led to his humanity being stripped away.  It left him as something else, something not entirely human; and it came at the cost of hundreds of lives.  This young inhuman seeks retribution for those crimes, and vengeance upon the ones who did this.  He will stop at nothing to protect the innocent and to punish the corrupt.  Therefore, Felix joined Wolf Pack, bringing his talents to the team.
Real Name:  Clarissa Veranda Funez
Identity:  Secret
Age:  24
Height:  5' 7"
Weight:  116 lbs
Born into a rich family, life seemed luxurious until the bright older brother John Funez, a.k.a Thunderbolt, ran away from the family.  Forced to live in a home of bickering parents, Clarissa Funez did the only thing a 14 years old kid could do, join a gang.  There, she met Cassandra Adams, head Imperial of the Future Criminals.  The initiation began and soon Clarissa was at the top of the ranks, naming herself Damara.  Soon, this would all end has her brother reentered her life.  Furious with his return, Damara nearly killed him until he said her childhood nickname, Kitty.  Damara had a change in heart and quit the Future Criminals in order to become a hero.  Naming herself Kitty98 at the time, she would be later known as Katanna

She became "Ms. Independent", a woman no man could lead.  Yet, something special brought her to the Wolf Pack that she could not explain.  Maybe one day she will realize what makes her feel so important.  But until then, she just lives her life.  It will indeed be difficult.  For Katanna has been known to lead, and not be led.  She has chosen to live with it because Wolf Pack has allowed her to be the person she has always wanted to be.  Although she takes orders when necessary, Katanna will forever be "Ms. Independent."
Thomas Lee Jamison
Real Name: Thomas Lee Jamison
Identity: Need-To-Know
Age:  506
Height:  6'5(Human) 7'11(Lycan)
Weight:  250(Human) 930 (Lycan) 
 Thomas Lee Jamison is a mysterious man. He speaks his mind and has learned many things throughout his years as a warrior.  He holds a deadly secret though. He's a Lycan. Born of the Jamison Lycans. They depend on raw strength,speed, and thought. He's mastered these techniques and uses them in great length. Even with this great strength he sometimes surpresses his Lycan form as to not rouse the human populations. With that he's kept below the radar of alot of people who seek interests in caputering , other worldly, creatures. 

Finding  Wolf Pack has given him a reason to fight and not hide. He brings a special flare to WP which makes him a good asset. Pushing himself in battle anyone can trust they won't die on his watch.....unless they're against him. His moves may be unrespected by most but he doesn't give a damn about what others think....he is truely...the Wild Card.
Name:  Sylver Tiana Cathal
Identity:  Secret
Age:  105 years old
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  130 lbs.
Notes:  Described as a phantom hunting the guilty of New York City, the fiery spirited warrior known as Sylver embraces her nickname and instills fear into anyone who would dare harm the innocent. An Elf by birth, Sylver was gifted with the powers of immortality, enhanced hearing, sight, agility, and strength, as well as flight and the ability to change her superficial features.  From the time she was a young girl, Sylver was trained in an elite group of Elves, making her an expert in hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and archery.  Upon her home's destruction thanks to that of a demon, Sylver left for New York and joined up with groups like the X-men and Avengers.

One night, Sylver was attacked, and transformed into a vampire.  Isolating herself from her previous life, Sylver took on a darker side to crime fighting.  She would only drink the blood of animals, but if the situation demanded, she would drain that of a criminal also. Continuing to protect New York City, Sylver has gained a magic staff known as the Staff of Duende, and uses it also to fight any enemy who challenges her, be it human or not.  Once befriending The Hunter, Sylver joined the Wolf Pack, hoping to bring justice to whatever needs her help.
Damnation Lee
Real Name: Jeana "Damnation" Lee
Identity: Secret
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lb normal. Rage transformation 1080lb.
Notes:  A women of honor, beauty, and power, Jeana Lee was kind but rowdy as a child. At the age of 16 she fell in love with a man named Zero Kaimera, who died a few months later during a mission. After that, she became an unstoppable engine of destruction, killing her family, friends, and the Chaos Dragon.

Later, she was caught by the Archangel Michael and put on trial for her crimes. Her punishment was giving up 3/4ths of her power and the \ther ability to die, which was to be returned to her upon completion of certain conditions. After awhile she began to purify herself, but sadly that caused other problems. At the current moment she is trying to revive her sister Lucy for personal reasons.  She is also the youngest member of Wolf Pack.
Real Name:  Laura Howlett
Identity:  Secret
Age:  16
Height:  5' 6"
Weight:  147 lbs
Notes:  Trained since birth, Talon has had the worst life should have asked for.  Since birth, she was trained for one thing only: to kill.  When she was eight years old, she was already capable of killing.  She was a assigned to a team and together they were the best mercenary squad.  However, at the age of twelve she and her team escaped the facility and fled for their lives.  Talon was alone and became an gun-for-hire, becoming more dangerous with each and every day.  After joining up with the X-Men, she was then rejected by the man who was her father.  Angry and betrayed, she left.  Searching for adventure and a place to call her own, she found none.

At 15, she was made a host of the dark Phoenix.  Controlling her abilities were difficult, but in time they made her even more deadly.  But in all her travels, she met William Greystoke, who brought her in and made her a member of Wolf Pack.  If you ask her, she will tell you, "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't nice."
Real Name:  Kyle Karrson
Identity:  Public
Age:  24
Height:  7' 10" (Centaur) 5' 11" (human)
Weight:  Around 1000 lbs. (Centaur) 153 lbs (Human, appearance wise.. his mass does not change)
Notes:  Kyle Karrson is slow to open up to those he does not trust.  Due to his quietness, he often carries the air of someone much older.  He learned first-hand what the word 'discrimination' meant as his mutation was not one he could hide at first, and has difficulty hiding even when he discovered how.  He even developed a strained relationship with half his family, therefore he is slow to trust others.  Forced to steal to survive for some time, he is somewhat jaded with the present world and humanity in general.  He wants for nothing more than a normal life.. or at least a life where he would not be thought of as different.  At his basest level though, he is a dreamer..  often seen with a fantasy fiction novel in hand when at rest.

Despite his powers and potentials he retains a fairly detached view of the future, mainly wanting to be left alone by humanity at large until they display a sign that they can truly change their ways.  He does not want the public spotlight or fame, even as a hero.  On the other hand, if something threatens to try and affect him or those he cares about, he's not reluctant to try and force that change by taking out signs of what he sees as wrong.
Real Name:  Unknown
Identity:  Secret
Age:  Unknown
Height:  5' 9"
Weight:  122 lbs.
Notes:  Apparition's Section Coming Soon...
Real Name:  Holly Hidden
Age:  21
Height:  5'9
Weight:  145 lbs
Notes: Holly Hidden was born in Seattle, Washington her Mother was a drug addict and a hooker until the day she was killed. Jessica Drew (A.K.A. Spider-Woman) raised Hidden from age 5 teaching her everything she needed to know. At the age of 13 Hidden discovered her powers which completely shocked Jessica. After Jessica Drew knew of Hidden's powers she helped train her in different styles of combat and showing her how to use her powers. When HYDRA found out they captured Hidden and brainwashed her into working for HYDRA. While Hidden was at HYDRA she was trained by the Taskmaster and Lady HYDRA herself.

When Hidden was finally saved 5 years later she was sent to a SHIELD facility were she recovered her memory and was able to switch sides over to working for SHIELD. Hidden worked as an Assassin and Infiltrator for SHIELD for 2 years. Until one day out on a mission Hidden discovered that she was stealing paper's that would jeopardize Mutant kind! So Hidden tried to run but SHIELD had Hidden's arms blown off and they had to be replaced by Bionic, Arms forged by the strongest steel. It took Hidden 4 weeks to awaken, but when she did she ran from SHIELD and joined The Wolf Pack so she could fight against true evil.
Real Name:  Agito Yamamoto
Age:  19
Height:  5' 11"
Weight:  195 lbs.
Notes:  Born of feuding bloodlines only to become the last of both clans, Agito was raised in a neo-ninja stronghold as the next generation "Minagoroshi". However tragedy fell upon his shoulders and was kidnapped and forced into servitude for the Japanese government. Later in life he found freedom and has dedicated himself to his one cause, assassinate other assassins. He is the son of the man known as Tenjin and also his murderer. Throughout his short years he has mastered ninjutsu and the martial arts as well as his unnatural powers. He has transformed his shackling virus into a blessing and with it, he roams the night as both judge and jury.

After killing his father, he was confronted by a group nay, an assembly of some of the finest warriors in the world, the Wolf Pack. Though normally a solitary figure, this invitation would give him the chance to bring peace to the world and his blood swallowed soul. Agito has been labeled in the japanese underground as the devil himself, notorious for being impatient and unmerciful it is quite possible this title will follow with him within both his friends and foes.

More Coming Soon....

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On the Hunt...

This is Wolf Pack.  It's a neutral team.  Basically, that means that we're not afraid to cross certain boundaries.  Sometimes, one has to become just as cruel, terrifying, and dark as the evil they hunt.  Together, Wolf Pack stands relentless, ferocious, and united.

Here are the qualifications to join.

  • Must be either a hero or a neutral (preferably neutral).
  • Primary accounts only, no secondary accounts.
  • Must display adequate writing skills.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of RPG rules and must follow them.
  • Must be willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve a goal.

This is Wolf Pack.
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