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Screwed up trying to correct some erroneous entries for Toytown Comics. There are now two duplicates that should be removed. 4000-168266 (supposedly #4 but really a dupe of entry for #6), and 4000-168265 (supposedly #3 but really a dupe for #5). Sorry for making the extra work.

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Oops. Created Angel: Auld Lang Syne duplicate volume by accident when I meant to create the TPB version. Sorry

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Agree with the main point of the original story. If there must be a reboot (I didn't want one, but what's done is done), and if the reason for the reboot is that continuity has gotten too complicated, what is the sense of Earth 2?

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ComicVine powers-that-be, let me add yet another voice saying that the Scraper is the only reason I joined ComicVine. During the short time of my membership, I have contributed 8,000+ points worth of edits. How about fixing the API problem? Or at least say something about it?

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Should probably know the answer to this, but I don't, and searching the Editing & Tools topic did not help.
Question: how do I propose creating a publisher's imprint? I just noticed that Whirlwind Comics has a page with no publisher entered. It was published by Nita Publishing, an imprint of Holyoke. Holyoke exists in the database, but Nita Publishing does not. I know how to propose creating Nita as a publsiher. How do I propose creating it as an imprint of Holyoke?