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    I don't know how to swim.

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    @sophia89: close i said Quasar has shown the ability to drain people like Silver Surfer and hes done it in a nano-second but the feat would still apply. Quasar should win here 1. Quasar (literally his...

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    @jack_: He laughs at the irony of our teamup I suspect, I refrain from laughing for it may kill him."It depends on who you ask, sometimes I don't even know, I think we should ask someone to attempt to...

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    Her whole life is her rebellious phase, silly! All 18 years of it. LOL
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    So I'm guessing Sophia is going through her rebellious faze? lol
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    @karazor-el: got you and I have to agree about the monster thing but you have to understand the only reason they show the death of monsters more appropriately, is because the writers and creators of t...

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    it has been powered down a little over the years a scream used to threaten abstract beings promise to tare wholes in reality.normal talk would threaten a whole planet and a whisper could destroy ma...

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    PrenupGiza Pyramid or Statue of Liberty

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    And I'm out, be back later!

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    Oh hi! :D
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    Novy Novy Novy Novy ^.^
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    Gajeel wasn't harmed by Panther Lily's Bustermarm Sword which was stated can break steel. And Gajeel crushed it. He is definitely stronger than normal steel. He even said so himself when he was traini...