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Princess Teela was born to a life of privilege on the Krook homeworld, but like all Krook she had to endure the trials to become an adult and a full member of Krook society. When the Krook people threw the Omega Confederation off of their world they hired a group of Mercenaries to help defend the mines the Confederation had built. The Omega Confederation hired the Deadpool Corps to take back the world for them, Teela was the first Krook to encounter the Corps right after they wiped out a patrol of Mercenaries, except for one to use in there negotiations with the king. Teela saw this and ran to tell her people but was forced to fight Lady Deadpool and eventually lost the fight. Later the Deadpool Corps turned on their employers, The Omega Confederation and set about modernizing the world, eventually there was a split between the Krook people which lead to a small civil war, with one faction following the King while another declared Teela the new Queen. This also split the Deadpool Corps, with Lady Deadpool, Kidpool and Dogpool siding with the King and Deadpool and Headpool siding with Teela. This later turned out to be an elaborate ruse when the Deadpool Corps robbed the bank in the Krook capital and escaped the planet with all of the Krook's gold. Lady Deadpool and Teela fought one last time with Lady Deadpool winning a second time. 


Princess Teela is a Marvelcomics character and was created by Rob Liefeld and Victor Gischler and first appears in Deadpool Corps #7 released in 2010. She has a strong resemblance to the mutant Copycat, a character Liefeld also had a hand in creating.  

Powers and Abilities

Teela is an adept and skilled fighter, unarmed or with the use of a sword, having been in training since the age of 7. Princess Teela possesses above average intellect.  

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