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This looks like someone dressed up Torchwood in some Marvel memorabilia and called it SHIELD. I can only hope it comes close to being as good as Torchwood was.

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The Sentry.

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Way to go people! You Bat-Broke the thread! How can anyone trump the Bat?!

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The problem with violence in comics is the nature of the stories being told. Superheroes are agents of conflict. They fight for one thing against another. They affect the world physically, dynamically, and with a visual medium like comic books, conflict relies on powerful action rather than a medium like novels where drama and conflict can be more easily portrayed through dialogue. Violence is the purest, most visual form of conflict, and conflict is what a story is dependent on. There's no entertainment in a story without obstacles to overcome. Nobody likes the stories of people who have it easy and do nothing. Violence entertains, sex sells, and unfortunately that means more money for the comics who cater to the desires of the most people.

There do need to be more comics that appeal to a broader, less adult audience. I'm glad that G-Man brought up Invincible, which is one of my favorite series. Invincible has some sex, and a lot of violence, but in Invincible, I never find the violence glorified, and neither does Mark. The sex is rarely promiscuous, and never depicted, but it is there. I think Invincible is a good book to ease a reader from less adult content into the world of the popular, gritty, dark, violent, sexual comics that have kept the industry afloat. I would say that Ultimate Spider-Man is another good book for younger readers, as is Atomic Robo, given that the violence is almost slapstick in nature. Tiny Titans is a fantastic choice, and so far, I think the new Nova might be good for a step up from that.

It's entirely up to parents to gauge the level of content they think is suitable for their children. My 12-yr old cousin recently told me that he liked the new Nova series because "it's like Star Wars and adventure and a kid goes into space to learn to be a hero", which is why I mentioned it before. If parents can guide their kids into a healthy understanding of the material, then it opens up new possibilities.

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  • Why did you love the show?

They managed to deliver all the action, humor, charm, and genuine character that you'd come to expect from more "mature" and "compelling" shows. They were so much better, so much more substantial shows than anyone would ever guess without watching them. I preferred YJ to GL, mainly because of the diversity of characters and the chance to look beyond the heroes and give the sidekicks their chances to shine. YJ turned the sidekicks into heroes and individuals on par or perhaps even abve their mentors.

  • What was your favorite episode?

There were several, mostly in season 1 of YJ, before the show started throwing in more characters than you could care about. Independence Day, Humanity (the start of the most unlikely and yet most satisfying romance between Dick and Zatanna), Coldhearted (possibly Wally's best episode), Auld Acquaintance (D/Z shipping finally pays off), and finally Endgame.

  • Who was your favorite character?

Nightwing, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, and Zatanna.

  • What was your favorite scene?

When Captain Cold busts out of the bank he was robbing, only to be met by Zatanna, Rocket, and the rest of the ladies at Rocket's bridal shower.

  • What was your favorite fight?

The Team vs. the Injustice League

  • What was your favorite line?

"Seriously, what's with you and this whole 'whelmed' thing?"

  • What was your favorite joke?

"Hello, Megan!", "Mode/ Not Mode", and Dick's constant fascination with "whelmed".

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That is so not mode... here's to you, YJ. You will be missed.

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The return of Richard Rider and Robert Reynolds? Hell yeah! My comic books have been lacking in characters with alliterative names!

But seriously, I'm excited to see them return.

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YJ is sorta like the Firefly of Cartoon Network. There's a diehard fanbase who are sick of seeing the network kick the hell out of the show and then act surprised when viewers speak up in its defense.

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@Gigant: Thank you for bringing up Majestic!

MM is strong, and no doubt in Kal's ballpark, but given how powerful Superman has shown himself to be, and how much more powerful he could show himself to be, that ballpark is about the size of a solar system. Superman is still superior without question.

MM is in the top 1%, but Superman is the top of the top 1%.

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