Clash of the Comics 36 - Vixen and Ultron

Clash of the Comics 36

Vixen and Ultron

Oops, that is an exceptionally big picture - sorry!


Mari was born in Africa.  Her father was a reverend who posessed the Tantu Totem.  After most of her family is killed she ventured to New York City and establishes herself as a model.  She later returns to Africa to reclaim the Tantu totem and becomes a superhero. 

This mechanic monstrosity was birthed by the brilliant mind of Henry Pym, then he hypnotized Pym so he forget and then he hypnotized Jarvis... because thats just how evil he is...  he has lead the Masters of Evil and has an immense hatred for his "father" he played a role in creating the Vision and is one of the Avengers most dangerous villains. 
Razz:  I am never such a big fan of the robot characters for some reason, maybe because I am aware how hard it is to create one.  At the same time Mari's is almost a little too stereotypical ... Africa equals nature therefore heroes from there have to embrace nature.  So I guess I go with a weak tie here. 
SC: Vixen for the originality factor. 

Vixen has the ability to mimick the abilities of animals which among other things gives her strength, flight, or enhanced senses.   

Ultron's shiny metal body is so shiney that he blinds people to death... maybe, maybe more accurately he has all the typical normal powers of a being that would go up against the Avengers solo, super strength, durability (Ultron is usually pimped out in adamantium shell and bling), speed, yadda yadda, and like most robots, he has death rays and laser rays and ray rays as well as being able to self repair (erm) concussive blasts oh and super evil genius intellect as well. Ultron isn't restricted to one physical body as well, and can transfer data to other bodies though technological means. 
Razz:  Well Ultron, except under extreme circumstances. 
SC: I think unless Justice League is around with her that...  

Not including her first costume, Vixen usually wears a golden yellow bodysuit. 

Whilst not quite a nudist necessary, Ultron is lacking in costume. Erm TMI? Very shiny, metallic never the less.  
Razz:  Vixen's is one of my favourites
SC:  Mari, I like that color. 

Although not highlighted as often, Vixen has undergone some character development in her publication history, she is usually depicted as fierce warriror but also a loyal team member and friend.  
Ultron is a robot of course, he has no personality... but in order to be Politically Correct least the Transhumanist agenda get me, Ultron's personality could be summed up by wanting to like, kill all human and hating Hank Pym and erm liking Wasp. 
Razz:  I have never seen a default win here before, where a character gets a win just for having a personality. 
SC:  Hmmm. Vixen.

Vixen is one of the few rare black female super heroes.  As such some stereotypical African elements sometimes get asscoiated with her, but her portrayal has generally focused on her accomplishments, not her skin colour.   

Evil killer robots have gone hand in hand with robots. Artificial intelligence a great source to draw on for for fiction, Ultron continues this idea and theme, his cold, hard logic, tempered by some aspects that might make Ultron appear more human than he would like to process aka think. 
Razz: I will go with a tie again here.  Both seem to do what they do well
SC:  Vixen. 

Best Story:   
Her role in the first story arc of the 2006 relaunch of the Justice League of America was memorable when she single handedly took down Amazo 

Ultron Unlimited is one great story, that's not just one of the best Ultron stories, but one of the best Avengers stories ever. In more recent times Ultron has tried his hand in space (Annihilation Conquest) and cross dressing (Mighty Avengers)
Razz:   Well the Vixen story is also one of the best JLA stories ever.  I guess a tie here (as I havent read Ultron Unlimited)
SC:  Ultron. 

Media Appearances:   
She was in six episodes of JLU and has shown up in Brave and the Bold 
Ultron's most significant non comic appearance has been in the The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, where he he handed the Avengers many defeats, but as usual, ultimately found defeat. 
Razz: I loved Vixen in JLU, the more so when she was something more than just John Stewart's girlfriend. 
SC: Vixen

Fun Fact:   
If not for the DC implosion she would have been the first black female superhero to headline her own series.   
In one possible future Ultron Eight marries Spider-man's daughter... erm?  

Razz: I always go for comic book history over all else. 
SC: Sort of a sad fact for Mari, but a more important one I feel. I'll give her the point. Though future Ultron was endearingly friendly compared to his ancestors. 

Current Whereabouts:  
After being featured regularly in the new JLA, she somewhat disappeared after some lineup changes, but she is never far away.  
Preparing for the rumored Age of Ultron. No doubt a Marvel Event where people die, get revived, and everything changes and will never be the same again. Or possibly a bunch of robots going to the beach and surfing and eating tasty human flavored ice cream. Both seem feasible as futures for Ultron. 
Razz:   That sounds like a pretty good deal for Ultron, there is no Age of Vixen coming up
SC:  Tie. Futures for both seem promising thankfully though! 

Razz: 5-2
SC:  6-2

Total: 11-4 
Surprisingly one of the most lopsided victories yet. 

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Those are good picture selections! Vixen's suit has a really nice textural quality. 

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@SC: Thanks  :)
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Hmm a surprising turnout indeed! I was kind of rooting for the evil egomaniac XD