Battle of the In-Flight Emergencies

Despite the fact that traveling by air is statistically the safest way to travel it is still also one of the ways to travel which elicits the most fear.  There are many reasons for this.  One of the biggest reasons is that the control is not in the hands of the passenger.  There is also the impression that being in a car is safer because people even if they do get in an accident that they have some sort of magical control over their surroundings to escape unharmed.  Another factor is the mechanism of death, a lot of people don ‘t like the idea of a plane crash because you can know you are going to die well before the death whereas in a car it is usually a lot faster.  Nonetheless airplane travel is still much safer (the more so if you actually pay attention to the flight attendants and switch off the ipod and actually listen to the safety demonstration) but it is not perceived to be. 

This past week I finally picked up a couple of series from the new 52 which I hadn’t bothered to checked out yet – Resurrection Man and Grifter.  It is the case that in both series the main character is on the run from forces he doesn’t fully comprehend and that he is on the fringe of society.  I am not sure it this would qualify as a cliché though but in both cases in the first issue the characters are stuck in airplanes which have some sort of emergency mid-air, in both cases from another passenger attacking the main leads.  Both series seem to be going for the gritty suspense feel to them so it is interesting that in both cases that an airplane emergency was used to establish this tone (the comics are actually also both released in the same week).  Of course, it is kind of terrifying especially for characters not important to the plot (as in most other people on the plane) but in terms of a device to create tension it is an interesting one.  Of course in a different sense it also shows the robustness of the characters for being able to survive such an event. 

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