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As an ex-regular peruser of vs. threads, I've never seen this particular one.

Of course, Batman's advantage in a fight is his half-hour of prep. With that, we know he can beat just about anybody.

No prep? Depends on the environment, of course. A more acrobatic or dark environment, Bats has stealth and movement in the bag. Clean fight in a flat dojo? I'd probably go with Cap, but I could see Bats taking it.

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I have no issue with the casting, but for me, Deathstroke is pretty much done so long as Ron Perlman isn't voicing him. It's like a lot of people with The Joker and Mark Hamill or Heath Ledger. Deathstroke/Slade is Ron Perlman's voice for me. He's my formative memory of a comic book villain, and I adored Slade on Teen Titans. Cry foul that it's a kid's show in comparison to the comics, and I totally get that, but Slade was always good on that show, and Perlman blew me away on every episode.

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Wait, hold on, I'm sorry. Does Kent not wear glasses when he's Kent anymore? And now he's spouting off about truth, justice, and the American Way?

Like, is everyone at the Planet completely fucking dense?

Okay, that aside, I dunno, I guess politician makes the most sense. The best way to fix the news if you're not writing the news is to be the news.

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Man, I came in here really hoping the argument would be for "The Dark Knight," "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Dark Knight Returns." Now that could be the definitive Batman story...disallowing the mild confusion during Returns without "A Death In The Family," I suppose.

Sadly, most viewers don't seem to agree that these could be the definitive stories. I've found that multiple people wish they had "known more about Bane" because they had trouble connecting with the character in the film on his own merits. The sad thing about that is, of course, that Bane is usually not written very well and Nolan's reinvention of the character is probably the best thing to happen to him since Knightfall. But that tells me that many people respond to these characters in a large way because of their previous understanding and interaction with them.

I would argue that TAS is the current "definitive" Batman series, with Year One, The Killing Joke, and A Death In The Family being the "definitive" Batman stories. Sadly, TDKR and A Serious House on Serious Earth largely get the shaft in terms of public consciousness, despite their extremely high levels of quality. I also considered Long Halloween, Son of the Demon, and Knightfall, but I'd argue that most casual Batman fans are completely unfamiliar with those concepts and stories.

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The word is "arose," . Otherwise we're talking about another kind of dying.

Also, isn't this pretty much the central conflict of comic books? This is a huge part of what makes Batman fun to read.

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I'd probably just rather read Tower of Babel. :P

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Man, DC is really reaching to grab comic fans these days, huh?

Hope it brings them success, mostly because bad Watchmen stories will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouths.

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I am mostly distracted by how amateurish the art for Swamp Thing #1 looks! How did that shot of Superman make it into a debut?

Anyways, I think the lack of cohesion is nice. That way, I feel like I'm getting the full story without having to read someone else's book. That said, I haven't had the money to read New 52 anyways, so my vote doesn't count for much, huh?

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I guess that might be a decent way to introduce some new villains, right?

Otherwise, I couldn't care less.

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I've just come up with a great idea for a Batman villain. I'm tempted to write this story myself, actually.