My long box : or comics I currently own or have had a copy of in the past ( a mixed bag of Marvel , Vertigo ,Image ,DC

this is just a little list for books I currently own (poly bagged ) or all just in massive collections  staked up in a big plastic storage box  lying in my closet .
see when I do go out and buy a comic ( either online from amazon :in the form of over sized trades and prestige hardcover editions  ) or random late 80s marvel comics that would feature the then budding talents of  guys like Jim Lee , Rob Liefiled , Todd Mcfarlane  , Erik Larson , Whilce Portico and Mike Mignola to name a few all in single issue format .  In truth I like to buy older comics from the 80s (  the golden age as far as my own little mind would call back when I was a kid when I started buying comics in the 90s :mostly just to read over and over ) note when I was a kid I all I wanted to do was just read and enjoy them just for the fun of it ( I now I do the same except with collections )  and the 90s ( my favorite era : mostly for the image guys ) and also for what marvel was doing at the time in 1991 ( my first comic of then modern age was x-men # 1 by Jim Lee : I have all four variants ) and Todd mcfarlane`s Spider-man # 1 ( still trying to get the whole run  ) and many many more . but I better not give to much away for I will let the contents of this list to explain for itself . so without further a due I will present you with my wonderful list of great and (if you count the greatness of the 90s too ) great/ not so great .  then this will be  A treat for you . so here is my list of comics I own and or have owned  in the past couple of years since my grade school days . enjoy .( and I love the 80s / 90s :mostly in comics and other things : music , TV and movies )

List items