Magneto Rex

This is just a little doodle / Sketch I made today just for fun ^_^ , this is like my own little whimiscial twist on What If Polaris ( Lorna Dane of X-Factor Fame ) had Became an Second Magneto in an Alternate timeline of some kind . ( pick one , anyone ) anyways I drew this with an Ball Point Ink Pen and I used Sharpies for Inking and Coloring . I was going for an Silver Age Feel in Displaying her Magnetic Powers ( I was inspired by Jack Kirby`s orginal take during his brief run on X-Men in the 60s and a Little bit of Jim Steranko`s Op -Art Feel too )


90s X-Factor

I spent the better part of this morning drawing the 90s Peter David and Larry Stroman X-Factor team . in the process of creating this piece I was Inspired by the Art of Larry Storman (for strong guy and Wolfsbane`s Look ) while for Havok I drew him in his Costume as was designed by Joe Quesada at the time and Polaris I drew her in a Costume that Jan Duursema Had designed at the time that lasted into the Steve Epting run for a little bit . and Multiple Man I drew him in something that was a Mixture of what Larry Stroman and Jan Duursema had him designed for him at the time prior to his suppose death in issue #100 (at the time )

anyways I have been inspired by the All New X-Factor run to revisit the 90s version and roster of the team I remember from my childhood and my teens from reading in Back Issues . ^_^ this was my team for growing up in the 90s . also I really like their costume designs that Larry Stroman had created in 92 and how the following artist …Quesada , Duursema ,Raney ,Epting and Jeff Matsuda either made it their own or created something new based off of the concept .in terms of Inking I was really trying to do a mixture of Jimmy Palmitti and Al Milgrom in terms of the line weight and the colors I was Inspired by Glynis Oliver and Laura Allread .

enjoy my throwback /homage to 90s X-Men comics .^_^

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ALL NEW EXILES ( 90s Marvel / Ultraverse ) team up

this is little team I created here is based off my fascination with Odd Ball team ups of Marvel Heroes who I like . my inspiration for this team came from me reading a little bit of Peter David`s 90s X-Factor run and an Random Issue of the mid 90s Marvel /Ultraverse team Called the All New Exiles .

now my line up here consist of Joanna Cargil (Frenzy ) A Charater I really like since I was a Teenager reading back issues of early to mid 90s X-Men comics featuring her and Magneto`s Acolytes ( I really like the way John Romita Jr and Joe Quesada Would draw her Uniform ) also she has an Bad ass Power set to match her personality .

next up is Snowbird an prominent member of the Alpha Flight ( another character I like because of her basic look and power set ) I really got into the character while reading black and white Phone book reprints of the late 70s /early 80s Clarmont / Byrne era X-Men and a few random issues of Alpha Flight ( after Byrne had left the title ) and after listing to an Episode of Matt and Brett Love comics where they talk about the Infamous Snow Blind Issue of Alpha Flight and the Legacy of John Byrne`s work at marvel . to get a better understanding of what I am trying to say go listen to the episode here :…

up next is Mantra from the Ultraverse . now I like the original concept and storyline of the character ( pre black September before she was completely revamped for the worse by Marvel editorial during the mid 90s ) anyways I think she is an Interesting Character that was very complex . yes its originally about an immortal warrior who gets trapped in a Woman`s body and his struggles learning how to deal with his new life as a Woman but I do own a few of the first couple of issues of Mantra . I found it to be Enjoyable to re-read every now and then .

and lastly my crazy Idea of Debra Whitman as the Superior Spider-Man ( I will admit I like the design of the second superior costume than the first because it reminds me of the Ben Reilly / Mayday Parker Spider-Girl costume alot ) so I figured why not combined all three into this one Spidey ( my idea is that Otto was Sharing his Personality /Mind with Debra Whitman`s Body ) think of DC comics Firestorm as an Example . except Doc Ock sometimes takes full control of Deb`s body at random times . but normally he is just a voice in her head influencing her day to day actions also her Intelligence has been Enhanced because of the union they share .

at first glance this looks like a team that will be at odds with each other than who ever they are fighting . at the end of the day they all have to go home together , anyways I hope you enjoy this little Team of Wild Cards I have put together ^_^


the Savage She-Dragon vs Overlord

Here is what I have been sketching today , an Homage to one of my favorite Savage Dragon single issues ..and that issue is the Savage Dragon vs the Savage Megaton Man ( one-shot ) from 1992 . this issue is very special to me because its 1st Appearance of She-Dragon ( as a Member of the Nixed Men ..Erik`s Parody of John Byrne`s Next Men ) also because It was a really funny issue . anyways my sketch right her before you has She-Dragon in Place of Dragon Fighting Overlord . the Idea I got for this was Because of the Cartoon ( yet again ) when I was a snot nose Kid I always found that conflict interesting that She-Dragon and Over Lord would be an Interesting conflict . anyways here in this little diddy I played that up a little . I was going for a Jack Kirby feel in terms of Overlord`s Figure being a Little Blocky also she dragon has a Little bit of that too . anyways this is me having a little fun today trying to channel my inner Kirby


All New X-Factor Polaris

ALL NEW X-FACTOR Polaris as illustrated by me ( Tsujigo +Ink)

I really ,really like their team uniforms new look . there is something about that speaks to me . Polaris really makes it shine in all her emerald glory ( I still adore her in her Joe Quasada Designed costume and also the Larry Storman design too from the 90s . ) this was a fun costume to draw ( in terms of fan art ) I like it a lot .Nuff Said .


All New X-Factor Gambit and Danger

Here is another All New X-Factor piece of Fan Art I made today ^_^ in context this made a whole lot of sense to me after reading All New X-Factor # 4 . where Gambit gave Danger a Kiss to snap her out of the Re-programming Nil had done to her . which I thought was pretty charming of Gambit .

and the things that Happen afterword when they take her back home to Serval Industries , I am starting to think that Gambit and Danger could be an Interesting couple . who knew his charm could work on Rampaging A.I`s :D anyways I had fun putting this together as a Clever Homage to the Cover of Uncanny X-Men # 266 ( 1990) by Andy Kubert . as my little reaction to reading that . It made me chuckle a little bit ..thanks Peter David ^_^ well I am thinking since it seems like Remy has gotten over Rogue maybe Danger could steal his Heart instead .

anyways Enjoy ladies and gents


All New X-Factor Quicksilver

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to present to you all my take on the Peter David, Carmine Di Giandomenico All New X-Factor Serval Industries Uniformed Quicksilver on the run from Nimrod and a few Beat to hell Sentinels . I will admit I have never drew Quicksilver before now but I got interested for two reasons . well one is from what I Have seen from the Avengers 2 age of Ultron Quicksilver as he will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson ( of Kick Ass Fame ^_^ ) and the costume he will be sporting for the movie and re-reading a few issues of Peter David`s 90s X-Factor run ( namely issue # 87 which was an very interesting issue that really dug deep into what made Quicksilver and friends tick and the Giant Sized issue # 75 featuring the Nasty Boys ) anyways this was a fun little Piece to draw and color . My intent was to focus on his Super-spreed and Agility while out-running Lasers on the War torn streets of New York . ^_^


cully hamner sketch studies [ part one]

this page was devoted to Me trying to adapt short hand sketching techiuqes from Cully Hamner`s Layouts in the Special Features section of the Rene Montoya`s Question tradepaper Back called Pipeline [ written by Greg Rucka ,art by Cully Hamner ] I was testing myself to see if I could adapt some of the good qualities of his Art style [ things such as Movement and Weight and Underline drawing ] so I can learn from it in great detail from doing it in my own style . this was an Experiment I wanted to try and see if I could do it and Add it to my mental tool box as an example of good visual storytelling that I can Apply in the future . ^_^ I feel like I have learned so much from studying his work . but Like one of my high school art teachers used to tell me Study from the Masters . [ and I have taken that advice and use it wisely to enrich my own understanding of the Medium ]

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cully hamner sketch studies

here is my second attempt at doing Sketch Studies in the Style of Cully Hamner . I started with a Pencil to do the Underline Sketches and forming the simple shapes and finished it in his Simple Thumbnail shorthand in Sharpie . I really dig the well thought out simplicity of Hamner`s Style and how it fluid and seamless it all comes together . ^_^ , its very compact and straightforward in terms of His Art style`s design . its perfect for storytelling involving Action also very versital for stories involving lots of natural emotions from every charater rendered there in . :D in short I feel like I learned so much from Cully Hamner`s Construction and Linework than any other artist I have come across in a while . Now John Romita Jr ,Erik Larsen , Jon Bogdanove and Kelley Jones will always be artist I look to for Inspiration in terms of Eye catching visuals and Moody storytelling but Cully has became my another I look at now in recent times of as an Artist who versatile and extremely consistent and evocative visuals . [ in the end I learned a lot and still learning ] I will admit I had fun trying to match him while still being myself in terms of construction and design .^_^ it was a fun challenge to put myself thru .

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random faces

I will be honest with you here . this one I was messing around with Sharpies three months ago . the Faces I sketched here are Miley And Chloe Sevigny [ the One in the Shades and Striped suit on the Upper Left outlined in Black ] and Mila Kunis [ Meg Griffen as I like to Call her ^_^ ] in Dark Purple . this me trying my Hand at drawing Recognizable faces in an very Simplified Cartoony Art Style . if anything this looks like a Very Colorful Goofy Doodle . I was having fun riffing on them in an Playful Manner . also I was messing about creating Simple Line Patterns in the Background to make it Interesting . ^_^