Here is my version of the All New Ms Marvel ( aka Kamala Khan ) fighting for her Very Life and the Lives of the many Mutants in an Sentinel Ravaged Times Square New York .

my inspiration for this was what if Kamala got caught up in an Age of Ultron / Days of Futures Past timeline where Ultron had Hacked and Reprogrammed thousands and Thousands of Sentinels + various Doom Bots . all hellbent on exterminating Mutants and Humans alike off of the Globe .

I also Inspired by the Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer for this one as well .

Punk 80s Mohawk storm is also fighting off some Killer Sentinels above the Stark Fujikawa building , as valiantly as she can in a desperate Battle of Survival .

the only question is will Ms Marvel Survive this Deadly Encounter or will she be Vaporized ?


All New Ultraforce !!

I made a little Ultraverse Fan Art featuring the Ultraforce ( or as I have slightly re-Imagining them as ALL NEW ULTRAFORCE ) I was inspired to make this after watching Avengers Earth`s Mightiest Heroes season 1 & it got the wheels of my over active imagination to come up with a team that would have Choice , Mantra and Nightman as Members fighting the good fight against Lord Pumpkin and his Dark Forces . I drew Topaz front and Center of this piece being accompanied by fellow Teammates Prime ,Prototype who is carrying Ghoul and Hardcase who over sees all of this atop a near by building .


X-Men doodle

and Here is my version of the 90s Jim Lee ( pre-Image comics ) era X-Men . but to me mostly I was thinking of the 1992 X-Men Animated series versions of these characters .. I drew this one too while I was sick in the Hospital , I will admit I was watching nearly every episode on Netflix while I was stuck in bed at the time ( 3 months ago ) it brought back Memories of 4 year old me watching this cartoon on Saturday morning eating a bowl of cereal .

this show is where I was introduced to the characters as a child and it was glorious and dont get me started with the Toy Biz Figures , but yeah this show ,Batman Animated series and 90s Spidey Animated series and many others …but X-Men was the one that got me obsessed with comics later on . all I can say about the 90s era x-men is that it was very Operatic , very melodramatic and very Crossover heavy ( well in the comics I was reading at the time ) but I enjoyed every minute of it as a child . Back then Wolverine was my favorite x-man simply because he was the guy who did not take shit from anybody and was fearless and I Liked his Yellow Tiger striped costume was pretty rad ( still so now , but I liked the Brown & Tan Costume which I was first introduced to in Chris & Jim record breaking issue # 1 of Adjective-less X-Men .) now these days I favor Cyclops but I liked his costume as designed by Jim Lee too ( to my young mind back then I thought he always had that costume it was that definitive in my mind ..I blame the cartoon for me thinking that was his only suit ^_^ ) I liked Jean`s costume a little but I was not all that Jazzed about it , I loved Psylocke`s Ninja look from this era Jim Lee made it Sing in her lighting fast Movements in his fight scenes in his issues of Uncanny and X-Men during this time , I liked gambit but he never grew on me as a fan favorite till years later watching him on the cartoon but he too I liked his Look and Attitude , Always flirting with rouge every chance he got both on the Cartoon and in the Comics . and Rouge`s costume (as designed by Jim Lee is another that is Burnt into my mind as her Definitive costume ..but after reading various reprints and back issues of her earlier appearances in X-Men I have a fondness for her 1st Appearance all green and white bodysuit and Hood and the later John Romita Jr and Marc Silverstri 80s Punk Look with the Big Hair . ( it was the Inferno , Outback stuff I got into heavy when I made the leap into reading X-Men comics as Teen it captured my over active imagination back then and my interest was as at an all time high because of the 1st 2 movies that came out around 2000 and 2003 ) but in short the 90s x-men team means alot to me from basically growing up with the cartoon , the action figures and the Comics .

in my brain this era is like my default team since age 4 . well that is untill I discovered and read both Grant Morrison`s New X-Men run , Mark Millar`s Ultimate X-Men and the WB revamp cartoon X-Men Evolution back then .

so Long Live 90s X-Men and their various Spin off books and dizzying X-Overs ( Fatal Attractions , Eve of Destruction , the Magneto War , Bloodties , Phalanx Covenant , Xcutioner`s Song and Many others )



Daredevil the Man without Fear .

Daredevil the Man without Fear !!! ( I have been inspired by the Work of Mark Waid , Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez ..also lets not forget Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin`s pitch perfect art at the very start of this steller run ^_^ ) Great stuff , the best title along with a few others ( All New X-Factor , Spider-Man 2099 and Superior Spider-Man in the All New Marvel line up ) but I have a soft spot for She-Hulk because of the art of Javier Pulido on the book . but hey Daredevil guess starred in her book a few issues a go so its all good ^_^ ( 2 crime fighting lawyers in L.A.) but thank`s to Mark Waid and his various collaborators have gotten me interested in DD again . hell I am waiting on the premier of the Daredevil Netflix mini series :D also not to mention Captain Marvel written by Kelly Sue.


Batman Doodle

Batman ( from Batman the Animated series ) or my subtle attempt at doing a riff on Bruce Timm`s icon art style ^_^ love the look of that show so much it tends to influence my other work so . but still this is the Batman I was so used to pre-New 52 . so I look at this an Homage to an By Gone era of the Animated version of the Dark Knight .

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Uncanny X-Men of the early 80s

this is my Interpretation of the Post John Byrne / Dave Cockrum , Paul Smith Illustrated era of the Uncanny X-Men in the early 80s , you know after the titanic events such as Phoenix Saga and the Days of Futures past . I really like Rouge`s first costume ( as designed by Micheal Golden from her 1st Appearance in Avengers Annual # 10 ) and Wolverine`s Brown and Tan costume as Designed by Byrne . I remember reading X-Men Classics reprints of the earlier X-Men stories as masterfully written by Chris Claremont in his prime . as I was drawing this team all I could think about their many wild and adventurous tales like the 1st arc of the Brood Saga , Cyclops leaving the team , Storm battling Callisto besting her in combat and taking over leadership of the Morlocks . Carol Danvers became Binary ( this is where I began my fascination with the character beyond just from what I saw in the 90s cartoon as the person in whom rouge gained her powers of Flight and superhuman endurance ) to me this was like my sweet spot of the X-Men during this time ( all thanks to reprints and phone-book sized collections ) from my High School Libary back in 2003-2004 .

I sketched /Doodled this while I was sick in the Hospital 3 months ago as something to keep myself busy ^_^ that and I missed my old random X-Men collection of books back home . I did all of this with colored pencil and a sharpie


Presenting Lucy from The Wicked +The Divine !

I drew Lucy from Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie`s New Image Comics Series the Wicked + the Divine . I read issues # 1 & 2 and so far its everything I enjoyed from their earlier Image mini series Phonogram (both volumes 1 and 2 ) . I Lucy`s Rebellious attitude and David Bowie inspired Fashion sense . and the Hair was fun to draw :D I mean just look at it ..its 100 kinds of Kick Ass . also she can control dark magic (to me she is the Loki of the Book ) a Trickster with a Black Heart of Gold .

this was homage to Erik Larsen`s Savage Dragon this savage world arc and early 80s marvel comics .