indie comics I always wanted to be made into japanese anime movies ( Direct to DvD or limited theatrical release ) .

ever wonder what tank girl would look like animated in the style that it was originally illustrated in and voiced by the any well know voice actor known in anime right know as not so well known characters . you know like the very strange grant Morrison`s doom patrol or invisibles   or even less known titles like the nightstalkes for the early 90s featuring blade or to comics out now on the internet like say freak angels or the Valkyrie quartet . well anyways this list is of  a few titles in which I believe deserve the royal anime treatment that others like spider-man and the x-men have rob them for years ( but that does not include guys like batman and superman and the justice league or even super friends who have rob the bottom feeders of the counter culture for years  ) aside from that this list is dedicated to the outcast of comics that have never had the glory of an animated series or even a movie (directed to DVD  or other wise ) ( but the rules of my list is that every one of these unsung comics forgotten by the mainstream will be here as a weird as hell whos who of comics that should have gotten an anime or animated series so now onward to the contestants ladies and genteilmen 

Tank Girl

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Posted by Liberty

Great List Tank Girl is the best pick!!

Posted by RYU/BATMAN

New X-men is awesome!