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@cbishop: Thank you , I used to read Mike Allred`s run on X-Force when I was a teen . It inspired me a lot along with Bruce Timm , Erik Larsen and Jack Kirby . ^_^ also have been reading Love and Rockets and Ghost World too so yeah also I adore All things savage dragon since I was a Kid ( the cartoon , I had an Battle damage dragon from the Playmates set from 95 and the comics I got into as a Teen ) also She-Dragon is my favorite .

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@iceprince_x: Thanks I am a child of the 90s and Joanna Cargill always struck me as an very interesting character . also Mantra from the Ultraverse too ( I like Topaz too from the Ultraforce cartoon ) which I may do a picture of sometime soon . ^_^ also I love my little idea of Debra Whitman and Doc Ock sharing her body ( as the superior spidey )

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@bumpyboo: thanks ^_^ and Happy New Year Bumpy

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I still go thru this every time I lay Pencil to paper in my sketchbook , then when I go even further and use Manga Studio to get to work on an page ., I have been going on this Journey of Intense Study of the craft and Learning from Example . been doing it since last year , I used to get mad at myself because I did not draw my anatomy right or my faces did not look right , or heck my coloring was anything but Near Professional [ sometimes I still go thru this struggle of Self Evaluation and finding solutions to fix my many art Problems ] but After reading your Blog Post got me thinking ... no matter how hard the Artistic Journey may get , one should never lose hope or focus , to learn from your mistakes and try something new if your fifth or sixth adept did not pan out the way you wanted it to jumping out the gate ^_^ . besides Brilliant Artist do not hatch out of Eggs or fall from Trees like Apples . [ first picture is from my High School Years and the one on the Bottom is this Year ] an example of how far I have came as an artist . its always good to reflect on past works in order to be inspired to continue into the Present and Beyond .

great Blog post , its just what I needed :D [ stay positive ]

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@turoksonofstone: so true dude . I look at alot of what they did back then as an shinning example of what a group of talented creators could do outside the system on a grander scale :D. their work continuously keeps me motivated to improve my own work [both web-comics and digital single issue stuff ]

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@turoksonofstone: Oh yes I own an Issue of Savage Dragon as Drawn by Jim Lee and an Issue of W.I.L.D cats as written and drawn by Erik Larsen and an Issue of Spawn as Illustrated by Marc Silvestri . reading that stuff makes me all very Giddy every time I re-read it :D But looking at that Promo I kinda wish Whilce and Todd would have did an Kick Ass Issue ., funny Wetworks is the only Early Image comic I do not own [ except for their first appearance in W.I.L.D Cats number two [ I own the Holographic variant of that Issue ^_^ I was the coolest kid on the block back in the Day ] but this promo I found in the back matter of an Single issue of Spawn number Four :D . I simply love how daring Early Image comics was :D

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@decept_o: thanks again . I honestly feel like Mera should have her own ongoing series , that would happen I would do the art if Keith Giffen ,Grant Morrison , Peter David , Louise Simonson or Whilce Portacio would co-write it ^_^ me [ I am Day Dreaming here :P] and for my Work to be Inked by Gerry Alanguilan and Colored by Jordie Bellaire . and edited by someone better than Bob Harris ..someone like Karren Burger [ who I wish never left DC /Vertigo ] and covers by me , Larry Stroman , Jon Bogdanove and Scott McDaniel [ they would rotate like Brandon Graham`s team f Artist on Prophet . get this to top it off I project that it would get at least twelve Issues :D before they would give it the Ax from the great and terrible Dan Didio -_- . [ but it`s a dream just like my Debra Whitman / Spider-Man Spin Off :D ]