Cosmic Battle least in my Mind..

So a while back, not that long really, i was talkin to DC_Marvel about an idea i had for a pic. The lot of a comics fan, thinking of stories you'd love told, iconic images you'd love to see, or battles that would rock your world. Well everyone knows how that is. For me, the largest part is where my head is at the momment. SPACE!! Between, GL, WOK, Annihilation, Rann/Thannagar war, R.E.B.E.L.S. all that kind of stuff. So i def have an idea for it that just won't get out of my head. Some of it was there in the original thought, some is new, some has just come while i've been reading recently. Now it's grown pretty big, but after seeing waht Reis could do in GL#25,
or Ethan w/ his preview for the War of Light, not to mention the Annihilation battles, I think it can be done.  An i had an idea, i might as well put it down. Maybe someone will run across it and pass it on to a big wig artist, maybe a normal artist decides to give it a go. Life's funny that way, so weather it's a fellow viner, or Ivan Reis, if anybody does do this pic. Send a copy my way??


Ground Battle:
Sodam Yat(Ion) vs Silver Surfer: Sodam is standing facing <- on a craig/cliff, left leg straight back and right leg forward but bent, a few fallen Sinestro's and Red Lanterns can be seen strewn along the bottom. He's holding his arms akimbo, he's holding a flaming sword in each hand (a cross between a roman gladius and a chineas han, with the hilt and pommel shaped like the Ion symbol) that he's clearly just swung. His symbol is glowing birghtly and his eyes are Heat Vison Red. Surfer is coming at him, looks like he just jumped off his board, with one hand helf in front of him the other raised at his side. Power Cosmic is glowing from his hands and his eyes. His back foot is on his board. His board is broken in half, the back where his foot is has no problem, the front has been destroyed by Sodam, using his flaming sword constructs and Daxamite strength. An Surfer is shrugging off a full on, no holds bar blast of HV. (Showing off both of their power)

Mongul vs Skaar: Skaar has his sword, and you can see a few other weapons on him, he and Mongul are struggling against one another. Skaar is weilding his sword, and Mongul has created an axe or mace construct (up to the artist) while Skaar's hands glow w/ the oldpower, Mongul's rings are also sparking. They stand atop of a small raised mesa, only a bit of the ground (lower than Sodam and SS's craig, both r a result of his oldpower as he fights) a deul between two Titans, one's father a former Tyrant the other a King, both struggling w/ the legacy.

Black Bolt vs Atrocitus: Black Bolt has a few Kree warriors around him, as well as fallen Red Lanterns. He is facing Atrocitus and is in his patented stance, just about to unleash his scream. Energy coming from his antenne, maybe more of him. Atrocitus stands among fallen Kree, one is even held in his hands still bleeding. He's crouched, ready to spring at BB. While Black Bolt has let his anger at the way his people have been treated color him recently, Atrocitus' rage at his peoples destruction has driven him for centuries. What will it get them.

Starjammers: They can be used as the centerpeice for the ground battle. Havok stands in their center, while one hand is raised high aglow w/ energy as a beacon to keep his team together, his other is pointed at enemies, unleashing his power against a Dominator..or some other DC alien. Polaris is behind him, blocking an attack from Blackfire w/ her Magnetic shields. While Racheal is using a mental attack, Korvus is watching her back w/ his sword, fending off a few Thanagarian mace's, and Cho'd is cutting loose on a few Khunds.

Drax vs Khunds: Drax is in the middle of a contingent of Khunds. There are a few fallen warriors at his feet. The Khunds have blasters, (show one getting hit by another's missed shot) while Drax is easily tearing them apart. While one knife is behind his back blocking a sword/knife/axe/blade stroke, the other is cutting through a blaster and the Khund holding it.

Kyle vs Phalanx: Kyle is surrounded by Phalanx drones but is cutting loose. He's in a mecha suit (since that seems to be his new thing that's who i pinned him against, the ultimate robotic evil in the cosmos) He's in Iron Man/War Machine like armor, while his ring hand has a gun on it, his other is a blade. He has no helmet, so the crab-mask gets the spotlight, lol. An w/e other weapons u can show him using, the Lantern symbol is displayed proudly on his armor.

Guy Gardner vs Annihilation Wave: Guy is surrounded by Annihilation drones. He's got two big constructs just cutting/smashin into them. His non-ring arm is morphed into a blaster, his vuldarian genes r active for this armegeddon like battle. An you can see bugjuice splattered on his Honor Guard coat. He's really cutting loose.

GoTG vs Strange's crew: Star-Lord is opening fire on Adam Strange, whose dodging to the side propelled by his blaster and firing back w/ his trusty pistol and new energy rifle. Gamora and Phyla are attacking Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Groot is cutting loose. Vance, Mantis, and Rocket are working on Bizarro. Adam Warlock and Comet are tearing into each other in the skies.

Kilowog vs Ravenous: The two are grappling, two of Ravenous dogs are on Kilowog. One on his back, another on his legs at his side. While he's holding a third in his free hand (tossing it ovr his shoulder), his ring is loosing a singature choom blast at Ravenous whose blocking w/ both arms.

Ground Battle filler: You have Phalanx, Annihilation wave, Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N., Khunds, Dominators, Kree, Shi'ar, and a few Skrulls. Wherever you have space on the ground part, throw them in there and make it massive. The main part of this is have a few of the Kryptonian Millitary, Kal-El's Red Shard Squadron thrown in there. Superboy should be present as well, in a hybrid outfit, the millitary pants and boots, w/ his normal shirt.

 He should be facing off w/ Ultron. Kon stands facing  <--, his right hand held straight out and angled backwards at his side Tk pushin away a drone. His left punching at Ultron while letting off a blast of HV. An anything else that will fit. Throw in a few of the Ihuman Elite and Shi'ars imperial Guardsmen.

Air Battle:
Hal Jordan
vs Wendell: This one i can't make up my mind about Wendell, i figured the artist could put him in the proper pose and give him a good weapon. Hal faces <- in the part mech part fighter jet construct he created during his trip with the Blue Lanterns to rescue Sinestro, missles firing. 

Vulcan vs Agent Orange: Vulcan is floating above a group of Shi'ar facing ->. AO is coming towards him and he is surrounded by Orange Lanterns. While his left hand his raised behind him, orange power swirling around it, as the Orange Lanterns behind him fade/are dissapated. His right hand is raised and firing at Larfleez. Larfleez is holding his lantern protectively, a shield blocks Vulcan's blast. These two beings both driven to gain control over the universe, to try and own it, face off.

John Stewart vs Talon: Talon is behind Vulcan, in his weapons mode, blasters ready. He's set up to fly towards Vulcan to assist, but 3 of his guns r exploding in green bursts, and you can see another shot on the way. Across the screen from his John Stewart is taking aim w/ a gun construct (a mix between the cannon/bazooka he used in Rage of the Red Lanterns, and the futuristic sniper rifle from Agent Orange) while Vath and Isamot protect him from Sinestro's and Red Lanterns.

Ganthet and the Guardians vs Tenebrous and Ageis: While Tenebrous is blasting away at Ganthet, whose creating a shield to block him as well as letting loose w/ a blast of his own. The other Guardians are blasting away at the Elder Gods.

Sinestro vs Nova: Nova is blasting his way towards SInestro. Sinestro is letting loose a powerful blast towards Nova as he blasts his way towards him. Nova has a shield up, but cracks are showing under Sinestro's assualt, and he's powering his way through w/ the Nova Force behind him. He looks like he did racing towards Annihilus.

Air Battle Filler: The air battle consists of Lanterns, Nova Corps, Rannians, Thanagarians, A few Kryptonians, Legionaires, and Skrulls. As far as more important cameos. Show the Alpha Lanterns, Iolade, Salaak, and other Lanterns. You can have tons of combatants in this part. Just can't think of as many, b/c its def late at the momment. I'll edit this later.

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Posted by Zniperking

I was thinking Richard vs Hal and the green lantern corps vs the nova corps then they call it a truce and go fight the evil corps

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

Well i figure since the Book of Oa (AI of the rings) and Worldmind seem to be able to interface w/ any database in existence, they'd quite quickly work together and realize who the true villians were.

Posted by primepower53

I know I'm REEEEEAAALY late for this but just I just wanted to say this...."HOLY SH!T THAT IS AWESOME!