Werewolves vs Wizards: What's on ma mind.

 So having recently finished both Changes of the Dresden Files and the Latest Mercy Thompson novel, needless to say I've got tons of the supernatural running through my mind. An one of them is...which do i prefer.. werewolves or wizards. I mean in the Wizard you have characters like Harry Dresden, Gandalf, Merlin, and many others. While as far as the Werewolf is concerned, you have those from the old movies, and in Literature Bill Borden, Sam and Adam form Mercy's series, and Richard Zeeman among other's. Now while both have faced Vampires again and again, you rarely see them pitted against each other. The most recent i can find is Harry facing the Loup-Garu, and he met and befriended the Alpha's in the same book. Is it that Author's have never conceived of the ideas behind such a battle the reason it hasn't happened? I mean a Wizard taking on a pack of Werewolves, or is it because they work better as allies for the most part. Look at the Wizards of  Dresden's White Council, against the Wolves who follow the Marrok.  
Base:Human- Both Dresden and Adam both start off as humans. Take everything else away and you are left with blood and flesh men. It wasn't until after his assault that the magic involved changed Adam into a Werewolf, and Harry was an adolescent when his magic had grown enough to manifest. They still Marry humans, and need them to continue to procreate.  
Magic/Power: Werewolves magic seems to be centered around the pack. It heals them from wounds, lets them draw and share strength, there is always some kind of built in way for them to communicate. There are also their instincts, enhanced personalities (Alpha, dominance, ect), and enhanced physical attributes. Adam has super strength, in addition to being the Alpha allowing him to draw strength from his pack. Wizards can control the elements, and manipulate reality to certain degrees based on spell casting. Harry, b'/c of the rules of Dresden-verse Magics, can hurl force, fire, lightning, ice, control/manipulate water, Earth, gravity and magnetic fields,  and was able to gain access to other forces, such as soulfire and hellfire.  
Area of Interests: For Werewolves it's rather simple, especially for Adam being as he lives in North America. The Marrok is the UberAlpha, ruling all packs that live in his territory, which encompasses the entirety of North America. Then you have Adam, whose purview is much smaller, being just the Tri-Cities area where his Columbia-Basin pack resides. But he is responsible for his pack, their mates, and any children. An as an overview, they tend to be wary off and keep watch over humans as well. Harry as a member of the White Council , especially as a Regional Commander of the Warden's is responsible for the entirety of the human magical community. An as a result the normal human populace  that they come from.  
Overall they seem like they'd make far better allies than enemies. While Vamps, be the Mercy's kind, Red Court, White Jade or Black seem the proper enemies. To bad i can't get a meeting between them anytime soon...oh well. (I'll write about that another time.) 

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So how do we enhance the Mythos: Green Lantern

 So, we have all that Geoff has done for GL, and many look at it an can't believe how far we've come in just a few short years. An while some of our number would like it to go back to normal, w/ just the Green Lantern's surviving the to the coming Day, i'd love to take this and go even farther. In my other Blog's I've made no secret of my desires to take the DCU and grow it even further. To a certain extent it's one of the few things about Marvel that i enjoy and applaud, the intricacies of their higher beings, and the different Aspect's at work w/in the universe under The One Above All. Well what if you had something similar for the Green Lantern Corps? You already have the Emotional Spectrum being tied into the White Light of Creation. An you also have the Avatar's of those Lights, as show-far shown by Ion, Parallax, Black Hand, and Predator. Well how hard would it be to create Abstracts of those same Emotions, connected and integral to that same specturm. They would fit into the Cosmic Mythos much as other's do, Spectre, Lucifer Morningstar, Michael Demiurgos, and  The Endless. This council of Emotion, Lords of Light, whichever you would call them would each embody their Emotion, having been shaped and by the countless lifeforms throughout the Universe. Yet these would be their normal expressions.  
A much Grander Version 
Council of Emotion:  When seen together they are in a realm of White, at a White table. They sit in Chairs carved from stones that correspond to their color (Emerald, Ruby, Saphire, ect, ect) Each has their symbol inscribed in front of them. An their item of Power is on them.   
  General Will: The embodiment, or expression of will. Is seen as a Humanoid Male, normally a grown or older man bearing a well trimmed beard. (Much Like Zeus, Poseidon, or other Skyfather's/heads of Pantheons)  Strong Voice (voice shown by Green Voice Bubble, w/ light Green Speech). He wears Armor normally. Armor is Green, and of course has the Lantern Symbol in the center of the chest. He has gauntlets, boots, a chest Peice, and Boots. He is wearing what appears to be cloth like armor underneath it which is colored Black.  (Kind of Like what Vulcan wore.)   He bears a blade as his weapon/item of power. Normally a Broadsword, the Hilt is the Ion symbol turned on it's side. He has a strong personality, confident, and sure of himself. He tends to take charge of the council, his Will guiding their actions when together. While he and his siblings have some problems, Fear is his largest Issue, since he seeks to undermine him.  

  Sir Hope: He wears the attire of any Knight.  Blue. The species/expression, can be humanoid as well. But he should have wings. He bears a  spear. Is a youth, strong, inexorable, and ready to face what comes. 

  Lord Fear: Is a schemer. Has armor of gold, in contrast to his brother General Will. Does not weild a large weapon, but a dagger. (Ulike Will, who faces problems head on and deals with them, Fear strikes unexpectedly, cutting quickly and stealing away it's opponents strength) Resents having to listen to the General, and feels that he would be better served to lead. But it wary of his power. 

  Baron Avarice: Is overweight, wears opulous robes, i contrast to his sister Compassion's modest robes.  Has a chest that he always carries with him, and is always seeking to add to it. Only works w/ his siblings to protect and add to what he already owns. 
  Sister Compassion: Dressed in robes, like a monk or preist. Is not humanoid, especailly since it's hardest to feel compassion for those who do not look like us. Bears a Stave. 

  Mistriss Love: A woman, she has a constantly shifting form. She is pretty, but she changes as you speak with her. One momment she is a brunnete, the next a blonde, and after that has hair of flaming Red. She is dressed in a form-fitting gown of Lavender/Pink/Purple or some other variation of the Violet Light. She is a caring individual, but can be blinded by her love for other's, or beings she favors. She must usually be brought back to the matter at hand by her elder siblings. She has a mirror through which she can see those she cares for, and that reveals the hearts desire.   

  Master Rage: A demon. Reddish, with horns, a tail, and depending on who is drawing it/interpreting him, wings/hooves. Basically a demonic visiage. He bears an axe, that he swings idescriminately in his rage. He does not get along with the majority of his siblings. He barely listens to General Will, respecting his strength..though straining against it.  
They could be used however DC saw fit. An they'd be an interesting concept to keep. Since the Avatars/their pets/symbols, aren't really all that interactive. They could be....... 

Heirachy of Power

So if there's one thing that i feel like DC has to do a better job of...it's the heirachy of power in their universe. I'm sry, but once u leave the Presence...you simply have no idea where everyone falls without much question. I mean it's implied, really it is. But i feel like DC needs to get off their butt an accomplish what Marvel has done such a great job of making very very sure of. Who outranks whom. Sure beings like Superman and the like can raise up and beat other's through plot device, perseverance, or PIS(Mostly their unstoppable powers of PIS), or some other interesting way. Now i'm not arguing power levels, i don't see many people who are gunna make a constant case for Black Canary against Supes, though people could put her up against Kon if they wanted too. Now I know we have this here on the site,  http://www.comicvine.com/dc-power-rankings/12-42222/, but I can't believe we don't have a better understanding of it in DC. Now Marvel has done a great job, what with their Odin, Zeus, Celestials, Abstracts, Galactus n ect ect. I'd love to see the same from DC. It's not all that hard.  Categories are easy to come up with for the most part. DC would just have to stick to them, and (as Marvel's had to do, though i'll admit they mess it up sometimes) It'd be nice if there was a more coherant idea of where people ranked for DC. Examples are easy to come by, take GL's for instance. Not many people are gunna argue that Ion is a High Level Herald, with Teambuster potential. Yet you can't get people who agree on weather or not Guardians are even Top tier Heralds, let alone the Mid to High level Skyfathers others believe. It's kinda pathetic. Especially since DC could use their already established teams to work with the lower ranks rather quickly.  

Heri to the Thrown 
Street Fighters: Individuals who are not powered, they rely solely on their own skills with some help from technology. The greatest ability they posses is prep, knowledge which can allow them to defeat foes that out-class them greatly.  Example; Bat Family 
Low-level: Skills allow them to fight crime, and make them a threat. Mild tech available yet normally work with a partner of some sort. Examples; Damien Wayne (Robin),  
Mid-Level: More expienced and skilled than Low-level fighters, also have better tech and are over-all more effective. Better one are a threat even to Mid-Level Meta's. Examples; Mia Darden (Speedy), Tim Drake (Red Robin), Anarchy, Lynx, Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) 
Top Tier: Master's of their chosen skill. Have some of the best Tech around, and normally are great strategist and well versed in Prep. If prepared for a confrontation can potentially beat anyone, if they have knowledge of their weakness. Examples; Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson (Current Batman), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Ra's Al Ghoul, Ted Grant (Wildcat), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Talia Ghoul, Thomas Elliot (Hush),Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Lex Luthor 
King of the Meta-Brawls
: Possesing a power of some kind, or something that makes them superhuman. They are capable of amazing feats, and threats to most other clases on their power alone.  
Low-Level: Possessing just one type of power, such as telekinesis. Though it doesn't have to be something truly amazing, they can also have access to tech that makes them superhuman. Based on circumstances can even lose to Mid-level or Low-Level Street fighters, being slightly higher than Mid Street Fighters, and a lil below or equal to Top Tier. Examples; Waylon Jones (Killer Croc), Poison Ivy, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Wonder Twins, Risk, Slade Wilson, Ravager, Kid Eternity  
Mid-Level: Having multiple powers, or a broader power-set, such as having Telekinesis and Telepathy or a higher level of Telekinesis. They may also have access to powerful artifacts in addition to their own abilities. Their more diverse power sets make them bigger threats. Examples; Terra, Hot Spot, Kid Devil, Hawkman, Blue Devil, Cyclone, Citizen Steel 
Prime Meta: Having multiple powers, they are almost planetary threats, though they either lack the power, or necessary skill to do so. Most could destroy a city if they cut loose. Examples;  Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl), Grant Emrson (Damage), Bart Allen (Kid Flash), Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Virgil Hawkins (Static), Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl), Jay Garrick  (Flash I), Red Tornado (normal)
Emotional Lords: Most Diverse Heralds 
: A planetary threat. They can change the world with some effort, and in some case many. Most have multiple powers, though some are only extremely versed in one. They are forces to be reckoned with being about half-way up the power scale. They are the more poweful heroes and villians.  
Low-Level: Quite powerful, they can challenge any of the Metas or Street Levelers on power alone, though sometimes a lack of skill or knowledge can loose them the fight.  This level normally has multiple powers at high enough levels to pose a serious threat. They aren't that much more powerful than a Prime Meta, just far more diverse. Some have powers that rival top Heralds, but it being their only power lowers their overall ranking.  Example; Wally West (Flash III), Barry Allen (Flash II) Kon-El (Superboy),   Obsidian, Jade, Professor Zoom, Doctor Polaris, Hercules, Carol Fenris (Star Sapphire)
Mid-Level: Stronger, or more skilled then Low-Level Heralds, they have a good chance of beating a High Herald if they don't hold back, yet can loose to Low-levels or even Metas and Top Tiers well preped enough. Examples; Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Zatanna,  Earth Born Angel, Kalibak, Lightray, Mantis, Brimstone, Rookie Lanterns and most un-named Lanterns (all 7 corps), random Kryptonians, Martians, 
High Heralds: They are definitely planetary threats, capable of facing colossul foes, most of them hold the potential for more power. In most confrontations with people weaker than them, they are walking away the Victor. Examples; Kal-El (Superman), Billy Batson (Captain Marvel), Black Adam, FreDdy Freeman (Shazam),  Veteran Lanterns (Jordan, Rayner, Gardner, Stewart, Kilowog, ect) Sinestro, Brainiac, General Zod, Martian Manhunter, Atrocitus, Larfleez, Orion, Apollo, Captain Atom 
Teambusters: These are individuals capable of taking teams of Heralds on at a single time. At their worst showings they are simply High Heralds, at their best they tear through them. They are capable of challenging Skyfathers, even defeating them under certain situations. Their power-levels are subject to the whims of the writers. Examples; Sodam Yat (Ion), Sun-Dipped Superman, Doomsday, Mongul I, Mongul II with Rings, Despero, The Doctor, Death Gods, Ominar Synn, Takion, Fernus, Swamp Thing, The Firestorm Eelemental (an his counterparts), Doctor Fate, Helspont,  Hourman III, Darkseid (Normal and Weak Showings) 
Skyfather Power unleashed 

 Pantheon of Nature
: Beings of Immense cosmic power. In many cases they are responsibly for empowering Heralds, or are responsible for controlling entire corners of power in the DCU. Such as Magic, Elements, the Emotional Spectrum, or the 4th/5th World.  
Gods: While Demi-Gods, or lesser Gods are limited and normally rank among Heralds and Teambusters, these are their much more powerful bretheren. They have a multitude of abilties and are immensely powerful. Examples; Zamarons, The Controllers
Pantheon Lords: The more powerful members of their respective groups of Gods. They have access to much greater abilities and powers. Can overcome Skyfathers if work together, normally a small magnitude weaker. Examples; Guardians of the Universe,Dr. Fate (fully powered), Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, 
Skyfathers: Rulers of their respective sphere's of influence, or most powerful and influential member. They have the greatest share of abilities and are truly something to be wary of. Examples;  Ganthet, Athena,  Darkseid (fully powered), Lord's of Hell (Neron, Satanus, Lady Blaze) outside their realms,  Highfather Izaya, Lord Marvel, Shazam the Wizard,  Archangels (Uriel/ Raphael/  Sarauquel / Raguel/ ect)    
Elder Gods: They predate the Pantheons currently in power. They are a magnitude above them, thow their downfalls/defeat/banishment/abdication led to the current rule of Gods. Examples;   Old Gods, A rzaz (heroic Old God), Balduur (heroic Old God whose atoms formed New Genesis), Yuga Khan, The Dreggs (the undead), Lokee (god of evil), Nameless One (evil Old God), Wotan (ruler of the Old Gods), S'ivaa the Destroyer and Dark Elements, Maggedon, Clockwerx, King of Tears (Outside it's realm)  
(From here on I'll be relying on the info already available on Comicvine, but hopefully my point is made. This didn't take much work to do, or find. Maybe an hr...hr n a half Tops. So why can't DC do the same...pass it around the office,  heck even make a comic out of it for fans to purchase...and stick to it....)


Scope of the DC Universe

The Lords of Emotion
Ok, so it's late, and i'm sooo fricken bored. The missus has been sleep for a while and i decided to take a list i made in class and transfer it over to this aight. I mean at least that way the first time i didn't pay attention in class hard-core this semester has an overall meaning later in life right?? Annnnnnnyway; i was thinking about the Marvel Cosmic scene compared to the DC Cosmic scene. Both have been fricken boomin, and yet there is a major difference. Marvel's has been a more noticable growth and change..where as DC's isn't much bigger than the GL mythos. I feel like that could be really changed over the last 2-4 years, and to the universe's benifit. Let me show you how ok. A well developed Universe is a bigger play ground, both for the DCU and our heroes. An this way, well the GL has more set in place to be played w/ after Geoff leaves (i can't see anyone else spearheading what i have in mind and making it fit the DCU anywhere near as well.) This'll give alien heroes more of a playground, and for whoever takes over GL and hopefully GLC and R.E.B.E.L.S. or w/e other Strange Adventures survive, just to make sure we have a good grasp of the situation. It also opens an amazing pathway for things to be done.  Using this set up tons of stories can be told, and the universe can be allowed to grow, even if we do have a basic knowledge of where it's going. An they can easily be quantified into Good, Evil, and Indifferent/Neutral giving the GLC foes, rivals, and those too be politically weary off, allowing the para-millitary feel to be kept and also have them return to more police heavy activity. Not to metion giving other books through which to feel out, and test the cosmis waters, and even see what it's like in space for people not Lanterns. An the overarching plot allows them all to feel like their connected w/o being completely bogged together.
Guardian of Good
 Forces that are fighting for the good, survival of the Universe, even if they don't truly understand how important their actions are. The only one who has any idea of their actions true importance is Ganthet, as he guides them all through the struggle. (He is truly a being of Cosmic power and acts his part.)     
Green Lantern Corps of Oa:  Do i really have to explain this one?  
Blue Lantern Corps of Odym: Hopefully Ganthet runs this and the GLC. A subdivision yep. 
Vril Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N.; They alreaady plan to bring them back, so we're still off to a good start. (Can also go under Indifferent/Neutral)
Earth (Justice League, Titans, ect): Heroes like Supes, and others can have more adventures abroad, and also can be more widely known. Like in the past or the JLU cartoon. Time they were a force again, even if they're nothing compared to the full might of the GLC.  
Darkstars: Have them come back not knowing Ganthet is responsible, he doesnt want the Universe to suffer b/c of the GLC's new concerns. Another rivalry on the surface, but Ganthet uses that to make sure they are up to snuff. He sends info regarding 3rd/4th choice Lanterns to Pharrin Colos for recruitment and training. 
Omega Men: I like them. That's all you need know, ; p No seriously they have tons of potential and if the cosmic universe does well an itneresting back-up in one of the books. (R.E.B.E.L.S. or Darkstars) exploring lesser known corners of the Universe. Vehichle used to introduce the Mystic Empire.
New Genesis: In preparation for the Apokalips War they begin to exert an influence in opposition, w/o revealing themselves. (Only wild card for this side)  
Strange and crew: Adam Strange, Comet, Tyrone, Prince Grayven, that other Captain, Weird, that whole crew. They serve as another back-up going from featurretes to being full-fledged charachter cameos in the other books. They're great heroes and of great help to the Universe. Ganthet uses them to deal with minor probs b4 they become major and spread his already thin forces even further.   

The Battle Ground an Prize
These are non-entities in the battle, but rather the prize. There are others, but these are the best defined, what Good and Evil seek to influence, conquer, protect, and defend or destroy. The don't realize the depth of the war around them, but neither do the foot soldiers. *(If two new msytic based societies, or just one if that's all you can come up with. With a King over-arching and mages...ya know what. I'll get back to you. God do i wanna be a DC writer. Really i do. I mean...i really really do.)*edit
Rannian Empire: Take what you already have, not to copy the Kree/Skrulls, but hell it works right?  Make the rannians even futher advanced Tech wise and expand upon that fundamental difference between them. *When the Mystic Empire (working name for now) is revealed to the readers explain their reluctance to deal with them as being based upon their reliance on magic instead of technology, even though the differences are negligable.*
Thanagarian Empire: They're there, they hate the Rannians, run with it. Make their people's relegion even more pronounced, and use it to further their inferiority/superiority complex against the Rannians. *Also make it so they have a history of conflict with the Mystic Empire, they just keep coming out the losers. When they decide to become cosmic players again, they are in strong opposition.*    
Star Saphires: Continue their mission, but are more misguided than evil. They want no part in the continuing war, realizing where it's headed and believing that their duty is to safe-guard love. Explains why their corps lessens in numbers and becomes less and less of a factor, but are still present and still fealt.
New Krypton/Daxam Alliance: They should be able to work together, if they were to start bulding a empire and survive the next big event, they'd be interesting until they were eventually dealt with. It'd be a fun idea to toy with. Ya know? Like the Inhumans (hey Marvel cosmic doing it big, only thing they got i like, and if a model works, why not use it with ya own toys?)  
Cyborg Superman and his Manhunters: He seeks simply death, a rogue force of destruction with a vandetta against all living things, especially weilders of the spectrum. Has an intense problem with the mystics b/c they are anethma to him. Seeks Ranns tech, and the Thanagarians discust him especially. UP reminds him of Earht and he wants to stop it cold. Everyone else simply dares to breathe. HOws that for a wild card?
United Planets: Another new Universal power the GLC has to deal with, and adds a chance of intrigue in Universal dealings since we know how this ends. Plus Kal/Mon/Kon (one of em) is responsible for seeding creating it. Having it grow at the same time Earth begins to branch out makes good since.)  
Agent Orange on Okarra: He's greedy, but nothing more than an irritant if left to his own lil devious and selfish devices. Aside from a lil bit more actively seeking things he desires, Orange Lanterns are almost once more extinct and he is back in seclusion. He is closely monitored.
Starro the Conquerer: B/c it would take the destruction of a species to stop him Ganthet forbids the GL's to overtly step in unless it becomes necessary, leaving loopholes that allow them to undermine futher expansion to a certain extent. In reality Ganthet feels he is nothing compared to the real threat and as such won't wast e the resources. Mangaes to nicely leavin him an irritant and distraction for the rest of the universe as an over-arching villian. When Mongul shows up you basically have warring Empires caught between two Conquering Warlords. Things get reaaaaal interesting for Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Darkstars Collos has trained.    
Khund: Choas bringers who are really throwing Darkseids plans off for Ganthet, makes it take longer for him to realize whats happening since he thinks they're pawns as well. Serve with Mongul in the end. In addition to the race he's conquered give him a powerful and expendable force to fight with. When he's eventually defeated they seek to keep control of the territory they helped him to capture.
Indigo Tribe: They stay out of most affars after Blackest Night making them almost a non-concern.  
The Dark General

 Unkown to them they are being manipulated by an unseen force, the returned shade of Darkseid who seeks his vengence. He uses them judiciously and mercilessly. The forces mean nothing to him, every single move brings him closer to his endgame:a universe under his total control. Not even Ganthet knows his identity, though they are embroiled in a conflict that will decide the fate of not just Galaxies, but the Universe itself.  

Sinestro Corps of Qward: They continue to serve as the anti-thesis of the GLC and their main enemy, though their influence isn't as great. They can't be completely snuffed out either.  
Empire of Tears (Red Lanterns of Ysamult): Atrocitus seeks to ressurect the fallen Empire, using the Red Lanterns as foot soldiers he gathers together an army of Mystics who slowly begin to take over a 3 sector area, 666/665/667 all falling under his sway, and declaring a Magical war on the Green Lantern Corps.  
Mordru's Sorcerers World: He creates his seat of power and begins gathering his own army of mystics, becoming the threat he was meant to be and also serving as a rival to Atrocitus, but no friend of the Lanterns.  
Psions: Continue their experiments, become mroe visceral as they reach the same threshold the Guardians crossed, making them something the Universe must now truly deal with.  Darkstars are main opposition, as Ganthet cannot afford to move the GLC against them, is slowly revealed.   
Mongul: Either Jr. or the III, a warlord with an army at his beck and call. A force on the opposite side fo the cosmos from Starro both cutting a swath and creating an Empire. When the GLC finally draw their attention to him he must be dealt with immediately. An daddy left him his rings, in addition to his own functioning War World. (How Darkseid is revealed, believes himself to be a free agent and independent. Until it's revealed Great/Grandfather Darkseid was pulling his strings all along, just like the rest of the cosmos before his life is ended. GL's totally confused...but wary.)
Spider Guild: Have to reassembled themselves, and are also a massive fighting force, ready to agressivly expand. A foe to GLC, Darkstars and L.E.G.I.O.N. alike but mostly to the Vril's forces.  
Apokalips: The true foe, Darkseid is seeking his ultimate revenge having crawled his way back from the darkest depths. This is the begginings of the final conflict that will leave him broken and trapped for the Legion to find, and the GLC but a shining memory of the Universe.  
The Torchbearer
The Future of Good
An you have a DCU set up and ready to be explored, whomever is next to pick up the toys when the day Geoff must set them down finally comes. Everything he's created is part of the DCU's unaltering tapesty and you have everything between where Geoff ends, and where we find both the GLC and Darkseid himself during the Legions future to play with. If done right years of stories that can be tied together in what we know is gunna broil down to Oa vs Apokalips, and tell me you can't live with Oa going out in a blaze of glory if they take the Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns and remnants of the Empire, Spider Guild, and Apokalips down with them?? Me that's a fight i'd love to see. An Ganthet and Darkseid are comparable beings, and if Ganthet gives up his life to seal him away, and Sodam must watch helplessly, or is forced to help while being unable to save him. Viola one broken warrior, whose entire war came down to a battle he could do absolutely nothing to win. Leaving us with a Universe ripe for the future of Legion 3 Worlds.

Apokalips War

Source of Attack 
Sooo, i enjoy these blogs bc i def just put my random ideas for Comics down on here. Darkseid is dead for now, but we know the New Gods will be back...we all do. So the question becomes how do they come back? Now in about a year an a half this could b totally useless b/c the DCU will have changed some more and you can't rely on it. But for now, this works. You have the JLA title and use it as the leader of the DCU for a year, in it the threats the JLA faces seem to be connected, and after a few clues, Batman puts together the Obvious (to Him anyway) answer, Uxas is back. When Orion returns to warn them, we see as Earth girds itself for war. Knowing that Uxas simply wants to destroy Earth, not control it, Orion warns them he will turn their specific cities to fire-pitts (that's right u saw this on JLU, lol). This right here is your issue for Free Comic Book Day. Follow Supes, WW, GL, Bats, Flash, and the gang as they get ready. Start the issue off with the Heroes debriefing the world's leaders, then heading out to gird their own citites. Superman gathers his family/team and while Kon and Kara seek help from Alura and Krypton, both as citizens and her nephew and daughter. Kal takes Chris and Thara with him to speak with Luthor and his villians, while Steel and Mon(if he's still around) go to the Science Police to prepare them. All are sucessful, Kon and Kara returning with aid from Krypton in the form of Red Shard, Blue Strike, and Gold Lash squadrons. Kon has been made a Lt. in the millitary guild and a new Uniform prepared. (Love Kon's outfit, but can't help thinking if he took the pants like Kal wears as a Commander, pistol included, and gave him the same black shirt with the red shield, and a silver shileld on either sleave..it'd be cold.) Ends with a shot showing the Superman, flanked by Nightwing, Supergirl, and Flamebird, along with Steel, Mon, Guardians and the Science Police and Kon's Kryptonian forces. You also have Lex and his villians in the shadows. You then have to show Diana guiding her plane over the water, approaching Themyscaira. Now assuming that the Manazons are still around lol, then she returns to Themyscara/Thalarion to seek her people's aid and prepare them. It ends with a shot of WW, Donna, Cassie all in fighting armor, flanked by Hippolyta, Achillles and their people. On Oa we seeHal and John join Kyle and Guy on Oa, where after prepping the Guardians, they return to Earth w/ the usual Troops. Last shot is of Hal leading John, Kyle, Guy, Isamot, Salaak, Vath, Soranik, Kilowog, Sodam, Arisia and a few Alpha Lanterns. So we travel to Gotham for Batman. Batman (Dick or Bruce...i'ma use Dick b/c i prefer him...yeah is said it.) is shown talking in a room, talking to people in shadows, they are coming to an agreement. When it ends, Batman emerges to the top of the Police Building, the bat-family is waiting. Red Robin, Robing, Batgirl, and Cassandra Cain along with Comissoner Gordon. Ra's and Black Mask emerge,both give unseen order. We see Bruce back in the bunker, directly linked to Dick and company and giving orders a shot of Bat-Armor visible behind him...just in case. Last shot shows the Batfamily, Gordon, Police, Ra's and his ninja's, and Black Mask with his villians. Same happens with other heroes (pick who is popular/doing well. The main series, 7-8 issues, follows the main storyline of the War with Apokalips as Darkseid comes seeking his revenge. You then have minis to follow smaller battles. Same format as currently being done w/ Blackest Night. First would be Superman, Batman and Green Lantern. In Metropolis the Parademons are being commanded by Kalibak. You have a spread showing a massive battle between, Parademons, Science Policemen, the Superfamily, and the Kryptonian Troops. Supes is there for most of it, but in the end has to stop the machine that would have made Metropolis a Fire-Pitt, while Kon faces off against Kalibak in a battle to shake the ages. Darkseid's sent his assassian to deal with Batman, while his hunter dogs fall to Ninja's and the Bat Family and police fight valiantly, Dick keeps Kanto busy, Bruce comes out of retire-ment to put their own machine down. While Kyle and Guy lead a contingent of GL's in space to stop Darkseids fleet from arriving, Hal and John lead more to save Coast City. When Grayven, who leads Darkseids fleet, comes to the field of battle, he finds himself facing off against Sodam. (Fight starts second issue, they fight throughout issue 3, and a few panels should make the actual main comic. That about solves as much as i'm willing to share for now. So am i crazy...or would u really buy this?

A way for DC to capitalize on their Idea from Last Year.

Soo DC had that great idea of a 50cents comic that was able to let us know what was coming for the major storyarcs of their next year. Now part of this is just b/c I think it would be cool, but in comics that's where some of the best idea's come from. They serve a purpose, further the storylines of the universe, and give somthing to the fandom. So my pitch is this. A 50cent issue covering a meeting of the remaining members of the Quintessence It can be an actual story, and also serve the same purpose of the last 1. Now this kinda depends on the state of the DCU come January/April whenever they decide to do this ya know? But as it stands, you have Zeus, Ganthet, Shazam, Highfather, Phantom Stranger, maybe the Spectre presiding..it gives you allot of working room. Now this part explains why it has to be this group, and why it also helps out. First is the fact that allot of people have complained/worried/seem confused on the power levels of the Cosmic Beings that DC has compared to Marvel. It would remind them just who the major players (at least as far as Good is concerned) are.
Another is that each of them, in their own area of power gives u a reason to explore the more major franchises. Ganthet covers cosmics. In him you have a reason to cover GL, GLC, and even R.E.B.E.L.S. or Adam Stranges corner of the Universe. Zeus of course ties into WW. Shazam, magic, if u wanna explain what's goin on in Hell, and a connection to the JLA if you use the concerns he should have over Freddy. Highfather ties to the Multiverse, (if Morrison's story is ready) and has ties w/ Superman. Phantom Stranger can be tied into w/e you choose. Spectre as more of the over-arching connection between them all. An the other thing is it's not at all hard to set up. Between Final Crisis, Blackest Night, New Krypton, the God's return, and Shazam's rebirth, you'd expect it would be a good time for a pow-wow between these guys, and DC can always add any other's they feel fit the bill. (If they have any new Cosmic LVL beings they wanna introduce.) Now this last bit is purely fanboy on my part. (BUT if some big whig see's this and uses it. PLEASE let this make it through, give a dog a bone here.) When they show up, it would make sense, they'd bring representatives. Not so much for protection, but as a show of power/influence/reach. A champion of theirs in the mortal world, or w/e. Ya know what, dnt care how ya explain it. An they match up perfectly (Same order as their sponser/master/empowerer)  Achilles(Zeus' champion and answer to Wonder Woman) Ion(he's the embodiment of his Corps Avatar, and most powerful member), Freddy/Billy (Self explanatory almost ya know?), Orion(Foremost warrior/champion for the ideals of New Genesis), Not entirely sure...perhaps Tim Hunter (future of magic). Most of these are just idea's i'm throwing out there. Yet all of them depend on the story. I still think it'd be a good idea. An even the way you would set it up visually is easy to deal with. You have a table, a rounded or octagon type, and you set it up. So you have each being sitting and to their right is their champion. An you also seat them by powersource. Ganthet (who is cosmically powered), and on either side Zeus to his left and Shazam to his right, then you have Phantom Stranger and Spectre, and Highfather across from Ganthet, so Magic is equally seperated by science/cosmic power. There are just so many diff things that can be done w/ it.

Cosmic Battle Royale....at least in my Mind..

So a while back, not that long really, i was talkin to DC_Marvel about an idea i had for a pic. The lot of a comics fan, thinking of stories you'd love told, iconic images you'd love to see, or battles that would rock your world. Well everyone knows how that is. For me, the largest part is where my head is at the momment. SPACE!! Between, GL, WOK, Annihilation, Rann/Thannagar war, R.E.B.E.L.S. all that kind of stuff. So i def have an idea for it that just won't get out of my head. Some of it was there in the original thought, some is new, some has just come while i've been reading recently. Now it's grown pretty big, but after seeing waht Reis could do in GL#25,
or Ethan w/ his preview for the War of Light, not to mention the Annihilation battles, I think it can be done.  An i had an idea, i might as well put it down. Maybe someone will run across it and pass it on to a big wig artist, maybe a normal artist decides to give it a go. Life's funny that way, so weather it's a fellow viner, or Ivan Reis, if anybody does do this pic. Send a copy my way??


Ground Battle:
Sodam Yat(Ion) vs Silver Surfer: Sodam is standing facing <- on a craig/cliff, left leg straight back and right leg forward but bent, a few fallen Sinestro's and Red Lanterns can be seen strewn along the bottom. He's holding his arms akimbo, he's holding a flaming sword in each hand (a cross between a roman gladius and a chineas han, with the hilt and pommel shaped like the Ion symbol) that he's clearly just swung. His symbol is glowing birghtly and his eyes are Heat Vison Red. Surfer is coming at him, looks like he just jumped off his board, with one hand helf in front of him the other raised at his side. Power Cosmic is glowing from his hands and his eyes. His back foot is on his board. His board is broken in half, the back where his foot is has no problem, the front has been destroyed by Sodam, using his flaming sword constructs and Daxamite strength. An Surfer is shrugging off a full on, no holds bar blast of HV. (Showing off both of their power)

Mongul vs Skaar: Skaar has his sword, and you can see a few other weapons on him, he and Mongul are struggling against one another. Skaar is weilding his sword, and Mongul has created an axe or mace construct (up to the artist) while Skaar's hands glow w/ the oldpower, Mongul's rings are also sparking. They stand atop of a small raised mesa, only a bit of the ground (lower than Sodam and SS's craig, both r a result of his oldpower as he fights) a deul between two Titans, one's father a former Tyrant the other a King, both struggling w/ the legacy.

Black Bolt vs Atrocitus: Black Bolt has a few Kree warriors around him, as well as fallen Red Lanterns. He is facing Atrocitus and is in his patented stance, just about to unleash his scream. Energy coming from his antenne, maybe more of him. Atrocitus stands among fallen Kree, one is even held in his hands still bleeding. He's crouched, ready to spring at BB. While Black Bolt has let his anger at the way his people have been treated color him recently, Atrocitus' rage at his peoples destruction has driven him for centuries. What will it get them.

Starjammers: They can be used as the centerpeice for the ground battle. Havok stands in their center, while one hand is raised high aglow w/ energy as a beacon to keep his team together, his other is pointed at enemies, unleashing his power against a Dominator..or some other DC alien. Polaris is behind him, blocking an attack from Blackfire w/ her Magnetic shields. While Racheal is using a mental attack, Korvus is watching her back w/ his sword, fending off a few Thanagarian mace's, and Cho'd is cutting loose on a few Khunds.

Drax vs Khunds: Drax is in the middle of a contingent of Khunds. There are a few fallen warriors at his feet. The Khunds have blasters, (show one getting hit by another's missed shot) while Drax is easily tearing them apart. While one knife is behind his back blocking a sword/knife/axe/blade stroke, the other is cutting through a blaster and the Khund holding it.

Kyle vs Phalanx: Kyle is surrounded by Phalanx drones but is cutting loose. He's in a mecha suit (since that seems to be his new thing that's who i pinned him against, the ultimate robotic evil in the cosmos) He's in Iron Man/War Machine like armor, while his ring hand has a gun on it, his other is a blade. He has no helmet, so the crab-mask gets the spotlight, lol. An w/e other weapons u can show him using, the Lantern symbol is displayed proudly on his armor.

Guy Gardner vs Annihilation Wave: Guy is surrounded by Annihilation drones. He's got two big constructs just cutting/smashin into them. His non-ring arm is morphed into a blaster, his vuldarian genes r active for this armegeddon like battle. An you can see bugjuice splattered on his Honor Guard coat. He's really cutting loose.

GoTG vs Strange's crew: Star-Lord is opening fire on Adam Strange, whose dodging to the side propelled by his blaster and firing back w/ his trusty pistol and new energy rifle. Gamora and Phyla are attacking Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Groot is cutting loose. Vance, Mantis, and Rocket are working on Bizarro. Adam Warlock and Comet are tearing into each other in the skies.

Kilowog vs Ravenous: The two are grappling, two of Ravenous dogs are on Kilowog. One on his back, another on his legs at his side. While he's holding a third in his free hand (tossing it ovr his shoulder), his ring is loosing a singature choom blast at Ravenous whose blocking w/ both arms.

Ground Battle filler: You have Phalanx, Annihilation wave, Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N., Khunds, Dominators, Kree, Shi'ar, and a few Skrulls. Wherever you have space on the ground part, throw them in there and make it massive. The main part of this is have a few of the Kryptonian Millitary, Kal-El's Red Shard Squadron thrown in there. Superboy should be present as well, in a hybrid outfit, the millitary pants and boots, w/ his normal shirt.

 He should be facing off w/ Ultron. Kon stands facing  <--, his right hand held straight out and angled backwards at his side Tk pushin away a drone. His left punching at Ultron while letting off a blast of HV. An anything else that will fit. Throw in a few of the Ihuman Elite and Shi'ars imperial Guardsmen.

Air Battle:
Hal Jordan
vs Wendell: This one i can't make up my mind about Wendell, i figured the artist could put him in the proper pose and give him a good weapon. Hal faces <- in the part mech part fighter jet construct he created during his trip with the Blue Lanterns to rescue Sinestro, missles firing. 

Vulcan vs Agent Orange: Vulcan is floating above a group of Shi'ar facing ->. AO is coming towards him and he is surrounded by Orange Lanterns. While his left hand his raised behind him, orange power swirling around it, as the Orange Lanterns behind him fade/are dissapated. His right hand is raised and firing at Larfleez. Larfleez is holding his lantern protectively, a shield blocks Vulcan's blast. These two beings both driven to gain control over the universe, to try and own it, face off.

John Stewart vs Talon: Talon is behind Vulcan, in his weapons mode, blasters ready. He's set up to fly towards Vulcan to assist, but 3 of his guns r exploding in green bursts, and you can see another shot on the way. Across the screen from his John Stewart is taking aim w/ a gun construct (a mix between the cannon/bazooka he used in Rage of the Red Lanterns, and the futuristic sniper rifle from Agent Orange) while Vath and Isamot protect him from Sinestro's and Red Lanterns.

Ganthet and the Guardians vs Tenebrous and Ageis: While Tenebrous is blasting away at Ganthet, whose creating a shield to block him as well as letting loose w/ a blast of his own. The other Guardians are blasting away at the Elder Gods.

Sinestro vs Nova: Nova is blasting his way towards SInestro. Sinestro is letting loose a powerful blast towards Nova as he blasts his way towards him. Nova has a shield up, but cracks are showing under Sinestro's assualt, and he's powering his way through w/ the Nova Force behind him. He looks like he did racing towards Annihilus.

Air Battle Filler: The air battle consists of Lanterns, Nova Corps, Rannians, Thanagarians, A few Kryptonians, Legionaires, and Skrulls. As far as more important cameos. Show the Alpha Lanterns, Iolade, Salaak, and other Lanterns. You can have tons of combatants in this part. Just can't think of as many, b/c its def late at the momment. I'll edit this later.


GLC:Greatest Team in Comics??

So you look at the concept of the GLC right, i mean the Green Lantern Corps, and from the jump it's pretty powerful. You have the Guardians right? These are the oldest, wisest, and (in their own minds at least ;) ) most powerful beings in the Universe who decide to arm a Corps of beings w/ the most powerful weapons in the Galaxy. I mean, if you look at a power ring you basically have infinite possiblities in 1 weapon. It can arm it's weilder with any weapon, affect the universe around it, manipulate Energy, i mean they basically make the sky the limit. Then you have the officers themselves, beings chosen for their ability to overcome (originally a lack of) fear. Take the fact that the ring passes through the hands of multiple bearers, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner. The Corps is destroyed, and names like Parallax and Ion become parts of the mythos. Then you have Geoff come along right? An he takes a concept that was already pretty darn bada$$...and he, and the crew he has w/ him, improves upon it..

First you have the rings themselves, he takes their impurity, and while still keeping it viable for later authors, he basically cures it. If a Lantern can overcome their fear, then they rob their rings of the weakness to yellow, and the impurity looses it's power.
Then you have the newest laws that the Guardians have imposed. Lethal force is now enabled against foes who warrent it. The members of the Corps now have the ability to decide if a situation truly warrents them to fight to the death to protect those under their care, or see that justice is done.

Then you have the way the Corps has been re-built. Many of it is simply Vetrans taking on old duties, Salaak as a Senior Lantern who coordinates the doings of allULanterns, Kilowog as the Corps Drill Seargent responsible for making Lanterns out of potentials from across the Universe, Tomar Re's son replaces him as responsible for the book of Oa, Guy Gardner as an Honor Lantern, while others continue there myriad tasks. WHile still others take on postitions new to the Corps. Sodam Yat-a Daxamite becomes the new bearer of Ion, and the Guardians personal agent as Kyle Rayner before him. Kyle takes a postion among the Honor Guard, the creation of the Alpha Lanterns, addtion of a second Lantern assigned to every sector, and the "acknowledgement" of the Corpse.

The Green Lantern Corps has been turned into an even more formidable force for good than it was before, and I just can't help but wonder...is their a team in comics their equal. Look at the membership, Kilowog, Hannu, Stel, Mogo, Grak, Ash, Graf, and each Lantern brings their own unique skillset to the team. Vath and Isamot both seasoned warriors, Hal Jordan's immense willpower, John Stewarts accuracy (best shot in the corps), Arisia's skill, Soranik's knowledge and skill as a doctor, the planet Lantern Mogo. With all these warriors brought into play, one has to wonder if their is a force that could realistically best them.

An i've had a hard time managing to find one. Over the course of months i've scoured comics, this site, these boards, and none of my answers have seemed to work. They have managed to beat, or at least are seen by most able to handle all comers. From Galactus and his Heralds, to Darkseid and his hoards, I've thrown them up aginst, the fire demons and Ice Giants of Asgard w/ Surtur to lead them, the Kree and Inhumans, the Shi'ar, the Annihilation Wave, the Phalanx, the Nova Corps, the X-Men, and even the League. An in the end i realized, the question must be considered...has Geoff created the most powerful team, the most unstoppable force for Good...in all of Comics?

Favorite Chrachters...

Ok so everyone has their favorites right?? Well the last few years, getting in-n-out then back into Comics has done a number on mine. The charachter's who inhabit them really personify the best humanity has to offer. There are tons out there, Captain America, Batman, Kal-El, Hulk, Sora, Goku, Witchblade, Hal Jordan, ect ect. An there are obviously those who mean more to us than others.  My personal list of favorites is long and filled, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Tim Drake, Wally West, Nightwing, Piccolo, Gohan, there are tons of them. Yet there's no denying the fact that their are charachter's who resonate with me more than any others. It's their exploits that keep me tied to the world of Comics. They for me are the most influential heroes out there, and their victories mean more to me than any others.  

When I was younger, Superboy was my favorite Hero in all the world. He was younger, cooler, easier to deal with than Superman was. Then their was the way his powers worked, the idea that he would be all that Superman was and more, the promise that all generations hold for the ones that come before. I followed his career, watching as he grew as a hero while I grew as a man. HIs triumphs mirrored my own, and his lessons were easy for me to follow. Geoff came and took over the reigns of his future and i couldn't have been happier, Kon's future seemed assured, and i enjoyed every single one of his appearances. When he gave his life to save the Multiverse...I swore off comics, and yet i found my way back, b/c it was something i love. An now years later he's found his way back as well.  

When Static Shock came on the air I was simply ecstatic, while i love heroes and comics...it's always been hard to really picture myself as them..they simply don't look like me. Yet Static does. A smart, handsome young Black man doing what's right. The show was great, and i had no trouble identifying with him. His powers covered a large range, and damn it all they were fricken cool.  Even in JLU he had a part to play, and i loved seeing him as really relevant. The longer i watched, the more i liked him. I found out about his time as a comic, and went back and read them. An now he's in comics again, it's amazing fun to watch the old episodes, n him having new adventures to read is shaping into a blast.  

So no sooner does Kon kick the bucket, than i start reading X-Men. An low an behold, i meet Hellion. Now while he doesn't have as deep a resonance as the rest of these dudes, he has a place. TK is simply a cold-ass power to have, and Hellion does it with fricken style. He started off as a complete an utter jack-ass, and next thing ya know he's one of the gang. From his enjoyable romance with Sofia, to his interesting match-up with X-23 his romantic life was almost as interesting as his skills. He's managed to stand against WWHulk, Nimrod, and helped out with finding the Messiah Child. The guy proved he really was a stong contender in the X-Men's arsenal. Not that high up on my favorites list, but he did a good job of filling the niche left by Kon b4 he dissapeared into Mutant obscurity.

Sodam Yat, ok now this one takes a lil bit of explaining. I love GL, now Kyle is my green Lantern of choice b/c he's who i grew up with. Yet Sodam is the realization of a childhood idea that i always thought would be fricken cool. 1 hero, with the amazing energy powers of Green Lantern and the phsyical Might of SUPERMAN!! Believe me, when i did the research and found out about his original proposal i found the comic that had it an bought a copy. An when he finally hit the scene after Rebirth, i kept an eye out for him. Since his larger role started in the SCW i've bought every issue he's appeared in, and have personally put together his entire paige. I've enjoyed his charachterization and just can't wait for him to really explode, or even to see him really cut loose. 

 So everybodies gotta love the JLA. You have a gathering of the most powerful members of the DCU, their most influential heroes working together to defeat threats they would almost certainly loose to on their own. Its an amazing grouping of Heroes an i can't wait to see what happens next.

Comics and Girlfriends

My Princess
So i have this princess right? An she's the bomb, b/c one of the first things i told her was "I love comics", and her reply was cool. So when i told her i really really loved them, she asked me what i thought of the old JL/U Cartoons, and i knew she was totally perfect. So a few days went by, and i figured it was a fluke. Then i got into a heated debate with my friends about Gohan and his true power level, and ya know what...my princess chimed in that she never really understood why his tail never grew back. An in front of my crew she showed just how perfect she was. So i wasn't all that suprised when she didn't mind my friend calling me to talk about the new Naruto she let me go read it and catch up. She stood next to me in the LCS while i read the latest GLC and Final Crisis, and she wasn't freaked when i showed her i was ranked #21 out of over 32,000 people in a comic book website. Not to mention she's pretty, smart, funny, loving, a great dancer, a joy to be around, and laugh a minute. I've had conversations with her about my favorite Static Shock episodes, the times Superman whooped on Darkseid on tv, what i wish they would have done with Cyclops in the X-Men movies and what i think they've done right in the comics. She has let me come to bed late to stay up and put those finishing touches on my paige submissions, and to read that last article on newsarama. I found the perfect Princess, and i'm quite pleased with myself.