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Through Blackest Night.. 0

Now I've been waiting for this for years. I'd be lying, and making a gross mistake if i didn't let you know that Rebirth, and the works of GEOFF JOHNS are what got me back into comics in the first place. An I've been along for the entire ride. Overall, i'm pleased. It didn't have every little thing I wanted, if it did you'd have seen Sodam Yat(Ion) cutting loose against an army of Black Lanterns in one of the many issues that carried the name. What it did have was an amazing story, with amazing ...

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The path of a King 0

Now for those of us who have been following Black Panther for a while, the events since the loss of his crown and powers have been somewhat saddening. An here is where it all turns around. The story follows a few different lines and through each of them I was pleased with how they were handled.    Storm's Trial: The following of Storm's trial, and her interaction with the usurpers was well done. She carried herself as a Queen should, and the conversations and interactions were interesting. It wa...

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Guardians Unleashed. 0

Overall i really enjoyed this issue. It does a great job with taking what happened in Blackest Night 6 and furthering the story of this event along. The art in this was beautiful, as was the coloring, with a wonderful job done of both battle sequences (of which there are plenty) and character moments. The interaction between the different Lanterns, the Leaders and their new recruits was Priceless.  While it opens with a shot of all of them together, it quickly runs through how each respective Co...

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Summer's Vision 0

Now Utopia has been, from the start, a story that has a great concept behind it...that seemed to struggle to find it's feet. Wihle the first issue was good, as were those that followed, the entire crossover seemed to be lagging. It had it's momments, Hellion's rebellion, Venom vs Colossus, Scott's conversation with Osborn. Yet in its conclusion the story finally delivers on everything that Friction promised.  The interaction between the Osborn's Avengers and X-Men, and Scott's true team of mutan...

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Clash of Kings 0

So this was another chapter in the great Cosmic story being told by Marvel. If nothing else the space tells both Companies are telling will keep me hooked for a good long while, but lets get to the meat of the issue shall we? Now i've waited a while so hopefully this won't cause to much of a prob for anyone, but i'll try and stay spoiler free. This book concentrates on the clash between Inhuman King Black Bolt, and ruler fo the Shi'ar Vulcan as promised. An DAMN did they deliver. Now Black Bolt ...

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Payoff. 0

Where to start...oh where to start. This issue is the payoff of allot of threads that we readers have been following, and suspecting, throughout the current run of GLC. With revelations, breaking points, and heroic stands this issue is simply jock-full of all kinds of momments that any fan should love, and are a true testament to Tomasi's skills as a writer. Being as the issue itself is broken into desparate parts, then that is how I shall address it.   Part I:KorugarSoooo we were right, Sinestr...

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End of a Crisis 0

I personally enjoyed this issue quite a bit. The confrontation between Superman and Darkseid, Kal-El and Uxas, was well done and the fact that he didn't physically assault him leaving the credit for the kill for Batman. Superman was able to lead Earth's survivors in re-creating..or creating as the case may be the Miracle Machine and used it to defeat Darkside. Captain Marvel was sent to gather the Supermen of the Multiverse, and therefore made those 2 issues relevant. You also have the GLC conti...

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Darkseid Rises 0

This was a great issue personally. I really enjoyed the GL portion of the issue, though i wish their would have been a better explanation as to how an Alpha-Lantern harms a Guardian. Though i was glad with some of the cameo's (SODAM) of the issue. The battle on Earth was well handled, and the big gun's sent to Bludhaven were mostly pretty impressive, Shazam, BA, Supergirl, John Stewart(last Lantern on Earth), though i was confused about the Wildcat's being there and Red Arrow (though they do mak...

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Orion fulfils the prophecy. 0

Now at this point my memories hazy, (so if i mean issue 51 i apologize) but what i do remember, that the one gem in this series was the death of Darkseid, at the hands of Orion. Following through with the prophecy from the original New Gods series, and working (in some kind of way..) with Death of the New Gods, watching Darkseid and Orion throw-down for the last time was a great momment. Even better was Kal-El's holding back of the other heroes,and his return comment to Kyle "Some things are bet...

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The Dawn of a New Era 0

I don't know why so many people complained about this series honestly. This issue was a wonderful ending to an engaging series that gave us a new status quo for the Marvel family, and also a look at their new place in the Marvel universe. I loved the fact that Freddy came into his own in this story, and was clearly taking over Billy's place as the leader of the Magical community and that even the Justice League deferred to him on matters of Magic. The reveal about Zeus, while expected, was well ...

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Absolutely a Great Ending to a Great Story 0

This was a culmination of the greatest comic story to come out in 2007. It was strong from beggining to end. The action contiued to rise throughout the entire story, and so did the story element. The involvement of the other Heroes, from Superman and Batman, to the new Shazam and Blue Beetle, this was truly an event that rocked the entire DCU. The suprising end, from the death of a Guardian, to Ganthet and Sayd's creation of a new corps. It was a wonderful payoff. I can't wait till 2009....

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Introduction of a Hero 0

As far as giving the scope of the war, this issue does an amazing job of continuing what was started last issue, and showing the Lantern's as they defend their Brother Mogo from the hoards of Sinestro. My personal favorite this issue was Sodam, he really came into his own as a charachter showing off his potential as a Lantern, a leader, a warrior and a hero. I also loved the interaction between the other Lanterns. The carnage wrought after the Guardian's inacted their first new law was priceless...

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My start. 0

While I always knew about DC, especially Superman and Batman. This was one of the first stories i ever encountered on my own, seperate from the comics owned and showed to me by my father. He was all to happy to buy it, and I all to happy to devour it. The range of this story, from the message about generations, to the connection to Relegion was truly amazing. The charachter development over the course of the 4 issues was phenomonal. This issue's fight was amazing, the pure scope of combatants, a...

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