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Phorcys is an ancient sea god and son of Gaia. Phorcys dwells deep beneath the ocean depths and relied on vicious storms and typhoons to bring down shipping vessels carrying his meals. Gaia would bound her son and prevent him from attacking mortal men so he created sea-nymphs or Sirens in the image of Aphrodite. The Siren's song would lure sailors with their beautiful voices and cause shipwrecks where Phorcys could consume mortals. However, Sirens were not immortal and Phorcys returned back into the depths when he believed all his sea nymphs were killed.

Major Story Arcs


Phorcys comes into conflict with the Agents of Atlas.

Venus was the last Siren to survive and eventually become a member of the Agents of Atlas. She would leave the hidden city in a daze and head towards San Francisco when Phorcys learned Venus was still alive. Phorcys took control of his creation and wanted Venus to use her powers to convince humans to sacrifice themselves to provide sustenance and nourishment for her master. The Agents of Atlas found Venus on the Golden Gate Bridge and tried to save humans who were falling off the bridge while they engaged with Phorcys too. M-11 blasted one of Phorcys' tentacles off and the Uranian rammed their ship into the God's body but the monster was barely fazed. Jimmy Woo managed to snap Venus out of Phorcys' control and reminded her that she was a hero. Phorcys retreated back into the ocean when he learned that Venus would no longer obey his commands.

Powers & Abilities

Phorcys is a powerful sea god with divine powers. Phorcys possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Phorcys has two massive claws and numerous tentacles to grasp and strike opponents. Phorcys created Sirens or sea nymphs and has the ability to take mental control of them.

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