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Euryale was one of the Gorgons, monsters with snakes for hair thats gaze could turn any living thing to stone. It was during the Olympian Gods cosmic migration, that Euryale was freed from Tartarus by Phobos, the God of Fear. Along with the giant Ixion. Euryale disguised herself as a human worshipper of the Olympians to lure the earth bound god Hermes into a trap. The captured messenger gods caduceus was taken from him and used to free Ixion from his bonds. Once free Ixion and Euryale set about causing as much death and destruction as they could, while Phobos fed on the terror created. All the while the giant held the weakened hermes in his fist, forcing the god to watch the destruction of Boston. With Wonder Womans help, Hermes freed himself and seized his caduceus, with which he decapitated Euryale.

Years later Euryale returned with her sister Stheno, alive and being held imprisoned on New Themyscira, home of the Amazons. They escaped when the islands were destroyed by the goddess Hera. The sisters rescued the sorceress Circe, who had also been kept imprisoned after her defeat at the hands of Wonder Woman. They coerced the witch to revive their long dead sister, Medusa. Medusa was then sent to kill Wonder Woman, champion of the Goddess, Athena. She fought Wonder Woman in a televised battle, but was bested and beheaded once again. Her sisters then attacked Wonder Woman with their claws and swords but were beaten back by the winged horce, Pegasus, who had sprung from the blood of their sister. The Gorgon sisters were then teleported to Tartarus for their crimes against Athena's champion.

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