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Angela Hawkins III possessed powers that would have shocked the royal relations she usually consorted with. At a young age, she discovered she had the psychic ability to project pure, unreasoning fear into the minds of others.

Angela's powers caused her to grow up hardened to the sensibilities and morality of others, utilizing her abilities to manipulate those around her and fulfill her every whim. With such powers at her disposal and no outlet with which to exercise them fully, Angela Hawkins became bored and was open to a proposition put to her by the Brain when he came to London to recruit her for the reformation of the Brotherhood of Evil.


Phobia was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, and first appeared in The New Teen Titans #14, December 1981.

Major Story Arcs

The original version of the Brotherhood had dissolved in chaos when The Brain and Monsieur Mallah entered a struggle for power with another member of the group, Madame Rouge. Before embarking upon new schemes, the Brain wanted to settle the score with Madame Rouge, who had now teamed up with the evil General Zahl.

At the same time the New Teen Titans were pursuing Zahl and Rouge (along with former Doom Patrollers Robotman and Mento.

The confrontation between these various factions took place on the island nation of Zandia, a thinly disguised haven for escaped criminals. Phobia's powers were instrumental in the victory over General Zahl and Madame Rouge, a battle which saw the Brotherhood siding with the Titans to defeat their common foes. In return for their aid, the Brotherhood was allowed to go free, with the knowledge that the two groups would meet again one day under far less favorable conditions.

That time arrived not too long afterwards as they once again clashed in Zandia. This time the Brotherhood was up against Brother Blood and his fanatic cult of followers. In order to defeat the seemingly magical nature of Brother Blood, the Brotherhood wanted to enlist the unwitting assistance of Raven for her other-dimensional empathic powers. Phobia's powers proved too great even for Raven's resistance to psychic intervention, and the mistress of fears manipulated the Brotherhood's target by reaching into Raven's deepest and darkest fears, causing her to lash out at and almost kill her fellow Titan, Kid Flash (Wally West). In the end, the Brotherhood, although defeated, managed to escape.

Phobia was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. She joined Vandal Savage's group. She is one of the few surviving members of the Brotherhood of Evil. She is also one of many villains that was sent to retrieve the Get Out of Hell free card from the Secret Six. Phobia has also been a member of Cheetah's Secret Society of Super Villains, and is later attacked by one of Wonder Woman's enemies, Genocide.

After Prometheus's destruction of Star City, Phobia is later seen attacking the remaining members of the Titans by infiltrating the Titans compound in New York City, first using her abilities to force Cyborg to relive the massacre of the Titans East team, then defeating Starfire by exploiting her fear of being alone. She is ultimately defeated after Cyborg is able to overcome his illusion, which causes Phobia to break her concentration and allow Starfire to knock her unconscious. Just prior to turning her over to the authorities, Starfire speculates that Phobia had attacked the heroes for sport upon hearing of the team's fractured state.

New 52

Phobia is aligned with Plasmus & Warp in the new 52. One of her first encounters is with Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle.

Powers and Abilities

Phobia has the meta-human power to evoke fear by projecting illusions of what her target most fears.

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