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Titans East
Titans East was a team of young super villains, mostly comprised of former Teen Titans members, led by Deathstroke. The main purpose of this team was to defeat the actual Teen Titans. Deathstroke the Terminator's other motivation was to get revenge on the Titans, a team he feels has 'stolen' his two children, Jericho and Ravager.

Deathstroke recruited some former superheroes, like Risk, by preying on his insecurity and disdain for the Titans for not assisting him when his arm was blown off during a mission. He recruited Batgirl by keeping her medicated with drugs. The former Titan Bombshell was also a member of the Titans East, but her stint was short-lived and was killed by a medicated Batgirl for failing to complete a mission that Deathstroke had given her. Kid Crusader, yet another former Titan, joined the team to exorcise Kid Devil of his demonic nature and felt the Titans East would be able to allow him the opportunity to do that. Duela Dent and Enigma both seem to have joined the Titans East on a whim. Deathstroke also recruited members like Sungirl, a girl who claims to be from the future with solar-based powers, Match, a Bizarro-like clone of Superboy and Inertia, a clone of Kid Flash.

The Titans East kidnapped the members of the Teen Titans, including Wonder Girl, Robin, Kid Devil, Raven, Cyborg, and Miss Martian, and placed them all in the Titans East's new headquarters, luring both Jericho and Ravager on their own accord. The Titans East's headquarters was actually a refurbished version of the Titans Tower in New York City, on the same spot where the previous incarnation of the Teen Titans had their headquarters: Titans Island. The Teen Titans seemed doomed to remain in this warped version of this Titans Tower until Raven was able to convince Duela Dent to join the Teen Titans again. Duela Dent agreed and immediately betrayed Enigma, smashing her on the head and knocking her out. Raven and Duela Dent teleported themselves out of there to gather reinforcements. Some of the Teen Titans were able to escape their confinement and faced down the Titans East. An epic battle occurred between the two teams, but the Titans East defeated the Teen Titans and they were ready to leave with a kidnapped Jericho and Ravager, until Raven returned to the island with reinforcements. The reinforcements included Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, and Bart Allen as the Flash: all former Titans.

The Teen Titans and their reinforcements defeated Deathstroke's team this time around, but were unable to capture Deathstroke. He escaped, destroying his warped Titans Tower in the process, with the help of Inertia

Cyborg's Titans East
Cyborg's Titans East

Having failed to recruit his former teammates from the Teen Titans, Cyborg gathered a group of new Titan members and located the team to the East Coast at Titan's Tower, the original headquarters of the Teen Titans. The members of this version of the Titans East included Little Barda, Hawk, Dove, Powerboy, Anima, Son Of Vulcan, and Lagoon Boy, with Cyborg leading them.  

 During their inaugural practice session, the whole team seemingly died from an unknown foe. However, the only death was that of Powerboy. All of the other members were in critical condition, but still living. It was later revealed in the Titans series that Raven's father Trigon and her siblings had a hand in attacking the team. 


Titan's Tomorrow: Titans East
Alternate Reality Version of Titans East

The Teen Titans, when traveling from the distant future after assisting the Legion Of Super-Heroes, tried to get back to their correct time but erroneously found themselves 20 years in their future instead. They found this future to be very bleak and devoid of hope. In this future, the Teen Titans were a despotic and tyrannical team, using excessive force and even murder to win their fights and fight against crime. There was a contingent of other Titans that opposed this team and their ideals who called themselves the Titans East. The Titans East helped the younger Teen Titans return to their correct time in the hopes that they would be able to change events so that this future would not exist.

The roster of this version of the Titans East was as follows:

In Other Media

Titans East from the Teen Titans Animated Series
The Titans East name has been used in the Teen Titans Animated Series. The roster for this team included Bumblee, Speedy, Mas y Menos and Aqualad.

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