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Kevin Franklin was originally a scrawny member of Dakota's mayor's personal staff. He tried to have the order for the usage of the experimental Big Bang tear gas revoked, but the mayor over ruled him. In a desperate act to warn the kids of the gas, Kevin went down to the Big Bang himself. He would witness the horrorable deaths that took place, and walk away changed by the tear gas. It is through the gas that the skinny Kevin Franklin became the powerful bang baby called Payback.

He would later join Shadow Cabinet, and start a relationship with another member named Starlight.  


Powers and Abilities



Transformation: At will, Kevin Franklin can transform into the large reptillian monster known as Payback, adding over 1300 pounds of unknown, presumably extradimensional mass to his tissue and bone marrow. 
Superhuman strength: Possesses enourmous superhuman strength though not at Donner or Icon's levels.  
Superhuman stamina 
Super-leaping: Has proven capable of jumping 100 feet. 
Claws: Extremely strong and tough claws, can tear through virtually any material known to man.

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