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Blitzen was a scientist who developed a serum that allowed her to move and think far faster than any normal human. She was inducted into the Shadow Cabinet, and became lovers with female fellow teammate Donner. Like Donner she fled the Shadowspire (the team base) when their leader, Dharma, went insane and tried to imprison them all. She has since gone on to become a founding member of the new team, the Heroes.

DC Universe

However, with the unification and fusion of their world and the DCverse, Heroes no longer exists. She is now once again part of the Shadow Cabinet, and fought, and later aided, the Justice Society of America.

Powers & Abilities

Super Speed

Blitzen, as a scientist developed a serum that allows to move and think at light speed. However while her speed is great, she's not on the level of the Flash nor his counterparts.

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