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Nocturne is the daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch. She was a member of the X-Men in her home reality, Earth-2182. Led by Wolverine, her other team-members included Nightcrawler, Thunderbird, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix Force (inhabiting Colossus' dead body) and Armageddon.

Major Story Arcs

X-Men Of Earth-2182

Before the Exiles

Nocturne was raised under the watchful eye of her father, whom she lived with at Charles Xavier's School. Her mother, remained an Avenger after Nocturne was born, but remained romantically involved with Nightcrawler. Due to her upbringing, Nocturne quickly moved up the ranks to become an X-Man when she was old enough and eventually was able to fight at the side of her father. However, tragedy struck when Wolverine was possessed by the Shadow King and murdered Xavier. Wolverine was left permanently damaged from the fight, when Xavier had attempted to shut his brain down, and since then had to rely on a full body suit to walk. Cyclops, who had always resented Wolverine, blamed him for the deaths of Xavier & Jean Grey when the Phoenix claimed her, although neither were his fault, and Cyclops left the team in grief.

Much later, during one of the team's missions they were forced to fight Apocalypse and his son Armageddon, who were attempting to set up a Chronal Disrupter. However, Armageddon then swapped sides to help the X-Men. Together, they were able to defeat Apocalypse, but it came at a loss. Shadowcat had attempted to deactivate the Chronal Disrupter by phasing into it. It was destroyed while she was still inside, swapping her with a younger version of herself. Nocturne would go on to take a sisterly role for the young girl she had once known as "Aunt Kate".

Later, Cyclops returned to the mansion after breaking out of jail and brought his own version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with him. He planned to kill Wolverine for the deaths of Xavier & Jean. The X-Men were caught off guard and out-numbered. As such, most of them were easily defeated. However, Nocturne used her possession powers on Armageddon in order to gain access to his telekinetic powers and used them to animate Wolverine's claws. Using other mutant's powers, Nocturne killed Cyclops. Nocturne began a relationship with Thunderbird, with whom she had a long standing crush on for many years.


Later, she was plucked from her reality by the Timebroker and forced to join the reality-hopping team, the Exiles. If she refused to join she was warned that her father would be killed at the hands of his mother, Mystique. She was joined by teammates Blink, Thunderbird, Morph, Magnus and Mimic. On the team's first mission they were sent to a reality where all mutants and super humans were jailed long ago, and were held in high security prisons. They were then instructed to "find the one who would lead us", meaning for them to find and release Magneto. Instead they released Charles Xavier. Nocturne showed no restraint when she interrogated Forge to discover Xavier's location. However, in that reality Xavier was evil, while Magneto had fought for a better future. In the fight that ensued, Magnus sacrificed himself in order to allow the others to escape. His death had a profound effect on the other Exiles, who were quickly joined by Sunfire.

Nocturne struggled to come to terms with their mission to kill Jean Grey at the Trial of the Phoenix. She refused to kill someone who helped raise her, but later reluctantly changed her mind after being shown what The Phoenix was destined to do. Nocturne also began to bond with teammate Thunderbird during this mission. She found it comforting to be able to be with someone so alike to her boyfriend back home, but still so different. They entered into a relationship, knowing that they could be split up or killed at any time. The Exiles successfully completed their mission. Nocturne played a key role in subduing her father, rather than letting any of her teammates do so. She felt bad for her part in the mission, but knew it was necessary.

Exiles: Thunderbird

Next, the Exiles were sent to a reality to subdue the Hulk, in order to stop Alpha Flight from being killed. During the two-week mission Nocturne bonded with Morph, whom she found humorous and developed a friendship with. After the Hulk had been defeated, she kissed Thunderbird for the first time. After the Exiles had moved on from that reality they were given the night off to recover and although she dreamt of her ex-boyfriend from her home reality, she then went on to consummate her relationship with Thunderbird.

Nocturne & T-Bird

Their relationship continued to develop for weeks as they completed their missions and Nocturne later learned that she was pregnant. However, the news couldn't have come at a worse time as the Exiles had landed on a reality where the Skrulls were in control. They were instantly captured when they arrived in that reality. Humans were exiled to the fringes of society as the underclass, while mutants & super-humans were introduced to 'The Games'; gladiatorial battles which sometimes resulted in death. Once captured, the Exiles were placed as combatants in The Games and endured weeks of physical abuse. It was then that Nocturne learned she was pregnant with Thunderbird's baby. The Exiles were liberated from the games when the Skrulls evacuated the planet, as they had learnt that Galactus was coming to devour the planet. The Exiles managed to save the planet, but it came at the highest cost. Thunderbird was left brain-dead and in a coma after sacrificing himself to stop Galactus and the Exiles were forced to move on without him. Nocturne was left traumatized by the events, and withdrew from her teammates, becoming cold and distant.

Nocturne remained in this state for weeks, making it impossible for her teammates to help her and the situation was later made worse when the baby miscarried. Her teammate Sunfire tried to reach out to Nocturne, but Nocturne pushed her away and told her to leave her alone.

Weapon X

A mission involving rescuing a group of mutant children from a concentration camp helped to lightened her mood as she was able to bond with the children and became very protective of them. However, the Tallus informed the team that they would have to kill one of the youngsters. For this mission, the Exiles had been joined by Weapon X who had no objections to killing the child. A fight soon emerged between the two teams, which the Exiles eventually won. The situation was resolved when Weapon X member Sabretooth offered to stay behind on the reality to look after the children, which the Timebroker agreed to. Over time, Nocturne began to get over her loss and on a mission where the Savage Land spanned two continents she began joking with her teammates again.

Mojo, The Vi-Locks & Other Missions

However, things took a turn for the worse when Morph and Nocturne were captured by Mojo, who wanted Morph to be the star in one of his productions. Morph initially refused but when he was shown images of Nocturne being tortured he accepted Mojo's offer. Nocturne eventually pioneered her own escape and managed to free Morph as well, and the two were then rescued by the Timebroker. Nocturne had obviously been affected by the events of recent weeks, but she managed to remain positive for the most part.

Later, the Exiles moved onto a reality where the Legacy Virus had claimed millions of lives, and the majority of all superheroes were now infected with a Techno-Organic Virus, which turned them into zombie-like creatures known as Vi-Locks. The Exiles were told they had to rid the planet of the Vi-Locks, and the only way to do so was to fly a ship containing fully armed nuclear bombs into the central mainframe for the Vi-Locks, which would effectively split the planet in two and kill the pilot. Nocturne offered to pilot the craft and although the Exiles objected, she proved to them that she was the most skilled pilot and their only chance. She was ready to go through with the plan until Mimic knocked her unconscious, planning to pilot the craft himself. However, Mimic was saved by Blink when the Exiles came up with an alternative resolution - summoning the Norse Gods to help them. Soon after, Blink was suddenly replaced as leader of the team, but Magik.

The Exiles next mission was to make sure the Japanese people, who were threatened by Moses Magnum and Namorita, were not saved. This mission caused disruption through the team, as many of them were repulsed by the very idea of completing the mission. The team split up; Nocturne, Morph and Sunfire helped to evacuate the people. Meanwhile Mimic and Sasquatch went after Moses Magnum, and Magik went to convince the Avengers to help them. However, Magik had an ulterior motive and when she found the Avengers she began to kill them, even murdering her own brother. The Exiles were teleported away from this reality after the mission to stop help from reaching the Japanese had been completed.

Earth-616: Nocturne & Nightcrawler

Nocturne & Nightcrawler

The team emerged from their teleportation to be greeted by the Timebroker. He then instructed them that their next mission would be a difficult one and they must be prepared for what was about to happen. He explained to them that Havok (from the main Earth-616 Universe) was about to be possessed by an evil alternate reality counterpart who would then go on to murder a young boy, Carter Ghazikhanian. They had to stop this from happening any way possible. The Timebroker finished his briefing and sent the team on their next mission.

As soon as the Exiles arrived things began to get messy, as the X-Men refused to believe that Havok would do such a thing, since he had become like a father to Carter. However, when Havok was possessed & attacked the heroes, the X-Men finally agreed to help.

The team spilt up again and Nocturne was sent to go find reinforcements, including Nightcrawler. When Nocturne found Nightcrawler she was immediately excited to see him and referred to him as 'Dad' (even though Earth-616 Nightcrawler hadn't fathered any children). However, her exhilaration was short-lived as they had to focus on stopping Havok. During the fight, Havok's real personality resurfaced briefly and he asked Nocturne to kill him before he could do any more damage. Initially she was reluctant and wished there was another way. However, Nocturne ultimately was forced to agree. However, her efforts were wasted, as Havok's evil personality resurfaced and casually brushed her off. After a prolonged and difficult fight the Exiles eventually defeated Havok; Nocturne's possession powers played a key factor.

The Exiles were allowed to stay in the Earth-616 reality for a few days. During her time there, Nocturne found comfort in being able to talk to someone so similar to her father.


Next, the Exiles were sent to a reality where Captain America and the Avengers had been transformed into vampires during a fight with Baron Blood. They had to stop Captain America from casting a spell that would transform everyone in New York into vampires. The Exiles confronted the Avengers and during the fight Sunfire was bitten by Hawkeye. Instantly, Nocturne appeared and stabbed him through the heart. With little time to spare, the Exiles rushed Sunfire to Union Jack, who was known for his expertise on vampires. Union Jack helped slow Sunfire's transformation into a vampire, but Nocturne remained concerned about her teammate.

The Exiles confronted Captain America once more. With Union Jack at their side, Magik managed to kill him. However, with Captain America defeated, Union Jack revealed that he was also a vampire and planned to finish Captain America's spell. With Sunfire's fiery powers, they managed to complete their mission. However, as they were leaving, Union Jack cast one last spell that scattered the Exiles in different realities.

Return to Earth-616 & The Brotherhood


After many adventures the Exiles were forced to leave Nocturne behind on a mission to Earth-616 and take Blackwing with them as a substitute.

She was soon contacted by Exodus and joined the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. After realizing her mistake she & Juggernaut rebelled, and ended up being sucked into Xorn's head. This resulted in them being transported to the MojoVerse. Nocturne and Juggernaut soon escaped Mojoworld, and she stayed with the X-Men for a while. She became close friends with Earth-616 Nightcrawler and began to see him as a father-figure.

New Excalibur

New Excalibur

Later she joined the new Excalibur team along with Captain Britain, Dazzler, Juggernaut, Pete Wisdom and Sage. She had been grappling with an attraction for the Juggernaut, which he had yet to return. This attraction caused friction between her and Dazzler, and also put a strain on her friendship with the Juggernaut.

Sometime later Nocturne suffered a stroke, rendering her hospitalized. She regained consciousness, but was having trouble coping and to regain memories of her friends & teammates. She suffered partial paralysis of one leg and arm. She eventually regained the ability to speak, since initially after the stroke she was unable to communicate or to understand what those around her were saying. In order to exercise her mutant abilities, Sage allowed Nocturne to take control of her body to get out of the hospital for a while. While outlooks were positive, it is yet to be determined how much this will affect her in the long run, and there is no way of telling how much permanent mental and physical damage there will be.

Return to the Exiles

She was recently re-united with Thunderbird and the Exiles. However she, T-Bird and Blink decided to quit the team for a while. After a recovery period/vacation in Heather Hudson's reality, she returns to help lead the newest Exiles.

Powers and Abilities

Using her Hex Bolts.

Nocturne has the physiology of her father, Nightcrawler - blue fur, three fingers on each hand, two toes per foot and a prehensile tail (though her tail is retractable). Like her father, she is extremely athletic and is a skilled fighter.

Like her father, Nocturne is able to cling to any surface by her hands and feet. Additionally she has the ability to possess someone for up to twelve hours and then gains access to that persons abilities and memories. She has superhuman agility, low-level telepathy and can release concussive bolts of energy (called 'hex-bolts') by accessing the Brimstone Dimension through which her father teleports.


  • Height: 5'7''
  • Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg.)
  • Eyes: Yellow, with no visible pupils
  • Hair: Blue
  • Skin: Blue
  • Unusual Features: Blue fur, long pointed ears, retractable tail, three toes/fingers on each hand and foot

Alternate Versions


Earth-811 (Days of Future Past)

See Blue.

Earth-58163 (House of M)


In the House of M reality Nocturne was hunted by the Marauders.

Earth-33629 ( Grandmaster's Exiles)


Another Nocturne, apparently identical exists on Earth-33629. She is with an alternate team of the original Exiles.

Earth- 41001 (X-Men: The End)

Earth-41001 (X-Men The End)

In X-Men: The End Nocturne was a slave of Tullamore Voge. She was saved by Aliyah Bishop, daughter of Bishop and Deathbird. She had a half brother, also named TJ.

Other Media


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom

Nocturne is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • [Original Exiles] Nocturne
  • [Originals] Exiles

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