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When the TMNT first met Ninjara, she was one of Chien Khan's henchmen, but in the end the Turtles exposed Khan's evil to her and she joined forces with the Turtles. Ninjara soon moved in with the Turtles, and began a romantic relationship with Raphael. For quite sometime Ninjara fought side by side with the team but eventually problems in her relationship with Raph led to her leaving the team in favor of living with Mokoshan, leader of an Alaskan clan of humanoid wolves, and bearing him a daughter (Moka). Mokoshan was assassinated by an unknown human sniper as his original mate was, and Ninjara took Moka and left the wolf clan, bound for Japan to find her mate's murderer with only a token bearing a kanji symbol, dropped by the sniper, as her only clue.

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