Female swordmasters

Mistresses of the blade.

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Now this is a beautiful list .

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Good list!

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Well done!

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Very good list!
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#36: Fay - Due to her long life and passive nature, no one knows for sure if Fay ever built a lightsaber but she never used one during the Old Republic (noted in the issue she appeared & died in).

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Great list !!!   :))


great list ,but  you forgot  the amazons , valkyrie,  artemis, nemesis, wraithborn
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wheres Katana

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Positively stunning! 
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nice list

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Thank you for making me look at some unknown swordwomen cuz I dont know some of them. I am glad to check some of them out and see who and what they are. give you thumb up! keep up the work! =)

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I'm happy to see how many Star Wars ladies are here... but you should include Darth Talon