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Shaw is losing a fght. However, his opponent appears to be Kobra. His opponent also appears to be Catman. His opponent is actually Mirage. Shaw awakes defeated. He has been thrown in dumpster by Mirage.

As Shaw lies in the alley, his associates are a restaurant waiting to meet shaw for his birthday. The group heads to Shaw's home in an attempt to determine what job he is working. Shaw has a flashback of how he came to be in his current situation. He remembers setting an ambush for Mirage at the club where he was supposed to DJ that night. Shaw attempted to apprehend Mirage. However, Mirage used his gem to create illusions of a group of costumed villians. Mirage was able to smack shaw with a mike-stand. Then, he proceeded to shoot shaw at least three times. Believing Shaw was dead, This is when Mirage dumped him in the dumpster.

At Shaw's place, his associates are able to break into his computer. They retrieve the file on Mirage. The group proceeds to the club where Mirage was working. Mirage tries to escape. Inadvertently causing Jamie to run out the back door where he discovers Shaw. The others follow. Shaw asks Jamie to help him grab his baton. Shaw uses the baton to blast Mirage. Mirage is arrested. Shaw is rushed to a hospital to enjoy the rest of his birthday.







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