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Mirage & Bruno Mannheim

Mirage was a guy named Mike who could create illusions with a jewel which was later crushed by Batman. Then he was sent to prison where he created illusions with contacts in his eyes. He went to the Gotham carnival which was robbed by him. He gave stolen money to his girlfriend because her carnival was going down in business. Batman again stopped him and sent him to jail. Mirage also fought Manhunter once using his illusion so successfully, he nearly kills the bounty hunter.

Years later, he appeared on Halloween night when Bruno Mannheim asked him to join his Intergang. Mirage refused ano Bruno smashed his head in the Crime Bible several times.

Powers and abilities

Mirage can create believable illusions in the minds of the people around him by using a gem of unknown origin. The gem affects both the optical and audio receptors that make the illusions seem real.


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