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Kitrick was saved by Cindy from the crossed but he never fitted together in the group. He was quiet and reserved and most of the times, refused to eat in order to spent time in his own thoughts. This attitude caused some irritation between the group as they saw Kitrick as their weakest link.

He became fond of Geoff, another survivor with a mysterious past until they found out that Geoff was indeed a serial killer. Kitrick put him down but still remained silent until the day the Crossed captured and murdered Cindy's son, Patrick. Infuriated by the display of cruelty, he led the group against the crossed until they kill the savages. The reason behind his sudden rage and his taciturn behavior was that he witnessed in impotence as the crossed beheaded his wife and dismembered his children.

The lost of Patrick weakened the group, and Stan feared that it could force Cindy to lost her humanity. Stand suggested to split the group. Stan and Cindy will return to bury Patrick in order to find some kind of relief for Cindy's heart and Thomas, Kelly and Kitrick would go ahead in their way to Alaska.

Kitrick didn't have a chance

Sadly, the Crossed lead by Horsecock found them. Kitrick realized that he could not escape not only from the crossed but from his own sorrow. He decided that life was not longer worth living but if he had to die to find peace, at least he could take some crossed down with him and give their friends some time to escape. However, despite Kitrick's sacrifice, the crossed captured Kelly and Tom, but Thomas wouldn't go down without a fight.

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