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For the original Jack o'Lantern see Hobgoblin. For the third (and female) Jack o'Lantern see Mad Jack.


Steven Mark Levins was born in the historically haunted town of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois. He has admitted to being a troubled child who lied, disobeyed his parents and hurt small animals. One Halloween he ran from his parents side and came across the home of Bennett Brant (the third Crime-Master). Upon opening the door he shoots the child in the face with gas and takes him in to raise as his own. Crime-Master trains him to be the worlds greatest assassin. As an act of loyalty Jack kills his genetic parents with his signature move of turning their skulls into jack o'lanterns.


This version of Jack O'Lantern was created by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins and first appeared in Captain America #396, although he is visually based on the Jack O'Lantern who was created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Machine Man #19.

Major Story Arcs

Skeleton Crew

After learning of the Annulment of the supervillain named Jack O'Lantern, Levins made the journey to New York where he joined forces with the criminal Blackwing and became the new Jack O' Lantern. The evil duo spent their time looking for Silvermane mansion which had since become Skull House. when eventually they did locate the establishment the two evil doers met Captain America. Jack and Blackwing battled the lonesome hero and thanks to Jack's hallucinogenic gas nearly defeated him.

The Skull, who had been watching from his hideout in the mountains, decided to recruit the two villains into his Skeleton Crew. It was during Jack's time as a Skeleton Crew member that he fought many heroes including Spider-Man, Captain America, Alpha Flight and The Falcon just to name a few.

Psycho for Rent

Jack O' Lantern was hired by many organisations and individuals, either as a body guard, a smuggler or an assassin. Levins was even hired by the Federal Government to capture or kill Spider-Man as part of the Super-Human registration movement. Levins cornered the wall-crawler in the sewers of New York only to be killed by the Punisher.

The Undeath of Jack O' Lantern

After dying, Levins was taken back to his home town of Sleepy Hollow to be buried. After Levins was committed to the earth one of the 666 shards of Lucifer's soul possessed the deceased Villain and revived him to wreak havoc among the citizens of Sleepy Hollow. The Undead-Levins did battle with Ghost Rider on more then one occasion.


Recently Jack O' Lantern has been upgraded with current goblin technology weapons and an upgraded version of the original goblin glide has shown up as a terrorist for hire.

Jack O'Lantern is first seen filming an attack in Nrosvekistan, Eastern Europe. He is sent by Crime-Master to document the effectiveness of weaponized vibranium bullets created by Dr. Ferid Ekmecic who has supplied them to a group of rebelling villagers. Jack captures the doctor when Venom arrives on the scene. He attempts to flee when Venom fires a tank cannon at him. While fighting hand to hand, Jack gains the upper hand with a sickle when Venom shoves a live grenade in his face. The blast takes off his jaw yet he continues to take off with the doctor. In a last ditch effort Venom webs Dr. Ekmecic's neck and yanks it, killing him so he can not reveal his process of weaponizing the Antarctic vibranium.

While on a mission to secure more of the vibranium in Antarctica, Venom's true identity is caught on camera by Crime-Master and Jack. Jack is sent to kidnap Betty Brant so they can force Venom to deliver the vibranium he was sent to retrieve. Spider-Man gets involved in saving Betty while Venom loses control when he runs into Jack. During the fight Jack tells Venom how he killed everyone else who's worn his mask before him and how he is now his arch-enemy for blowing up his face. Jack was supposed to have been guarding the vibranium shipment which is lost to the authorities. Jack escapes but Venom tags him with a spider-tracer.

Jack O'Lantern vs. Venom

Jack returns after the events of Spider-Island at the funeral for Flash's father. He approaches Betty and Flash in plain clothes and introduces himself to Betty as a war friend of Flash's. Jack goes as far as to say they are AA friends and he could use Flash's help right now. Betty is convinced and tells Flash to go with him. Flash is taken to Crime-Master who sends him on a retrieval mission in Las Vegas. Flash stays at a motel along the way and returns to his room to find Jack laying in his bed along with his devil-bots. Jack accompanies Flash on his way to retrieve the package. Flash pulls over suddenly on the road after hearing of a mine collapse on the radio in their area. Venom saves the miners but there is one who will not leave his trapped dying friend. Jack shoots the trapped man in the face. They leave immediately and stop at a diner where Jack verbally assaults the staff before revealing some of his upbringing. The two leave the diner but not before Jack goes back in to kill the cook and waitress.

Jack O'Lantern and Venom arrive in Vegas when Venom discovers what the package is, the Toxin symbiote. Flash loses control and tries to destroy it when Jack collects the symbiote to take back to Crime-Master. Venom, in a total rage, chases after Jack who is able to finally calm him down with threats to Betty and his mother. Jack escapes with the symbiote leaving Venom in Las Vegas.

Savage Six

Through with being blackmailed by Crime Master, Flash attempts to take him out on his own. He goes after him while he is assembling his own Savage Six. Jack saves his boss and chases after Flash with the Human Fly. Flash's attack was interrupted by Eddie Brock who Jack brings back to Crime-Master as they transform him into the new Toxin.

Jack goes out in street clothes and attempts to abduct Betty. Venom arrives in time and escapes with her. As Venom scrambles to save his loves ones, he arrives at his sisters apartment where Jack has killed her husband. Jack's devil dolls attack Flash as he flees the apartment. He finds that Jack had been watching and chases after him. Jack tosses Flash's sister off a rooftop and dares Flash to save her without snapping her neck. Flash saves her as Jack flies off back to Crime-Master.

Once Flash comes after Crime Master for their final showdown, Jack steps in and the two battle on a narrow pipe over a vat of chemicals. Jack loses his footing and falls into the vat. Jack winds up surviving the fall and begins a killing spree feeling the Flash was responsible for Crime Master's death. Venom follows Jack's chemical trail into the sewers and finds his father's exhumed corpse rigged to a bomb. Flash survives as Jack attacks from behind. The two savagely trade blows with scythes and claws but ultimately Jack is taken down. Flash shows mercy and brings him into custody rather than killing him.

Powers & Abilities

The current Jack O'Lantern has a variety of different weaponized gadgets such as; explosive/corrosive candy, incapacitating floating green ghosts, a rocket powered broomstick with pedals to control, various types of sickles, small devil-bots capable of attacking on their own. Jack claims to have been trained to be the worlds greatest assassin, noting that the term gets thrown around a lot but he is not kidding. He displays a fair level of hand to hand combat against Venom. Jack was also able to survive a grenade blast to his face though it left him rather disfigured. He openly takes "medication" to deal with it.

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