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The original Blackwing was Joseph Manfredi, son of Silvio Manfredi ( Silvermane), a powerful head of one of New York’s Maggia families. However, for unknown reasons, he was a first seen as costumed animal trainer in Ringmaster Circus of Crime. He left the group after losing a fight with Daredevil and beacome a division leader of HYDRA when it was under the leadership of Silvermane. He participated in the capture of Foggy Nelson. Blackwing once again battled Daredevil, Black Widow, Nick Fury and SHIELD and was defeated.

Mayor Story Arcs

With the Red Skull

Joseph later worked for Red Skull and was a member his Skeleton Crew. He and the rest of the Skeleton Crew were eventually defeated by Captain America, Diamondback and Falcon

Versus the Thunderbolts

Blackwing next appeared as a member of the Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil, joining the team’s attempt to extort the world’s governments with the use of a weather manipulation machine. The team was tracked down by the Thunderbolts and defeated.

After many defeats, Blackwing had built up a reputation as a loser. He finally decides to abandoning the idea of being a costumed super-villain and stay on as crimeboss. He creating his own private army of villains in Heavy Mettle and ordered them to bring them the battlesuit used by Turbo of the New Warriors. Ultimately, the Warriors defeated and turned the members of Heavy Mettle over to the police and Firestrike agreed to be placed in the witness protection program in exchange for providing testimony against Joseph Manfredi.

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